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UNFAKE: Marketing Plan For a smartphone app


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The presentation contains the main agendas of Marketing Plan which are
-Executive summary
-Situation analysis

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UNFAKE: Marketing Plan For a smartphone app

  1. 1. Marketing Plan Of an App
  2. 2. Agenda •Problem •UnFake •Executive Summary •SituationAnalysis •Goal •Strategy •Tactics •Implementation •Control •Exhibit
  3. 3. Problem Social media is leading to: •Stress •Insecurity •Emotional drain out
  4. 4. In order to get attentiononsocialmedia people use filters to create their best picture, But are disappointedevery time they don’t get a good response.
  5. 5. Online Photo ) VS RealPhoto) Youend up returning a lot ofitems because you couldn’tjudge them accuratelyusing thephoto.
  6. 6. Have you ever thought of an app whichcan show what is real andwhat is FAKE? This appdifferentiateReal photos withedited ones
  7. 7. ExecutiveSummary
  8. 8. • UnFake converts aedited and filteredphoto into the original one in order to help its users from the manipulations of the company Unique • Our Focus is to createvalues for its users by changing their perspective towards beauty.Values • The vision of our company is beyond creating apps. Itis to convey our idea to the users for a better society. Vision
  9. 9. Situation Analysis
  10. 10. Company overview App will have free as wellas premium version. Interactiveuser interface. Offers a platform for influencerswithcreative minds. Focus on providing authenticcontentby creating values for theusers.
  11. 11. Market overview Available on Google play and Apple ios store Collaboration withvarious firm Strategicassets are informationon fingers Primary marketingon social media platform
  12. 12. Target Customers Youth using smart phones Low andmiddle income people People having low esteem Old people seeking new experiences
  13. 13. Competitors Flickr PhotoBucket
  14. 14. SwotAnalysis Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat
  15. 15. Strength Unique features Authenticcontent Building customer relationships Innovationand Technology competence
  16. 16. Weakness New to the market Low marketing budget Unprovenconcept
  17. 17. Opportunity Untapped Market Collaborations withvarious firms Government’s support in emergingstartups Building a hugeuser base
  18. 18. Threats Low internet penetration Rise of potentialcompetitors Misconceptionaboutthe idea
  19. 19. Goals
  20. 20. Innovative and creative marketing campaigns. Create a brand equity. Awareness about the idea. Getting 20,000 registered member in its first year.
  21. 21. Strategy
  22. 22. Target Customers
  23. 23. 5 Cs Company Customer CollaboratorsCompetitors Context
  24. 24. Company CEO Marketers App Developers Investors
  25. 25. Customers Check authenticityof product’s photo Connecting withyouth Creating an utilityapp for smart phone users
  26. 26. Collaborators Banks Software developers Bloggers Photographers Volunteers
  27. 27. Competitor Flickr Photo bucket Highquality photos Free storage Interactionwith users
  28. 28. Context • Wide variety of features at an economicalprice. Economic • Increasingself confidence and esteem fora better society Social- Culture • Anybody can usewith basic knowledge abouttechnology Techno- logical
  29. 29. Value Proposition
  30. 30. Customer Value Fasteraccess and better interface Building relation through 24.7 customer services Creatinga different perspective towards beauty
  31. 31. Collaborators Value Publicitythroughthe app Provide user data Bonuses for exceptionalperformance
  32. 32. Company Values Create a productive working environment Highreturn on investmentto investors Perks and rewards for theemployees
  33. 33. Tactics
  34. 34. Product Convertingedited photos into originalonesfrom onlineportals Explore andshare uneditedviral photos Free version Convertingedited photos intooriginalonesfrom gallery or profiles Click highresolution photos Free storage upto 100GB Blogs Premium version
  35. 35. Price Premiumversion is for 4.49 Dollar/per year Price is set according to the Target customer’s Demandand theirPerceptiontowards the price
  36. 36. Incentives Price reduction for users who refer and contribute for thecontentof the app Trade allowances to the Collaborators Bonuses and perks to the employees
  37. 37. Brand Name Slogan Logo
  38. 38. Communication Target Customers Collaborators and Company Through Social media Company’s meetings Offline and online Campaigns Workshops
  39. 39. Distribution
  40. 40. Implementation
  41. 41. Infrastructure CEO Marketing Manager Marketing Executive Coding Manager App Developer Customer Relation Manager Relations executive
  42. 42. Process App development Hiring interns and employees Offlineand OnlineAdvertisement Final Launch
  43. 43. Control
  44. 44. PerformanceEvaluation Evaluationthrough number of downloads by users Their reviews towards the app
  45. 45. Environmental Analysis Invest in Research and Development Need for ConstantInnovation More focus on customer values Achieving Customer visibility
  46. 46. Exhibit An immaturemarketwhere conveying theidea is difficult Create a buzz about theapp on social media platforms Join with influencers,Motivators, Advisers to increase thevisibility
  47. 47. Summary Problem UnFake Executive Summary SituationAnalysis Goal Strategy Tactics Implementation Control Exhibit
  48. 48. Credits •Marketing Management by Philip Kotler • • for colour schemes •HBR articles on Marketing Plan •Google forms by Prof.Sameer Mathur •Google and Apple store to analyse competitors
  49. 49. Disclaimer These slides were created by Jasraj Singh,SGGSCC duringan internshipunder Prof.Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow.