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SBS Prospectus

  1. 1. INFORMATION BOOK 2013-14 Where, Inter alia, you are taughtAccounting Ethics Kindness Partnership TrustAmbitions Environment Knowing Perfection UnanimityAnalysis Feeling Knowledge Presentation UnderstandingAttitude Fiduciary Language Quality UniversalityBasics Focus Laws Quest ValuesBelief Friendship Learning Questionable ValidityBehaviour Governance Literature Responsiveness VisionCelebration Gratitude management Responsibility Vocabularycharacter Growth Mission Respect WhatCommunication Happiness Moral Risks WhenCommitment harmony Motivation Skills Wherecompetition Honesty Nature Solutions WhyConfidence Hope Navigation Struggle WhatConcepts How Nirvana Suggestions WhomCreativity I-ness Notion Sports WhoseDetermination Inflation Novelty Success XylophoneDelegation Intelligence Obeisance Tailor made YesDecentralisation Journalism Obligation Talent YieldDevelopment Judgement Objective Taxes ZealExposure Keenness Organising Technology Zeast SBS Synetic Business School ....... B school with a difference SBS Campus: Village Sahibana, P.O Ramgarh, CHD. Road, Ludhian141123. Tel : 0161-2843823,-22 Web site : E-mail :
  2. 2. ABOUT SBS AIMS OF SBS: It is the aim of SBS to provide the best advanced education to the student. Our primary aim is to develop in the student qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion. To promote a spirit of enquiry, to help the student to become a meaningfull part of his enviornment and to know that courage and industry have due regard. MISSION 1. Excellence in all areas of performance particularly in teaching and case collection. 2. Building high quality standard in our management programs. 3. Instilling a sence of belonging to SBS amongst the students and giving them quality education of which they could be proud. PHILOSOPHY 1. Trust almighty and do the right thing. 2. Hard work has no substitute. 3. Excellence is the motto. 4. Be humane and judicious. 5. Be calm,cool,collected. 6. Set high ambitions. 7. The world is your to conquer. OBJECTIVES 1. To provide educational faclities for preparing young men and women for management careers. 2. To equip those who are already engaged in managerial position at various levels with up- to-date knowledge of modern management concepts and techniques so as to help them strengthen their professional abilities. 3. To conduct research and contribute to the growth of knowledge of management. 4. To provide consulting services to business organisations and public systems and also conduct need-based training programs for their executives. UNIQUENESS 1. Combining class-room education with on the job training. 2. Strong input of cases. 3. Continuous feedback to students on academic performance. 4. Strong industry linkage. 5. Merit scholarships instituted by Institute/Industries. CONCERNS 1. Continuous quality improvement in the courses of study. 2. Institutional growth . 3. Strengthening SBS brand equity. 4. Harmony amongst faculty. 5. Creation of human organization. 6. Faculty improvement. 7. Encourage research and publication.
  3. 3. A Chinese proverb says,” If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for life, educate people.” Information Book 2013-14So, what is education?Is it- a learning process; a diverse knowledge; a development of faculty; a job oriented specialization; atraining; a expression; a spirit of philosophy; an awakening; an accumulation of words; to ensure abrighter and better future; to pass an examination; to deliver a good lecture; to have a strong character;to win the heart of others; to stand on ones own feet; to read and speak a language; the collection offacts; the concentration of mind; or...?None of it individually meets the gist of education. A combination may of course.The process of passing the knowledge, skills and values from one generation to next for the survivalprocess of society is called education as it provides teachers, doctors, scientists and learnedworkforce.Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964) says, “ Education has mainly two aspects, The cultural aspectwhich makes a person grow and the productive aspect which makes a person do thing. Both areessential.” To which Gandhiji (1869-1948) adds, “Our education has to be revolutionized. The brainmust be educated through the hand... Those who do not train their hand, who go through the ordinaryroot of education, lack music in their life.” Aurbindo Ghosh (1872-1950) says, “An education thatconfines itself to impart in knowledge is no education.” And Rabindra Nath Tagore sums up. “Theobject of education is the freedom of the mind which can only be achieved through the path of freedom? though freedom has its risks and responsibility as life itself has.”So far as SBS is concerned, education is meant an activity initiated by a parents or guardian which isacceptable to the student for his/her developing awareness and understanding of the knowledge ofvarious subjects including ethics, values and his character for concepts, capability, creativity,communicating and challenge to establish opinions and avail opportunities in understanding andwinning the trust of others for monetary and non monetary considerations. An education is noteducation unless and until it provides a gist adoptability, an open mind, a curiosity, a determination,honesty, humility, hard work, perseverance, responsibility and sensitivity to self .DO WE AT SYNETIC BUSINESS SCHOOL IMPART SUCH EDUCATION?Yes, we do. Thats WHY - WE ARE A B-SCHOOL WITH A DIFFERENCE.SBS believes that mere examination or securing high percentage in a particular subject or obtaining adegree from a university is not the real education. The test of real education is the ability to face the realchallenges in life which one come across, beneficial for self and acceptable to others, adding value tosociety.PEOPLE BEHIND INSTITUTE:SBS has been established by renowned management expert and academician Dr. M.A. Zahir,Professor of Management and Dean (Retd.) PAU, Ludhiana, specializing in management Education,Executive Training, Research and consultancy. It is managed by an Educational Trust, namely ZaynEducational Trust established in January2003.An institute imparting updated relevant managerial education with the help and guidance ofexperienced and expert professional staff. The philosophy is that mere money chasing is not theobjective. The aim is to strive in achieving excellence in development of the students. SBS is not ateaching shop but a learning experience with a difference that also equally emphasizes training, 1research and consultancy.
