Bussing sequence evaluation


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Bussing sequence evaluation

  1. 1. Bussing sequence evaluationWe were given the task of creating a bussing sequence with our group:Team Bay. We used software called Final Cut Pro, which allowed us toedit the bussing sequence. When filming for our bussing scene we onlya limited amount of time, when filming the bussing sequence we had tomake sure that we has enough sufficient footage to make a good chasescene that would fit in well with the horror genre. Before filming wecreated a plot and a detailed storyboard with the shot types, this made iteasier for us when we went out to film. Planning meant that we wereable to stay focused, as we knew what we were meant to do. It alsomeant that if anyone needed any guidance they could refer back to it.However during the filming process we had to improvise a bit, as wethought of alternative and better shots. The plot of our bussing sequencefollows Todrovs theory as the equilibrium starts as a college girlworking on a computer, then the moment of disequilibrium starts whenthe lights start flickering and the then a ghostly figure appears. Thedisequilibrium is when the girl gets frightened and there is no newequilibrium as we was following the codes and conventions horrortrailers never show the new equilibrium. As it was our first time ofrecording a bussing sequence personally I think that it went well butlooking at it now I think that we could of changed some things.We used a variety of camera work in the bussing sequence, the firstscene the of the bussing sequence is a tracking shot of a girl walking upthe stairs and walking to the classroom and this tells the audiencewhere she is.The over the shoulder shot seems like someone is watchingher but the audience can‟t see who is looking her, this adds tension tothe trailer because the audience know that a spooky figure is there butthe character doesn‟t which builds up the tension even more.The point of view shot of the lights flickering is very effective. Byflickering the light switch it catapults the viewer from the known to theunknown. The darkness shrouds the environment and instills fearbecause of the unknown and mysteries of the darkness. The constantrepetitive pattern of light to darkness creates unease in the viewer as itcreates instability and tension. As the audiences are convinced that thereis someone in that room but the one hundred and eighty degree angle ofthe classroom shows them that there is nothing there, which adds to themystery. The high angle shot of the character and an empty chair thenafter a short while there is someone wearing black sitting on the chair.This adds bewilderment and it comes as a shock to the viewer as it isun-expected. It then creates unease in the viewer as they start toquestion who or what the thing is, why they are there and the intentionof it. At the end there is a long shot of the door slamming but there is no
  2. 2. one shutting it adds unease there is a window in the door and there isno one there, which could connote to the audience that there is a ghost.A jump cut is a cut in film editing in which two sequential shots of thesame subject are taken from camera positions that vary only slightly.Jump cuts are sometimes used to show a nervous searching scene as isdone in the 2009 science fiction film Moon where the protagonist islooking for a secret room on a moon base and District 9 where Wikussearches for illegal objects in the house of Christophers friend. We usedjump cuts in the bussing sequence but we didn‟t use them appropriatelyas they jump at the wrong times as it gives the audience tension at thewrong time. Jump cuts are very effective in horror trailers, what I havelearnt is that when we are making our horror trailer to use jump cutsmore appropriately. We nearly broke the one hundred and eightydegree rule, yet again when we are making our final horror trailer wewill be more careful especially with the one hundred and eighty degree.The composition of the trailer was done really well as it flows andmakes sense. Not to be too critical of the bussing sequence, it doesn‟tlook like a trailer but it looks like it‟s telling a story. What we could ofdone to break it off is add intertitle which is a piece of filmed, printedtext edited into the midst of the photographed action at various points,generally to convey character dialogue. For example The Descent trailerhad many intertitles, which adds more tension, and makes the heartbeat quicker.Our use of sound was exceptional as we use diagetic and non- diageticalso it was appropriately used. The diagetic sound of the door openingand creaking was very effective, the connotation of the door creakingconnotes that the building itself a school is old and decrepit. At 0:36there is non-diagetic sound of someone laughing, the scene just before itis when that mysterious figure is sitting on the chair, the laughter couldsymbolize that the figure is ridiculing the character because they mayknow something more. I was pleased by the use of the diagetic sound atthe end when the door slams shut could represent the difficulty of thecharacter to escape and also isolation that she could have been trappedforever. As all horror trailers have diagetic sound of dialogue in it, whenwe make our horror trailer we‟ll use dialogue in the trailer because if acertain character in a trailer is in distress this can be assed by their toneof voice which adds more tension. For example in the Descent trailer acharacter says, “ our batteries are going to run” which automaticallygives a certain impression to the audience that they all may not survive.The mise-en-scene in the bussing sequence is correctly used. Thecostume of the girl character is that she is wearing a pink cardiganrepresents femininity and the purity of her innocence. This is furthershown through he white bag, which represents her purity, and that she
  3. 3. is sacred. However, the suspicious figure wearing black automaticallyassociates the figure to be evil. These two characters are identified byPropps eight characters the innocent girl and the villain. In the bussingsequence we didn‟t use many props, we did use posters saying, “ I willkill you”, which adds tension. We put the some chairs on tables, whichcreates the effect of abnormality meaning that someone has purposelyput some of the chairs on the table to create an effect on the character.The setting of our bussing sequence was an old school, which representsthat it could be haunted which brings in the figure, which could be aghost. The lighting in the bussing sequence was dreary and dullthroughout the sequence, which was very effective and is a horrorparadigm. The flickering lights was done manually which was verytension creating, a minority of horror trailers have flickering lights isnot as used as much because there is so much new technology created.As we had limited time to create the bussing sequence we didn‟t putmuch thought in the mise en scene but next time we create our horrortrailer we‟ll definitely put more time and effort thinking about the mise-en- scene as it is a critical factor in making a horror trailer a horror.The editing of the bussing sequence wasn‟t very successful becausewhen making the bussing sequence, it was the first time we used theprogram „Final Cut Pro‟. As the majority of our bussing sequence wascontinuity, we did manage to adjust the speed of some scenes. The jumpcuts are irritating because they are very noticeable and we didn‟t have achance to merge them and make them smooth. The next time we make ahorror trailer we would spend more time on working on the editing byadding transitions and effects to follow the codes and conventions ofhorror trailers.Overall, our groups were satisfied with the quality of our trailer inregards to the short amount of time we had for planning, filming andediting. We decided that for our real trailer, we would take timeplanning our shots and know beforehand what music to use, which willcompliment the genre. This is really important which I realized becausewe planned our shots before and then we added the sound after we shotthe bussing sequence which difficult trying to put the sound to theshots. Editing will also need to be longer to enable us to explore thedifferent effects, which will give our trailer the professional look‟. Fromthis preliminary task of the bussing sequence I have learnt a lot.