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Final project tours final edit


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Final project tours final edit

  1. 1. Tours of Toronto and (Greater Toronto Area)I will be promoting and selling guided tours of Toronto and the surrounding areas. The services that will be provided include:- Guided tours with focus on traditional foods and ethnic areas such as little India on Gerrard Street.- Vists to local Indian specialty stores in the GTA- Specialize in the use of my native languages of: Hindi, Punjabi, and Gujrati.- The tours will be customized to the target market’s budget and preferences (ie. Walking tour using TTC, driving tour with a mini van, luxury tour with a coach bus).The customer group that will be targeted include: people travelling from India and visitingToronto, new immigrants that want to become familiar with the GTA in their ownlanguage. There will be several types of tours developed for specific groups: ImmigrantTours and Vacationing Tours will be promoted within the various Indian communitiessuch as Little India.This business plan operates on the assumption that it can be operated from home. Toursthat have been booked will have a public meeting place such as a local mall parking lot orcoffee shop. Tour bookings will have convenient sign-up and information locations thatare close to Indian Community centres and temples.As a recent international student; I can understand and appreciate how difficult it can beto adjust to a new lifestyle in Canada. By providing this type of tour service in my ownnative languages; it can provide a level of comfort that may not be offered by other tours.It is an ideal time to start this business as warmer weather brings in the potential formore customers in the form of travellers and students that may have more available timeto enjoy.This business will be operated and registered as a corporation. Operating as a tour guidebusiness has liabilities that include the potential for physical accidents such astripping/falling on a tour. Being incorporated limits these liabilities. Even though thebusiness is incorporated; I will be the sole operator running the business.
  2. 2. Toronto has also been a major tourism destination with visitors coming from India as well.The potential to tap into even a small percentage of these clients will make this Micro-Business a success.According to Toronto Tourism; “India is one of the Top 5 International Market for overnightvisitors to Toronto”. In 2009, 50,000 vistors came from India, in 2010 that number grew to65,000. Please refer to weblink for additional information: The target group market includes new immigrants; visitors on a budget; and people that donot want a conventional tour. All tours will be conducted in their native language and have alocal appeal. Funding, grants, and informational assistance is available from Tourism Torontoand Tourism Ontario. According to a 2009 Tourism Toronto Market Analysis published in2010: ,visitors from India accounted for 4% of all overseas visitors to Toronto; of which VisitingFriends or Relatives (VFR) is the main purpose of their trip. The average stay of these trips is 3weeks. A 2001 Statistics Canada Study indicated that people of South Asian origin make up11% of Toronto’s population (please see attached excerpt from Stats Can report). if I can attract a small percentage of this group; this venture will be a success. Promotion of this business will begin in the form of simple flyers that will describe theservices being offered and have a web address where people can obtain more informationsuch as pricing, booking dates, and contact information. Flyers allow the business to target aspecific geographical area (such as little India), community centres and places of gatheringsuch as Temples (with permission). Having a web address/link allows for potential customersto gather more information and to easily pass on information via e-mail to relatives andfriends locally and abroad. Hopefully; when tours are successful; interest will be generatedfrom satisfied customers. Customer input will also make future tours more successful andcustomized. Local Tourism offices (Toronto, Niagara) and Tourism Ontario can help inpromoted services as well.