  4. 4. Information Book 2013-14 PROFESSIONALLY MANAGED INSTITUTE: Since inception of the institute an advisory board of management is deeply involved in its affairs, comprising of: • Dr. M.A Zahir, Professor of Management & Dean (Retd.) PAU, Ludhiana • Mr. Rajinder Gupta, MD, Abhishek Industries Limited (Trident Group) • Mr. D.L. Sharma, MBA, President and ED, Vardhman Textiles Limited, Ludhiana • Mr. Mann Singh, CMD, Metro Tyres Ltd., Ludhiana • Mr. Sanjeev Pahwa, B. Tech, MBA, MD, Ralson India Ltd., Ludhiana • Mr. S.K Rai, M. Tech, MD, Hero Cycles Ltd., Ludhiana • Mr. Amjad Ali, MBA, MD, Sohrab Group of Industries Malerkotla • Mr. D.V Jindal, Professor English (Retd.) Govt. College, Ludhiana • Dr. Narendra K. Rastogi, Chair and professor, Howard University,USA • Mr. Nirmal Jain, CA, MD, Neva Garments Limited (Duke Group), Ludhiana • Mr. Mahesh Munjal, MBA, MD, Majestic Auto Ltd., Ludhiana • Dr. Deepak Sood, Professor, Faculty of Management, HP University, Shimla • Dr. Zafar Zahir, MBA, PhD, Senior Advisor-Marketing, Saudi Telecom, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia • Dr. Kamal Nayan, MBA,PhD, Professor, Howard University, Washington DC,USA • Dr. Naved Aslam, Cardiologist Hero Heart, DMC,Ludhiana AREA OF INTEREST SBS aims for innovative programs that guarantee Knowledge-skill development and inculcating Soft Skills that the corporate requires. 1. Management Education 4. 2. Consultancy SBS Research 3. Executive Training 2
  5. 5. SBS ADVANTAGE: Attitude Information Book 2013-14 Holistic Improved Knowledge Skill personality career Development and Life prospects HabitsHEAVY DOSE OF PRACTICAL TRAINING:• Industrial interfaces/sponsorships• Compulsory vocational training• Industrial Visits/Guest lecture series• Pre-recruitment interviewingPEDAGOGY-CLASSROOM LECTURES AREJUST ONE PART OF THE PICTURE WITH:• Case studies and Seminars• Workshops and management games• Class assignments and life projectsCORPORATE INTERACTIONS/LINKAGES:• Enterprise sponsorship programs• Industrial guest lecture series• Participation in live organisation programs and industrial visitsSBS FACULTYTo meet its commitment of b-school with a difference, SBS imparts education based on Real WorldCurriculum, with integrated approach, beyond text books and class lectures-emphasizing on GroupDiscussions, Presentations, Events, Industrial Visits, and grooming to face the ever growingcompetitive world with Collaborative Performance and Balanced pedagogy. FACULTY WITH EXCELLENT ACADEMIC AND INDUSTRY EXPOSURE Dr. M.A Zahir - M.Com, Ph.D, Mr. A.A.Kathuria - M.Com, LLB, Honorary Director & chairman FCS, FCMA, Dy. Director and and senior professor. Having 45 professor. Having 40 years of years of Experience(3 years in experience in industry and IDBI & 42 years in teaching) teaching. Mr. Manudeep Kaushal - MBA, Dr. Harpreet Kaur - M.Com (Gold M.Phill, PhD (Scholar), Professor Medallist), PhD, 9 Years of rich and Associate Director. Having 21 experience in teaching of years experience in industry, economics, accounts and research and teaching. statistics. Mr. Damanpreet Singh - BBA, Mr. Gurinder Singh - B.Com, MBA, Good experience in M.Com, MBA, DISM (Aptech), 9 marketing and teaching. Awarded years of experience in marketing roll of honour and citation from and 4 years in teaching. Punjab Technical University. 3
  6. 6. Mr. Jaswinder Singh - BCA, Ms. Kulwinder Kaur - BCA, MCA, 4 years teaching MCA, One year experience inInformation Book 2013-14 experience in Information teaching of Information Te c h n o l o g y a n d s o f t w a r e Technology. languages. Ms. Nidhi Kaushik - B.Sc., MBA, Ms. Karmjit Kaur - BA, M.A, B.Ed. 2 years diploma in Having experience in teaching computer applications, 5 years and script writing. Experience in Accounts, MIS and teaching. Mr. Nitish Batra - B. Com (Hons.), MBA (Finance), having One year experience in marketing. SBS CAMPUS Spacious campus spread over 6.5 acres cobines the best of architecture, aesthetics and functionality • Dedicated campus with focus on business management education • Swanky Administrative block with atrium, conference room and auditorium • Amphitheatre and large playgrounds • State-of-the-art computer lab with 24 hours broadband connection • Auditorium for Functions and Events • Well Equipped library with several volumes of books and subscription to magazines and research journals. • Latest teaching aids such as LCD, projector, laptops, OHP etc. • Utilities-24 hours Power backup generators, clean water, spacious washrooms etc. EXECUTIVE TRAINING SOLUTIONS SBS specializes in imparting executive training to industry and has entered into an exclusive long term executive training agreement with some large companies and conducts customised training for other SMEs. • SBS Enterprise Training Solutions (ETS) focuses specifically on organizations in a manner that it couples with the business metrics to increase productivity and effectiveness of individuals and aligning them with their business objectives. • A two to three months rigorous training programme has been developed for imparting conceptual and practical training to fresh recruits (graduates/diploma holders) and Training Need Identification based systematic customized training for middle and senior management. • This training programme consists of several modules related to management such as Management Principles, Human Resource management, Soft Skills development, Communication & Presentation Skills, Business Environment, Financial management, Accounting, legal Aspects of business, Economics and Quantitative Techniques, Marketing and 4
