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Belang van Social Media voor Bedrijven door Van Marcke


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Belang van Social Media voor Bedrijven door Van Marcke

  1. 1. Social Business @ Van Marcke Business to University - Leuven
  2. 2. Social Media is a “group level” topic & responsibility...
  3. 3. CSMO reports to Chief Operations Officer
  4. 4. CSMO is based in HQ & has a global responsibility
  5. 5. Why Social Media ?
  6. 6. ‘Cause it’s cool ! Because we “have to”... Because the competition is doing it. Because everyone talks about it. Because our PR agency tells us to. Because our advertising agency tells us to. Because my boss wants it. Because....
  7. 7. Social Media has an objective If you can not tie your social media activity to a real business strategy with clear communications objectives... Don’t start !
  8. 8. Business Objectives • Optimize business processes and customer relationship/support by connecting 1200 staff across different business units & locations • Support expanding business and focus on information based activities. • Support the strategic objective of “single view on information” across the group. • Truly engage with customers & business partners in order to support product & services innovation. • Prepare employees to a changing cultural environment which supports the concept of the social enterprise.
  9. 9. Communications Objectives • Support “traditional marketing” with social media marketing techniques/ tactics in order to drive store traffic. • Support corporate social responsibility activities with transparent communications. • Support public relations with social media techniques and tactics in order to drive coverage. • Support internal communications & collaboration in order to engage employees & management. • Support business partner network (B2B) communications & collaboration in order to support & increase business.
  10. 10. Communications
  11. 11. The model has changed X A Y B Y = conversation A = company B = market X = membrane
  12. 12. Principles versus Tools Immediate Always on Transparant Work/Life Participative Virtual Community Pervasive Simpel Twitter YouTube Facebook Mobile Blogs Tagging Social Bookmarking RSS
  13. 13. Stop Blocking !
  14. 14. “If you can’t trust your employees, you have one of two problems,” “You are hiring the wrong people or you are not properly training the people you hire.” BL. Ochman -
  15. 15. No point being 2.0 outside if you are not even 1.0 inside...
  16. 16. Social Media Communications B2B ? B2C ? P2P !
  17. 17. Monitoring Listen first ! If not it’s like sailing blindly through the Gulf of Biscay (which is pretty rough, believe me).
  18. 18. Monitoring & Tracking
  19. 19. Monitoring & Tracking Influencer Tracking
  20. 20. Case: Big Blue
  21. 21. First small step: blogging
  22. 22. Twitter
  23. 23. Facebook
  24. 24. Issuu Account
  25. 25. SMPR - social media press release
  26. 26. SMNR - social media news room
  27. 27. Customer Support
  28. 28. Twitter story...
  29. 29. Twitter story...
  30. 30. Twitter story...
  31. 31. Results Blog Average of 30 face to face meetings through website Average 60 email contacts through website Twitter Customer insights have changed procedures Rapid transparent response have led to + customer experience Is n° 10 source of traffic to website Press Average of +500 views of press release Positive impact on search result rankings Interactive comments on press releases Issuu +10.000.000 catalogue views
  32. 32. Thank you Philippe Borremans @horationelson