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How Appzillon got its explainer video right


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An awesome explainer video can transform your business. Here is a case study on how a carefully created explainer video made by Wildbeez empowered Appzillon with greater reach, engagement and hence more sales.

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How Appzillon got its explainer video right

  2. 2. CUSTOMER Appzillon is the flagship product from i-exceed Technology Pvt. Ltd, which is primarily a B2B business and has offices in the US and Singapore. It's a feature rich, agile and flexible cross-platform suite which empowers individuals and enterprises to effortlessly build and deploy robust mobile apps on leading mobile OS' and browsers. OBJECTIVE Appzillon is a complex and difficult-to-explain product. A simple and engaging video that portrayed the pain points of customers and showcased Appzillon as the most apt solution was required. The intent of the video was to capture prospective buyers' attention, explain the product proposition and to influence sales decisions favorably towards Appzillion. Target Domains Banking & Financial Institutions CTOs, IT Managers, and BD Managers. Target Audience Age 30-50 years old Male/Female Gender Geographic Segmentation U.K., Middle East and India OVERVIEW HOME OVERVIEW APPROACH ELEMENTS VIDEO IMPACT HELLO
  3. 3. RESEARCH A comprehensive research of the mobile app development domain was done to understand the pain points of an enterprise while developing apps. With the help of inputs from i-exceed team and our intense study of content available online from i-exceed as well as its competitors we shortlisted the key issues faced by enterprises when it comes to mobile app development. We also compiled the key features of Appzillon that not only solve these pain points but also distinguish the product from its competitors MESSAGING We wanted to create a video no longer than 90 seconds long to ensure a high engagement factor. The challenge was to present the key pain points, introduce the brand, highlight key features and set a call to action, all within 90 seconds. After a few iterations, we were able to nail down the messaging in a script of around 200 words which translated to a short ,crisp and effective explainer video. APPROACH HOME OVERVIEW APPROACH ELEMENTS VIDEO IMPACT HELLO
  4. 4. VIDEO ELEMENTS A subtle color palate was created for the video keeping in mind the brand language of the company as well the demographics of target audience. A British voice-over was selected to deliver narrative keeping in mind the target markets. Personification of mobile app icons was done to give the video a cheerful feel despite the seriousness of business. HOME OVERVIEW APPROACH ELEMENTS VIDEO IMPACT HELLO
  6. 6. IMPACT 30% increase in sales after using the explainer video in multiple sales campaigns 20% increase in engagement time on the website with video on landing page 30% decrease in bounce rate on the website with video on landing page Sales Engagement Bounce Rate Engagement Rate 84% retention rate achieved by the video shared across various channels HOME OVERVIEW APPROACH ELEMENTS VIDEO IMPACT HELLO “ Wildbeez did an excellent job of highlighting the core features of our product with a smooth clear-cut video. “ Sudhir Babu- VP, i-exceed technology solutions
  7. 7. Thanks for reading the case study. We're always on the look out for new videofication challenges. Make the smartest marketing decision and videofy your offerings. With us. Reach us at The explainer video which was a culmination of intense research and creativity helped Appzillon boost its brand presence. It also evangelized the Appzillon proposition in the clearest and most simple manner possible and augmented sales. Enterprises of all types and sizes are adopting explainer videos as a marketing medium, thanks to its effectiveness, affordability and shareability. The Appzillon explainer video by Wildbeez is testament to this fact. REACH OUT HOME OVERVIEW APPROACH ELEMENTS VIDEO IMPACT HELLO