  7. 7. Information Book 2013-14 Sales Management, Operations management, Business excellence, Values and Visions, Computers and MIS.• Apart from these a lot of emphasis is laid on workshops, which aims at exploring the Creativity, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving and Team Building Skills of the trainees. Such training programmes act as Soft Induction and on the successful completion of programme; trainees are better equipped with required skills and attitude to become an integral part of the said organization.• Seven programmes comprising a total of over 300 executive trainees have been successfully completed in till now (period 2006-08) for Trident Group.• Other ETS clients include Sigma Cartons Ltd, Sumeet Exports and Ganga Acrowools Ltd.CONSULTANCYSBS specializes in Corporate Consultancy and Advisory Services in varied fields of BusinessManagement and Agribusiness having an excellent professional work environment,professionals and infrastructure:• SBS is research based school having varied experienced and professionally qualified people from Academic to industry background with exposure to Company Law/ Security Law / Foreign Exchange laws / Labour Laws / Service Tax / Other Direct and Indirect Taxes, legal due diligence exercise, Business Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions.• Corporate Strategy - Business Policy, Corporate Planning, Restructuring Organization Setup, Management Audit, Control Methods and Management Information and reporting.• Project/Financial Management - Feasibility studies; Financial Management Planning and Financial Policy Determination; Cost Management Planning; Capital Structure Planning and advice Finance, Working Capital management; Management Accounting Systems; TCM, TQM, BPR, and Value Analysis.• HR/People Skills - Behaviour development of human resources including design and conduct of training programs, Work-Time Study, Job Description and Evaluation of Workload; Performance Management System, Personnel recruitment and selection; setting up executive Incentive Plans, Wage Incentive Plans.• Marketing Strategies - Market Research and Demand Studies; Pricing Decisions, Channel management, Promotion & Brand Building, Outsourcing Strategy, Retail Management• Our Client includes Pabla Bearings and Shiva Group of Industries.• SBS Agribusiness cell is in advanced stage of understanding with Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Nigeria, for transfer of know-how, intellectual capital and setting up a corporate farming project. 5
  8. 8. RESEARCH VOL. 4, No. 1, December 2007 1SSN 1547-3686 • In search of excellence to become a B-School ofInformation Book 2013-14 global standards, we have already developed good EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT linkages with senior faculty and management A KEY TO GROWTH experts from USA and other parts of the world. Some of them are on our Advisory Boards. SBS has signed MOU with Modern Technology and Management Institute (MTMI), USA while talks are on for several other such partnerships and collaborations. • In collaboration with MTMI/USA, SBS has been bringing out a Bi-Annual INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT. It is published online in the USA ( and in-print form in India. Modern Technology & Management Institute (MTMI), U.S.A. Synetic Business School (SBS), Ludhiana, INDIA. SBS UNIQUE PREPOSITIONS PROFESSIONALISM: Utmost dedication to high standards of professional Education and overall development of students. PLACEMENT SUPPORT SERVICES: SBS conducts proper career counselling, coaching and guidance for placement of its students through its Industry – Institute Interactive Cell (IIIC). Apart from other career development tasks, it organizes placement activities for the pass outs through on campus and off campus interviews CONCESSION AND FEE WAIVERS FOR STUDENTS: Early Bird Incentive to students taking admission and depositing full fee on or before 31st May. PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT: Institute emphasizes on grooming and personality development of each and every student by SWOT analysis and inviting faculty for addressing the students on different subjects • Sports Day- An annual event celebrated during winter having competition between students in different games activities. • Seminars on Career Guidance - SBS conducts career counselling meets at various colleges and institutes in and around Punjab. • Aptitude Test- SBS conduct aptitude Tests and some privileges of fee concession to meritorious students are allowed during admission based on their performance. 6
  9. 9. • Industrial Visits and guest lecturers- Regular interactive activity for the students to keep them in touch with the corporate world. Information Book 2013-14• Excursion Trips- The students plan and undertake self-organised tours to places of interest under guidance of faculty.• ZENITH-Annual SBS Cultural Event• Inter-School Cultural Event Aaja Nach Le- Students from different institutes are invited to participate in competition such as Bhangra, Giddah, Bollywood Group and solo dances.• Literary Conclave- Students from different institute are invited in debate, declamation, story/poetry writing, face painting etc.• Khed Mahapanchayat- Youth from different villages invited to participate in competitive games such as Kabbaddi, volleyball, Cricket Etc.• Sher-E-Punjab- It is an inter-village body building competition. Students from various colleges participate. International Student Cell SBS has students from many countries studying for various degree programs SBS offers them a homely atmosphere, great teaching climate with hostel facility, bus service, medical insurance coverage, etc. Edivaldo Pereira Muhangi Henry Kabareebe Elizabeth Bhaskar Dheer BCA BBA B.Com (Prof.) BBA Batch of 2012 students from India, Uganda and Angola 7
