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Festival of Marketing Presentation 2016

  1. ABOUT JASON MILLER Group Manager, Content Marketing and Social Media at LinkedIn Author of Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Content Marketing and Social Media up to 11 Rock n Roll Photographer
  3. 61M senior-level influencers 40M decision makers 10.7M opinion leaders 6.8M C-level execs 22.8M Mass Affluent 4.1M IT decision makers 450Mprofessionals are on LinkedIn THE LARGEST GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF PROFESSIONALS 3.1M marketers
  4. PROFESSIONALS ENGAGE WITH PURPOSE – AND WITH CONTENT 9 billion content impressions / week 15X content vs job postings in the feed 57% mobile
  5. 7
  6. 8
  7. 9
  8. 10
  9. of overall respondents say they would consider ending a brand relationship because of irrelevant promotions, and an additional 22% say they would definitely defect from the brand. RAGE AGAINST IRRELEVANCE…. 44%
  10. 13
  11. 14 Repurpose content like leftover Turkey
  12. 15
  14. The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn The Big Rock – The Debut
  15. Repurpose, Repurpose, Then Repurpose Some More 19
  16. 23 Turkey Slices (Non Gated) MQL No Yes Revenue BIG ROCK (Gated) Lead Capture Nurture No Yes SlideShare Infographic Webinar Podcast Blog Post Sales SDR Sales Qualified?
  17. Email Blog InMail Company Page Sponsored Content SlideShare Display PPC Twitter The Always on Strategy For those about to Launch….. FIRE!
  18. 25 The Results Out of the Gate 4% 6% 9% 15% 32% 34% Email Blog InMail Direct/SEO Other Display AdWords United States Netherlands India Canada Australia UK Germany New Zealand Singapore France64% 7% 7% 7% 6% 2% 1% 1%
  19. 26
  20. 28 18,000% ROI
  21. 29
  22. 31 The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Thought Leadership Overcoming the Sophomore Slump
  23. 32 The Turkey Slices The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Thought Leadership
  24. 33 The Sophisticated Marketer's Guide to Content Marketing The Masterpiece
  25. 34 Audio Book Responsive Design Exploring New Formats
  26. 35 Starting a Sophisticated Movement
  27. v 36 v
  28. 37
  29. One of our evergreen pieces of content, The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide of LinkedIn, continues to generate the highest number of downloads and the highest number of marketing qualified leads. k+
  30. Set up a test of different updates to reach different audiences. Sponsored Update 1: Targeted to CMOs These insights can help you drive transformational change to your business. Sponsored Update 2: Targeted to Marketing Directors Need to demonstrate the ROI of your marketing efforts? These insights can help. Sponsored Update 3: Targeted to Social Media Managers Social media managers: Get the insights you need to drive the engagement you want. Big Rock Content Example: B2B Marketing company XYZ has recently launched a new piece of research and is publishing updates to LinkedIn to drive marketers to download it.
  31. Guide’ saw a 100% increase in click through rate (CTR). The image with the quote saw a 30% lift in CTR versus the image image versus a human and the human saw +160% CTR and +290% CVR.
  32. RUNNING SPONSORED CONTENT WE SEE 25% increase in Open Rate 95% increase in CTR 5.32% CTR 75% OR 6.19% CTR 61% OR
  33. 2013-14 2015 2016-17
  35. The blog is the social media rug that ties the room together.
  36. The Blogging Food Groups A steady diet of quality content for your blog Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Raisin Bran Spinach Roast Raisin Bran Spinach Raisin Bran Chocolate Cake
  37. Monday – Raisin Bran
  38. Tuesday - Spinach
  39. Wednesday: The Roast
  40. Thursday: Tabasco
  41. Friday: Chocolate Cake
  42. 5 Relevant Blogs Rolled Up into One Big Rock
  43. 58
  44. 59 BONUS Chocolate Cake
  45. 60
  46. The only art I’ll ever study is stuff that I can steal from. - David Bowie
  47. 62
  48. 63
  49. The Death of the One Dimensional Marketer
  50. 65
  51. 66
  52. 67 The four unique band members work together to deliver an amazing product. Lays Groundwork Fuels Content Fuels Demand Gen
  53. 68 They consistently deliver content that their fans want to consume and share.
  54. 69 Their PR efforts guide their vision as the hottest band in the world.
  55. Event Marketing: They deliver amazing experiences on tour
  56. #INBOUND14 They built a thriving community.
  57. “People want a thrill, people want a spectacle and people love to be entertained.”
  59. 74
  60. 77 Thank You! Jason Miller Group Manager, Content Marketing @JasonMillerCA @LinkedInMktg

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  11. Using Direct Sponsored Content, we A/B tested ‘eBook’ versus ‘guide’ to see which resonated better with our audience. ‘Guide’ saw a 100% increase in click through rate (CTR). Knowing that quotes and stats both work well, we tested an image featuring a statistic versus an image featuring a quote. The image with the quote saw a 30% lift in CTR versus the stat image. With a hypothesis that people like images of people rather than objects, we tested an image versus a human and the human saw +160% CTR and +290% CVR.
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