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Crowd - Why the world is ready for the crowdlottery


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Everybody deserves a fair chance in life

Technology reduces overhead costs, connects the world and makes it possible to challenge the status quo in traditional markets.

The power of crowds can be used to democratize the current lottery systems. Together we can create better chances for everyone.

Crowd lotteries are fairer and more transparent than traditional lotteries. They lead to better odds, higher payouts, lower costs and still act as fundraiser for charity. is the world's first crowd lottery concept. Together we can spread happiness and create better chances for everyone in a fair and transparent way.

Join the crowd and become an Ambassador of Happiness.

Crowd - Why the world is ready for the crowdlottery

  1. 1. CROWD!Why the world is ready for the crowd lottery Jasper Versteege
  2. 2. Everybody deserves a fair chance in life Technology reduces overhead costs, connects the world and makes it possible to challenge the status quo in traditional markets. The power of crowds can be used to democratize the current lottery systems. Together we can create better chances for everyone.
  3. 3. 01 Time for the Crowd Lottery Pages 7-12 02 The Power of Crowds Pages 13-18 03 Crossing Boundaries Pages 19-29 INTRO Pages 4-6 A Brief History... TABLE OF CONTENTS What is a crowd lottery? The world’s first crowd lottery An improvement on all levels Everybody wins The time is now + + + + + New ways to get organized Purchasing power The crowd as a source Power to the crowd + + + + A connected world Forces shaping the future Speed of development Double moral standards Gamblers vs. chance takers Economic fears Auditability and accountability Into the future + + + + + + + +
  4. 4. A BRIEF HISTORY... They built wonders of the world The first recorded signs of a lottery are keno slips from the Chinese Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 B.C. A spurious legend has it that the invention of the game saved an ancient city in time of war, and its widespread popularity helped raise funds to build the Great Wall of China. Lotteries are as old as we are The lottery is one of the oldest games in the world. They even refer to it in the Old Testament more than once, for example; .”..and the lot puts even contentions to rest, and it separates even the mighty from one another” (Proverbs, XVIII, 18). They are a fair tool Ancient Athens is one of the first known democracies and they used lotteries (via a kleroterion, seen on the right) to select citizens for most state offices and court juries as it was regarded as fairer and less subject to corruption. 4000 B.C. 550 B.C. 200 B.C. © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 4
  5. 5. They aided the poor The first lotteries with monetary prizes were held in the Low Countries in the 15th century to raise money to aid the poor and fund fortifications of the towns. In fact, the English word lottery is derived from the Dutch word loterij which stems from the Dutch noun lot meaning "fate". They have been running for a long time The Dutch state-owned Staatsloterij is the oldest running lottery in the world. They funded revolutions The world famous universities Princeton and Columbia were funded by lotteries and at the outset of the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress used lotteries to raise money to support the Colonial Army. We might say the United States of America are not only founded by its fathers, but also funded by its lotteries. © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 5 1445 A.D. 1726 A.D. 1740 A.D.
  6. 6. THE PRESENT Nowadays lotteries have grown into large corporations which come up with complicated prize schemes that result in ridiculous jackpots but actually diminish someone’s chance to win. And large parts of their income go straight into immense marketing budgets aimed at maximizing the amount of money people spend on lotteries. Time for change. © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 6
  8. 8. WHAT IS A CROWD LOTTERY? Every player counts as one All stakes are paid out Admin fee on top of stakes Every player counts as one; this determines the structure of the lottery. It limits gambling and creates equal chances for everyone. All stakes are paid out; this removes the ‘house’ from the game. It guarantees payouts and winners. Admin fee on top of stakes; this adds a layer of transparency. It makes sure all overhead costs are clearly communicated by the operator so players know exactly what they are paying. Crowd lotteries are social and more transparent than traditional lotteries. They lead to better odds, higher payouts, lower costs and still act as fundraiser for charity. A crowd lottery is built on three very simple principles. © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 8
  9. 9. THE WORLD’S FIRST CROWD LOTTERY © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 9 Here’s how the world’s first crowd lottery works; • 1 euro per ticket • 1 ticket per draw • 1 draw per week • 1 winner takes all This means the jackpot equals the number of players, and the size of the crowd determines your odds. However, there is always someone within that crowd that takes home the jackpot. Guaranteed. uses the certified Random Number Generator ISAAC to randomly select the Lucky Ones. There is still a challenge and small reward associated with breaking ISAAC. gives you the best possible chance to hit the jackpot for the least amount of money. uses the winner-takes-all-principle and the power of crowds to create the best possible chance to hit the jackpot for the least amount of money. As a crowd, we can unite the world in one game while spreading happiness and creating better chances for everyone in a social & transparent way.
  10. 10. Lower costs Limiting the number of tickets people can buy per draw limits the amount of money people can spend on crowd lotteries. AN IMPROVEMENT ON ALL LEVELS The simplicity of the crowd lottery underlines the unnecessary complexity of other lotteries. Simplicity gives players a better chance, a higher payout percentage, and it lowers their costs. An improvement on all levels. 100% Higher payouts Seperating the operating costs from the stakes improves transparency and dramatically increases the payout ratio. Better odds Odds increase significantly thanks to the direct link between the size of the crowd (no. of players) and the prize money. © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 10Visit for more info.