  10. 10. SBS has developed a system of appointing FOREIGN STUDENT COUNSELOR to make the stay of student comfortable and enable a health feedback and improvement loop with theInformation Book 2013-14 students and SBS The counselor for the batch 2012-13 are mentioned below Loice Tony Joseph Nationality:Ugandan Nationality:Ugandan Nationality:Ugandan Foreign Student Foreign Student Foreign Student Cultural Co-ordinator Hostel Co-ordinator Language Co-ordinator More Nationalities and Profiles will be added in 2013 Testimonials from Students Sr. No. Name Cell No. Testimonial 1 Ms.Sadef 9878999837 I have no reservation at all in recommending SBS to anyone who is considering in obtaining management knowledge. 2 Ms.Natakunda Loice 256706545955 Great Experience, Great Knowledge and many others all done by our great professionals at SBS. 3 Ms. Shalini Arora 99885 47755 SBS is a college that provides knowledge and not merely degrees. 4 Bhawar Dua 98724 20009 The life at SBS is about learning, discovering and nurturing oneself. 5 Robert 99889 03148 SBS is really a B-School with a difference offering, inter alia, all type of Sports. 6 Twebaze Roman 99889 03995 SBS has been a mother of quality education for me. 7 Ms. Priyanshu Sharma 78370 01327 The goal of SBS in education is to provide every student with the opportunity to develop holistically and maximize his or her potential. 8 Gaurav Gupta 98157 23970 SBS has not only kept its promise of being different, it has also proved its impiousness by providing the best of everything. 9 Ms. Mosami 82830 88090 Really I have seen that SBS is a b - School with a difference. 10 Muhangi Henry 9988902185 As Conclusion, I will never regret for my being in SBS. 11 Ms. Jokude Getrude 99889 62994 A b-school that increase the bond between you, your dreams and your future. 12 Ms. Sandeep Kaur 98557 64178 Within ultra modern institute, friendly, laborious and excellent faculty available. 13 Ms. Nidhi Sharma 92571 73886 SBS is the one institute which has provided tremendous boost to my career. 14 Dheeraj Arora 98880 38055 It has been wonderful time of my life which has taught me a lot and made my life better. 15 Vishal Vaid 98885 51361 Ill never forget those days and all the people I have come in contact within SBS. 16 Kawalpreet Kaur 9569217151 The learning at SBS was enjoyable with a lot of practical wisdom. 17 Ms. Ratika Uppal 98550 94464 Education provided by the institute helped me in developing my skills, faculty and positive attitude in me that I am well associated with Axis Bank. 8
  11. 11. About Institute-Country-City-Important Information Information Book 2013-14Zayn Educational Trust (ZET):Synetic Business School (SBS): a B-school with a difference is one of the units of ZAYNEDUCATIONAL TRUST (ZET).ZET is non profit oriented and charitable in nature with its funds beingutilized solely in furtherance of its objects and not for any payment by way of profit, interest or dividend.The main objects to be pursued by ZET, intealia, are to establish for the promotion and advancement ofeducation in the field of science, commerce, computer science, management and allied areas and thusalso to provide professional management and allied areas and thus also to provide professionalmanagement and vocational training and part time education to manufacturing and service sectoremployees.To meet its objective successfully ZET has a modern purpose built campus in Ramgarh, ChandigarhRoad, Ludhiana, spread over 6.5 acres combines the best of architecture aesthetics and functionalitywith the administrative Block, amphitheatre, classrooms, Library, Computer centre and all other utilitiesand to meet the vision, mission and objective ZET established Synetic Business School (SBS) toprovide world class education to Indian and overseas students.B- schools:India, one of the fastest growing countries in the world has the 4,000 plus B- Schools, forming 33percent of total number of B- schools in the world, with about 4, 00,000 graduates every year. SBS isone of the B-school among 4,000 plus B- Schools in India.Running a B-school is really a challenging privilege. It cant be run by naives, businessmen andcommercially oriented people. To run a B- school one needs visionary leadership, good faculty,infrastructure, industry linkage and a strong performance culture.SBS Vision:SBS a B-school has the vision of education which is nothing but about reflection as it is established bythe renowned management expert and academician, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Zahir (M.A. Zahir),Professor of management and Dean (Retd.) Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana, Punjab, India,who is having more than 45 years of affiliation with various universities, premier institutes ofmanagement various corporate sector corporations all over the country.Career Oriented:SBS is a B- school without boarders where Indian and overseas students are prepared for a career byoffering them education which goes beyond traditional content and methods of learning. Whereopportunities are given to think out of the box helping students to be a strategist rather than myopia,being mentored them to look at situations with an innovative mindset.All this is made possible to students to learn experience by pedagogy, internship, quality of faculty,innovative teaching method, industry academia interface, scholastic edge, live industries andgovernment projects, resulting in for both Indian and overseas students a talent pool for Indiancompanies.India the Great Secular CountryIndia is possibly the most diverse nation in the world. In area, it is the seventh largest country and inpopulation second only to China, having 120 million people, out of which 60 percent comprisesbetween the age group of 18 to 22 years, thus the youngest nation in the world. Within its geographicalconfines, stretching from the Great Himalayas in the north to the tropical peninsular south. There is adizzying variety of languages, cultures, ethnic group, beliefs and lifestyles that few countries, in theworld possess. 9