  11. 11. THE LOTTERY OF THE 21st CENTURY © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 11 Lotteries should be about realizing people’s hopes and dreams, not about maximizing the company’s profit. 4% 9% 87% Transaction fee Admin fee Prize money We live in a connected word an the sharing economy is in full swing, yet there is no such thing as a digital lottery for the world. Together, as a crowd, we can cut out the middleman, minimize administration fees and marketing costs, maximize payouts and generate the best possible odds while sharing happiness on a global scale. The crowd lottery concept is an improvement on all levels: it truly is the lottery of the 21st century. Power to the crowd! DISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS Including administration and transaction fee
  12. 12. THE TIME IS NOW © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 12 The crowd lottery is a new concept that only works when the volumes are big enough to profit from economies of scale. The only thing a crowd lottery needs is a crowd. Thanks to the internet and social media it is possible to target a global crowd and connect with people from all over the world. Technology keeps overhead costs low and makes it possible to accept online payments from around the globe. The conditions are right, all it takes now is people who join the crowd and become Ambassadors of Happiness. © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 12
  14. 14. NEW WAYS TO GET ORGANIZED The power of the masses has always been an important force that helped shape the world. Crowds are online versions of the masses, only crowds do not need to be in the same place physically. This gives people new ways to get organized and use the power of crowds. The internet already played an important organizational role during the Arab Spring and continues to create new opportunities. Time to get organized. © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 14
  15. 15. PURCHASING POWER © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 15 Thanks to the internet it is now possible for individual consumers, as part of a crowd, to leverage their purchasing power in order to get better deals or easier access to certain products. Group-buying sites like Groupon work by negotiating better deals with local merchants and in turn promise to deliver crowds in exchange for those discounts.
  16. 16. THE CROWD AS A SOURCE Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter create a market for new products or projects that are not necesserily for the masses. In reaturn it gives people rewards and a chance to directly support initiatives or products they like. Crowdfinancing sites like Funded By Me offer easier access to capital for businesses and startups. The crowd has the possibility to invest into companies directly and in return it gets interest or share capital. Crowdsourcing websites like 99designs offer businesses easier access to a large group of people with the needed skill set. In return it provides those people with a potentially global market and an easier way to get new jobs. Crowds cannot only get better deals, but they also provide easier access to resources. Whether it is services, designs, ideas, content or capital; the crowd has it. New platforms are built everyday to link people, projects, businesses and organizations directly in a mutual beneficial way. © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 16
  17. 17. POWER TO THE CROWD © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 17 A crowd lottery uses the purchasing power of crowds to create the best possible odds for the least amount of money and in a fair and transparent way. A crowd lottery also uses the crowd as a source to fund random people’s dreams and to support charity. Everybody wins. Traditional lotteries are not built to maximize the player’s chance or to limit the player’s costs. Today people are finally empowered to challenge the status quo. Time to do something about it. Power to the crowd!
  18. 18. “I believe it is possible to have a positive impact on this world by leveraging the power of crowds. Leveraging works best if you manage to keep efforts at a minimum and rewards at a maximum. is the perfect format to leverage this power; together we can create better chances for everyone!” Jasper Versteege Founder & Ambassador of Happiness © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 18
  20. 20. A CONNECTED WORLD We are all global citizens and thanks to internet, social media and the smartphone everybody has the world in its pocket. The ever growing internet and globalization forces us to restructure our world. The next step should be further integration and cooperation, not separation and protectionism. Source: 93% 26% 35% 52% URBAN INTERNETPENETRATION SOCIAL NETWORKINGPENETRATION MOBILEPENETRATION 7.095.476.818 TOTAL WORLD POPULATION 2.484.915.152 INTERNETUSERS 1.856.680.860 ACTIVE SOCIAL NETWORKUSERS 6.572.950.124 MOBILESUBSCRIBERS © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 20
  21. 21. FORCES SHAPING THE FUTURE © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 21 The internet should open up the world, it should not be used to close it down. Luckily the core values on which the internet was built have some internal forces that will shape the future. It is up to the crowd to protect them. Openness Transparency Cooperation Trust The open and decentralized nature of the internet links the world in a unique way and enables it to be a patform for innovation and creativity that should be preserved. As long as transparency remains a driving force behind technological developments, accountability and freedom of information will be safeguarded. If the internet is open and transparent it leaves room for individuals to do their part, how insignificant it may seem. The whole is much more than the sum of its parts. With the before mentioned values in place trust will rise which in turn will rise our trust in its core values. A virtuous circle that will move this world forward in the right way.
  22. 22. SPEED OF DEVELOPMENT When it comes to gambling governments have a strong moral reason to restrict market access; addiction. Most citizens probably agree addictions are something that should be prevented as much as possible. Borders are fading, governments are under pressure and markets are expanding. Naturally, these opposing forces bring in limitations on the speed of development. Since 2006 the United States prohibits online gambling sites from performing transactions with American financial institutions in order to keep gambling profits within its own borders. This is possible because almost all US citizens use credit cards for online payments, and the credit card companies are American. Governments also have a very strong economic reason to keep the gambling market within its powers; taxes. This is probably something which is of less concern to its citizens. The fear of losing income forces governments to use erroneous and hypocritical reasoning that leads to seperation and protectionism. © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 22