  12. 12. There is probably more diversity of religions and sects in India than anywhere else on earth. Apart from havingInformation Book 2013-14 nearly all the worlds great religions represented India in the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, an important home to Zoroastrianism, one of the worlds oldest religions, home to Jainism, an ancient religion unique to India and the youngest born religion Sikhism. New Delhi, the Capital Delhi is the capital of India and the third largest Indian City after Mumbai and Kolkata. Delhi consists of the OLD and NEW .Old Delhi is the capital of Muslim India between the mid 17th and the late 19th centuries. New Delhi, the name given to the imperial capital created by the British. Delhi is also a major travel gateway. It is one of Indias busiest entrance points for overseas airlines, the hub of the northern Indian Travel network and on the overland route across Asia. It is also an excellent base from which to visit two of Indias most popular cities ? Agra, home of Taj Mahal and Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan. Punjab Punjab ? the land of rivers, the granary of India. The land of people who are brave, chivalrous and hardworking around where grew the most amazing legend of romance and heroism. Punjab is undoubtedly among the richest states for its lively art, culture, handicraft, festivals, cuisine, folk music and so on. Located in North-West India, with an area of 50362 Sq.Kms. Punjab provides 22% of the countrys wheat,9% of rice and 24% of cotton. The much truncated Indias portion of present Punjab is divided into three natural regions: • The Majha: in Punjabi means the heartland-comprises the famous cities of Amritsar (means the holy pool of nectar) , the land of Golden Temple and Gurdaspur-35 KMs west on the border of Pakistan • The Duaba: bounded by the rivers Sutlej in the South and Beas in the North covering four districts Jalandhar, Nawanshahar, Kapurthala and Hoshiarpur. • The Malwa: The largest part of the Punjab has the 12 districts or cities- Bathinda, Faridkot, Fategarh Sahib, Ferozpur, Ludhiana, Mansa, Moga, Muktsar, Nawanshahar, Patiala, Ropar and10 Sangrur.
  13. 13. Capital of Punjab:Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab, 90 KMs away from Ludhiana. Information Book 2013-14 Ludhiana Synetic Business School is situating on Chandigarh Road. Ludhiana, called Manchester of India isindustrial metropolis of Punjab industry, and renowned all over the world over for its hosiery goods,Moscow to Montreal, Shopping malls sell cotton and woollen products from Ludhiana. Functional Information ISD Code: (00)91 Ludhianas STD Code: 0161 Dialling Procedure: 0091-161- No. of the wanted subscriber Climate Very hot in summer, swept by hot winds called "Loo" Very cold in winter. Average Temperatures (Max. (Min.) Winter (Nov-Mar.) 23.4 C 10.5C Summer (Apr.-July) 38.8 C 26.6C Monsoon (Jul- Sept.) 34.3 C 26.6 C • No need to bring woollen clothes may be purchased from Ludhiana. During winter one needs blankets/quilt during night. Connectivity: • Ludhiana is linked with roads, rail, and air to all cities of India.• There is a domestic airport.• Nearest International airport is Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport Amritsar.• Distance from Ludhiana to New Delhi is 320 Kms by National highway NH1 which is also international motorway A-1. 11
  14. 14. Amenities Ludhiana has sufficient number of hospitals, private medicenter, nursing homes and private doctors inInformation Book 2013-14 practice; most modern shopping centres, malls, cash and carry best price of wall mart and metro (German Chain) catering all brands both national and international; two to five star hotels and a number of brand restaurants serving local, national and international cuisine; and well connected local and national transport system, making Ludhiana a most modern city. Distance from Important places to SBS • Indra Gandhi International Airport New Delhi -326 Kms. • New Delhi Railway Station -315 Kms. • Connaught Place New Delhi -314 Kms. • New Delhi Interstate Bus stand -311 Kms. • Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport Amritsar -166 Kms. • Chandigarh - 85 Kms • Citi Centre Ludhiana - 15 Kms • Citi hostel of institute - 15 Kms • Railway Station Ludhiana - 14 Kms. • Bus Stand Ludhiana - 14 Kms. • Domestic Airport Ludhiana - 10 Kms. Languages frequently conversed • English (International Language) • Hindi (Indias National language) • Punjabi (Punjab State language) Hostel: Separate Male/Female hostel facility is available in the main city. Rooms on twin sharing triple sharing basis available with Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian meals .Packed lunch facility is also available. Transport: Company Transport (buses) on paid basis is available.12
  15. 15. Guidance on arrival to India:• After immigration check, outside the airport, approach to Indo Canadian Bus Services, who ply Information Book 2013-14 buses at regular intervals, and their staff is well aware about us. The fare to Ludhiana is INR 900 (Subject to change)• Currency conversion facility is available inside the arrival lounge of the airport.• Distance to Ludhiana is covered in 7 hours, including one hour halt for refreshment.• After unboarding at Ludhiana bus stand get in touch with Mr. Damanpreet (85560-01933) or Mr. Deepak (85560-01933) or hire a three wheeler (scooter) asking to commute to Lucky Hostel opp. DMC Hospital, Backside Dhand Traders Rajpura Road Ludhiana (99147-23000) contact person- ---------,where your arrival information is already confirm.• Thereafter SBS staff shall get in touch with you and you shall be looked after by Mr. Damanpreet or Mr. Deepak or Mr. Damanpreet Singh (85560-01933) or Mr. Gurinder (85560-01933)After Settling:• Once you are settled, within 15 days of your arrival you have to complete certain formalities with the office of FRRO (Foreign Registration Resource Office) situate at Community Policing Resource Centre, office of the commissioner of police, Ludhiana. Do take with you your original passport/other travel documents/photocopies of the same, four passport size photographs, prescribed form duly filled.• Staff of SBS shall assist and escort you to get the needful done. The fee approximately is INR 200 ( Subject to revise)• To get your stay extended by visa renewal which facility shall be provided by the same office FRRO, for which you have to approach one month in advance from the expiry of Visa date. Applicable fee shall be charged by authorities.• Our staff shall be available to assist you.SBS 2013 FEE STRUCTUREFOREIGN STUDENT PROGRAMS BBA/BCA/B.Com (Prof) Fee Type Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Program Fee (Inclusive of application and registration fee) 39,000 39,000 39,000 Payable - 1. 1st instalment at time of admission (25,000) 2. 2nd before 30th November (14,000) Bus Fee 1,000 To be paid in two (six monthly) instalments Hostel Fee 5,000 To be paid monthly NOTE: 1) Re-appear fees, additional fee or increase in fee by the University will be paid by the student 13
  16. 16. Information Book 2013-14 PTU (PUNJAB TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY) The Punjab Government constituted Punjab Technical University (PTU) in 1997 by an act of State Legislature.PTU affiliates more than 400 Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Hotel Management and Architecture colleges etc. in the state. Synetic Business School is one of the affiliated institutes. International Recognition: Degrees awarded by PTU are widely accepted not only in India but amongst various international Universities and colleges. These institutions provide a lateral entry to the PTU diploma holders into their Bachelor and Master Degree programs saving lot of time and institutions with such an arrangements are as follow:- 1. Australian Technical and Management College(ATMC) Australia 2. University Canada West, Canada 3. New Zealand Career College (NZCC), New Zealand 4. Birmingham City University (UK) 5. City College Norwich, UK 6. New College Nottingham(NCN) UK 7. University College, Birmingham, UK 8. PTU Degrees are recognised by NARIC (UK) Synetic Business School offers three courses: B.Com (Professional) - B. Com (P) Bachelor of Computer Applications - BCA Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA Bachelor of Commerce (Professional): B.Com (P) B.Com (P) program allows widest possible scope in fields like • Chartered Accountancy • Company Secretary • Chartered financial Analyst • Cost and management Accountant • Masters of Business Administration in finance • Treasury/Financial Manager and Controller Besides/Computer related courses are also available B.Com professional is an integrated course comprising different parts spread over three years. Each part will consist of two semesters. The course of study of B.Com. Professional shall be divided in six semesters and university examination will be held at the end of every semester in the month of December/January ( for semester I,III & IV) and April/May (for semester II,IV & VI) or as decided by the competent authority. Eligibility Criteria for admission for B.Com (P) 1st year Admission in the course B.Com. Professional part-I shall be open to a student who produces the following certificates to the college. 1. Of having passed at least +2 examinations recognized as equivalent thereto with at least: 33%marks in the aggregate in case of commerce students who have passed 10+2 examination and 40% for the students who have opted for two of the following commerce subjects in 10+2.14
  17. 17. a. Accountancyb. Business Studies Information Book 2013-14c. Economicsd. Mathematicse. Office management and Secretarial Practicef. Principle and practice of insuranceg. Tax Procedure and Practice2. And 45% of other candidates.A candidate can complete and pass the whole course of three years within a maximum of six years fromthe date of admission in B.Com professional first semester. Subject to fulfilment of requirement ofhouse examinations, the attendance requirements etc. the students will be allowed to sit in thesemester examinations.Internal assessment will be of 40 marks in each paper, which will be calculated as follows:Three House Examinations - 16 marksTwo assignments - 16 marksAttendance - 8 marks(Up to 74.5% attendance 0 marks)74.6% - 75.4% - 3 marks75.5% - 84.5% - 6 marksAbove 84.5 % - 8 marksAttendance requirementsEvery candidate will be required to attend a minimum of 75 % lecture delivered to that class in eachpaper as well as 75% of the laboratory work, seminars etc. separately provided that a deficiency inattendances may be condoned for special reasons, as per the relevance ordinances on the subject.• To be eligible to appear in the semester examination a candidate must have obtained in the house examination at least 25% marks in each paper; 33% marks in the aggregate of all subjects of the semester.• Application for admission to the examination shall be made on the prescribed form attested by the competent authority as per University rules.• Amount of examination fee to be paid by a candidate for each semester shall be as fixed by the university from time to time.• All the question papers will be set in English and candidates are expected to answer the questions only in English.• The successful candidate shall be classified on the basis of aggregate marks secured in all the six semesters B.Com professional taken together as under: a. 75% or more with distinction b. 60% or more in the first division c. 50% or more but less than 60% in the second division d. Below 50% in the third division.Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA):Three years degree course with six semesters, most admired course among the students interested toestablish their own business or wants to add value in already running family business or interested inpursuing higher studies in Professional examinations such as MBA,CA,CS and Cost and Managementaccounting. After completing the course there are bright chances of be employed in multinationalcorporations and in service sector enterprises.Eligibility criteria (Educational Qualification):All those candidates who have passed the 10+2 or its equivalent examination in any stream conductedby a recognized board/university/council. 15