  23. 23. © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 23 Now back to the crowd lottery. Lotteries are considered gambling in most countries. This gives the government a moral reason to strongly regulate those markets and tax it heavily. This moral reason is built on the presumption gambling is bad, a priori. It is addictive, it is based on chance and can have negative social effects. But the same thing can be said about some forms of stock trading, and why do governments offer lotteries themselves? This raises the question whether crowd lotteries should be considered gambling at all. The addictive powers of a crowd lottery are very limited. Most addictions depend on actions which give people a quick and positive kick. Crowd lotteries are infrequent and in each lottery the losers greatly outnumber the winners, so the kick is not that positive. Another dangerous part of addiction might be the illusion of control. Betting on uncertain outcomes (casino games, sports results, selecting winning numbers) gives players a false notion of influence; if they had chosen something else they would have won, so it depends on their own actions. Participating in a crowd lottery is a calculated decision with a very low risk of addiction. DOUBLE MORAL STANDARDS
  24. 24. GAMBLERS VS. CHANCE TAKERS My point is not necessarily that lotteries should not be viewed as gambling, a lottery is still a game of chance, but I do want to show governments do not have a very strong moral reason to be against a crowd lottery. What is wrong with taking a chance evey now and then? Gamblers Chance takers Want to get rich quick Want to get rich without the hassle Are looking for a quick win Are looking for the best opportunity Like highly repetitive games Assess their chances Are betting on uncertain outcomes Hope fortune favors the bold Have the illusion of control Are conscious of the consequences Continue despite adverse consequences Quit when they don’t like the odds © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 24
  25. 25. ECONOMIC FEARS © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 25 However, there is no need for national governments to close off their online borders. Thanks to technology a crowd lottery is perfectly taxable. Game tax on prize money and income tax on profit can be calculated based on the player’s nationality and paid out to every single country seperately. The internet is a force which pushes us forward in creating a global market. Governments should try to work with instead of against this force. When we look at the economic reasons for governments to put limitations on the development of the online lottery market the fear of losing income through taxes is an obvious one. On top of that most governments run state lotteries (it is not without reason lotteries are often seen as a painless form of taxation) which will need to compete with new initiatives. Governments can still tax the operators profit and the player’s winnings.
  26. 26. AUDITABILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY It is impossible for companies who trade online to know every single law in the world. When a company’s business model and business practices are transparent, trustworthy and fair it makes a company auditable and accountable. Crowd lotteries are perfectly taxable per country while gambling addiction and money laundering can be prevented. From an economic perspective governments should focus on auditability and accountability on an international level instead of focussing on protecting their own income on a national level. The next step is further integration and cooperation. © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 26
  27. 27. INTO THE FUTURE © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 27 To sum it all up; when you look at the pros and cons on the left it is clear it will be a matter of time before the crowd lottery will set the standard. It is up to the crowd to start using its power to challenge the status quo. It is time to move forward. Time to cross boundaries. + + + + + - Players get better odds while their costs are being limited. Charities can still get funded through crowd lotteries. Governments can still tax the company’s profit and the player’s winnings. Crowd lotteries are not addictive and gambling is limited. Money laundering through crowd lotteries is impossible. Total tax return for governments might be lower.
  28. 28. TIME TO THINK GLOBAL already reached players in more than 50 countries. © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 28
  29. 29. SPREAD THE WORD Together we can unite the world in one game while spreading happiness and creating better chances for everyone in a social & transparent way. Join the crowd and become an Ambassador of Happiness! © WTA Gaming Ltd. 2014 29
  30. 30. About the author Jasper Versteege is a philosopher and entrepreneur who believes everybody deserves a fair chance in life. As a global citizen living in a connected world he sees fresh opportunities to restructure the world in fair and transparent ways. He is the founder of the world’s first crowdlottery; By developing the crowd lottery he hopes to fulfill his lifelong dream to become a philanthropist and make a difference in the world. Historically lotteries have always been a means to achieve philantropic goals. Launching thus feels like a natural place to start challenging the status quo. We are all Ambassadors of Happiness.
  31. 31. is the world’s first crowdlottery. Our mission is to unite the world in one game while spreading happiness and creating better chances for everyone in a social & transparent way. We believe that together we can have a positive impact on this world by leveraging the power of the crowd. Leveraging the power of the crowd works best if you manage to keep efforts at a minimum and rewards at a maximum. Thanks to internet and low ticket prices our players can effortlessly participate in a rewarding lottery that not only makes it winners happy but also collects money for the greater good. Join the crowd on We are all Ambassadors of Happiness.