  18. 18. OR Those candidates who have passed their matriculation examination and have also passed three yearInformation Book 2013-14 diploma in any trade from Punjab state board of technical education and industrial training, Chandigarh or such examination from any other recognized state board of technical education or Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and technology, Longowal. Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA): Knowledge of computer technology has not merely become a part and parcel of life but is in disposable for career development in any field. This course enables students to gain knowledge and qualification in the field of software programming, computer system analyst, Data communication networks, computer graphics, Internet programming etc. After doing the course placement is not a limiting fields including reputed organisations such as IBM, DELL, WIPRO, INFOSYS, TCS, ACCENTURE TECHNOLOGIES and IBM DAKSH. Eligibility criteria (Educational Qualification): All those candidates who have passed the 10+2 or its equivalent examination in any stream conducted by a recognized board/university/council. OR Those candidates who have passed their matriculation examination and have also passed three year diploma in any trade from Punjab state board of technical education and industrial training, Chandigarh or such examination from any other recognized state board of technical education or Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and technology, Longowal. Note: Internal and external assessment criteria of attendance is almost same for BBA/BCA as detailed under the caption B.Com (Professional) Procedure for admission • Prescribed application form to be filled by the candidate desirous of taking admission to courses. • The last date of admission is: 31st July 2012. • The application along with all qualification certificates should be produced in original along with self attested photocopies of all documents and six passport size photographs, for the eligibility check. The following documents in original are required to be produced to the university while ascertaining eligibility: 1. 10th pass certificate 2. 12th pass certificate 3. Character Certificate 4. Residence proof 5. Photographs • Non-refundable admission processing fee amounting to Rs. 1000/- would have to be deposited in the university while confirming eligibility together with the university related fee of Rs. 1150/-. Students shall be liable to pay fee/development fee and other charges fixed by the university at the time of admission or confirming eligibility.16
  19. 19. Fee Structure(Amount in Rupees) Information Book 2013-14INDIAN STUDENT PROGRAMS BBA/BCA/B.Com (Prof) Fee Type Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Program Fee (Inclusive of application fee and registration 31,000 31,000 31,000 fee but excluding examination fee) Payable - 1. Rs. 5000 Admission Fee at time of Admission. 2. Balance to make Rs. 10,000 latest by 31st July). 3. RS 10,000 before 30th November and Rs. 10,000 before 30th January Bus Fee (per month) 1,000 Long Distance (Civil Lines/Ludhiana City) 600 Mid Distance (Jagraon Bridge/Bus Stand) 400 Low Distance (Samrala Chowk onwards) Hostel Fee 5,000 per month NOTE: Re-appear fees, examination fee, and additional fee or increase in fee by the University will be paid by the student.• Failing to pay on due date shall attract a fine of Rs. 100/- per day delay• If fee instalment along with fine due is not paid within ten days following the due date the name shall be struck off from the muster roll.Note: University/Examination fee currently of Rs. 750/- per semester is payable separately, due on 1stSeptember and 1st February.POST GRADUATE PROGRAMS: S. Course Duration Eligibility Program Brief No 1. MBA+ PGPM Dual 2 Years Minimum Under Dual Degree program, Master in Degree Program 50% marks in Business Administration (MBA) will be graduation awarded through a UGC & AIU ( in any stream) approved university and PGPM autonomous degree from the institute. It is a full time four semester job oriented (two year) duration program. 2. Post graduate 2 Years Minimum 50% PGPM is a full time job oriented 4 Program in marks in semester (two year) program. Management graduation (in any stream)Admission Process:1. To submit the application form either online at or by requesting Information Book- cum- Admission form by post or collect in person2. Students who have appeared in any of the widely accepted management entrance test such as CAT, MAT, MET, ATMA or appear in SBS aptitude test.3. Group Discussion, Personal interview and Final Selection 15
  20. 20. Fee Structure: Course Name MBA+PGPM PGPMInformation Book 2013-14 Duration 2 years 2 years Fee 50,000+30,000=80,000 50,000 Admission fee(One Time) 1,000 1,000 Security ( One time at the time of admission) 5,000 5,000 Fee Payment Schedule FIRST YEAR 1st Instalment (At the time of admission) 35,000 20,000 2nd Instalment ( On or before 31st October 2013) 22,500 15,000 3rd Instalment (On or before 31st December 2013) 22,500 15,000 FINAL YEAR 4th instalment ( On or before 28th February 2014) 35,000 20,000 2nd Instalment ( On or before 30th April 2014) 22,500 15,000 3rd Instalment (On or before 31st June 2014) 22,500 15,00016
  21. 21. Information Book 2013-14 (GNDU)Guru Nanak Dev University, AmritsarGuru Nanak Dev University was established at Amritsar on November 24, 1969 to mark the 500th birthanniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The objectives of University is providing education andpromoting research in the humanities, learned professions, science, especially of applied nature andtechnology and also spreading education among educationally backward classes and communities.Today University boasts of 37 academic departments, two regional centres, two collages and a score ofsupport service departments besides several administrative offices. In recent years, the University hasdiversified in a big way its programmes into applied sciences making it one of the distinguished centresof the industry related job-oriented courses.At present 5000 students were studying on the Campus.4 Collage, All India Services Training Centre,Instrumentation Centre, Computer Centre, 24 hour internet facility ,Placement Unit etc.Synergy Institute of Management Technology and Arts (SIMTA)SIMTA is established in 2012,is a unit of Zayn Educational Trust by renowned management expert andacademician DR.M.A Zahir , Professor of Management & Dean(Retd.) Punjab Agriculture UniversityLudhiana. Dr. Zahir is associated with well known industrial groups of Punjab and in also on the Boardof several reputed companies and hence this Institute always keep itself engaged in interaction withvarious industrialists to have firsthand knowledge of requirements, anxieties and problems of industrialsectors. It Situate at Village Ramgarh Chandigarh Road Ludhiana in a campus a spread over 6.5 acresof land.At SIMTA, meaningful job-oriented education is imparted by faculty who are academically, technically,professionally and industry wise knowledgeable engaging the students not merely in class lectures butindulging them in group discussions,presentations,on the spot analysis and various other indoor &outdoor activities.SIMTA`s main object is not merely money chasing business and hence restricts the number of studentsin various courses so that personal attention becomes inevitable resulting in 100% gainful placement inreputed companies soon after completing the respective program.SIMTA offers four courses:1. B.A(Bachelors of Arts)2. B.Sc(IT)3. P.G.D.C.A(Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application)4. P.G.D.B.M(Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management)1. B.A. (Bachelors of Arts)B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) is three year degree course. There are Six semester in this course. Twosemesters in each year.Eligibility:Admission to B.A, course shall be open to a candidate who has passed 10+2 examination with 40%marks in aggregate from Punjab School Education Board or Equivalent thereto. 15
  22. 22. Information Book 2013-14 Combination of Subjects for B.A. Semester- Ist & IInd Compulsory Subjects: Two 1. English (Compulsory) 2. Punjabi (Compulsory) Elective Subjects: Three 1. Elective Punjabi 2. Physical Education/Computer Science 3. History Environmental Science: The subject of Environmental studies will be taught in 2nd year of all the undergraduate degree classes from the session 2007-08.However ,if a candidate fails to pass this paper in the 2nd year, two consecutive chances i.e. one supplementary and other along with 3rd year may be given to him/her. The marks obtained by the candidate in this paper will not be added to the total marks obtained, and the result will be entered as ``pass`` in the DMC of the third year certificate if he/she obtains at least 35%marks in the paper. 2. B.S.c. (Information Technology) Eligibility: Admission to Bachelor of Science Information Technology, course shall be open to a Candidate who has passed 10+2 examination with 40% marks in aggregate from Punjab School Education Board or equivalent thereto. SCHEME Semester -I: Paper No. Subjects M. Marks Paper-1 Fundamentals of Computer 75 Paper-2 C Programming Part-I 75 Paper-3 Basic Mathematics & Statistics 75 Paper-4 Communication Skills-I 50 Paper-5 Punjabi/Basic Punjabi(Compulsory Punjabi) 50 Paper-6 Practical-PC Computing & C Language-I 75 Semester-II Paper No. Subjects M. Marks Paper-1 Communication Skills-II 50 Paper-2 Punjabi/Basic Punjabi(Compulsory Punjabi) 50 Paper-3 Principles of Electronics 75 Paper-4 C Programming Part-II 75 Paper-5 Numerical Methods & Statistical Techniques 75 Paper-6 Practical-C Language-II 7516
  23. 23. 3. P.G.D.C.A(Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application) Information Book 2013-14Eligibility:Any graduate under 10+2+3 system with at least 45% marks in aggregate may be admitted to thiscourseScheme for PGDCA Course Paper Paper Name Theory Practical Paper-I PC Computing-I(MS Office)2003 50 50 Paper-II PC Computing-I(Professional DTP) 50 50 Paper-III Introduction to Scripting Language, 50 50 Web Designing & Uses of Internet Paper-IV Database Management System through 50 50 Oracle-10g & System Analysis & Design Paper-V Network Concepts and Management 50 50 (Hardware, Software, setting in Linux/Unix/ NT environment Paper-VI Programming in C 50 50 Paper-VII Fundamentals of Computer & Operating Systems 50 50Paper-VIII OptionalList of Optional Papers:Option (i) : Programming in Visual Basic with Active XOption (ii) : E-Commerce/Business Option (iii) : Multimedia SystemOption (IV) : Installation and Maintenance of computer System4. P.G.D.B.M. (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management)Eligibility:Any graduate under 10+2+3 system with at least 45% marks in aggregate may be admitted to thiscourseScheme for PGDBM Course Sr. No. Paper Marks 1 Management and Organisation Behaviour 100 2 Business Economics and Environment 100 3 Financial and Cost Accounting 100 4 Marketing Management 100 5 Personnel Management and Labour Welfare 100 6 Optional: Any One of the following: i) Advertising and Sales Management 100 ii) Computer Programming 100 iii) Management Accounting 100 Total Marks 600 15
  24. 24. Fee Structure (Amount in Rupees)Information Book 2013-14 INDIAN STUDENT PROGRAMS GNDU DE Programs Fee Type/Program BA BSc-IT PGDCA PGDBM Program Fee 8,650 17,000 23,000 Univ Registration Fee 1,650 2,300 3,300 Examination Fee Total University Charges 1,650 2,300 3,300 Net Fee 7,000 14,700 19,700 Payable - Rs. 2000 Registration Fee at time of Admission, Balance to make 50% of fee by 31st July and remainder 50% by 31 December Bus Fee (per month) Long Distance (Civil Lines/Ludhiana City) 600 Mid Distance (Jagroan Bridge/Bus Stand) 400 Low Distance (Samrala Chowk onwards) NOTE: 1) Re-appear fees, examination fee, and additional fee or increase in fee by the University will be paid by the student 2) The hostel and bus fee is subject to increase based on increase in input cost16