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DIY: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing


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Jason Miller's expanded Socia Media Week London 2018 Presentation

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DIY: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing

  1. 1. @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
  2. 2. • The volume of content published continues to increase, and new topic areas get rapidly saturated with content. • There has been a sharp decline in viral posts that gain hundreds of thousands of shares. • Based on a sample of 100 million posts published in 2017, social sharing of content has halved since 2015. • Clickbait style headlines and listicles are far less effective at generating social engagement than they were. • The majority of content gets zero backlinks but authoritative research and reference content continues to gain links. In particular, authoritative evergreen content consistently gains shares and links over time. • There has been a growth in content sharing on LinkedIn and many publishers are seeing steady increases in content engagement on the@jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
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  4. 4. Focus on building evergreen, authoritative content Localise that content Extract every last ounce of value from that content (organic and paid) Experiment & Test @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
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  9. 9. Engage your prospects with relevant content in the world’s only professional feed and in premium placements beyond @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
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  11. 11. “Bright” “White” 40% higher CTR & 30% lift in engagement
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  13. 13. 5.32% CTR 75% OR 6.19% CTR 61% OR 25% increase in open rate (OR) 95% increase in CTR Sponsored Content & InMail Together 32
  14. 14. 95% open rate
  15. 15. We believed anything worth doing is worth over-doing.”
  16. 16. BACKGROUND COLOR Does woodgrain feel more authentic, or provide more visual interest? Either way, the post with the darker wood background saw 32% more clicks than a lighter, white background. +32% clicks TEST CREATIVE PLACEMENT TO DRAW A READER’S EYE Can you spot the difference? In one image, the model is looking right at the CTA button, subtly drawing readers’ attention to it. This image saw an 89% increase in clicks over the other image. +89% Click- throughs
  17. 17. @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
  18. 18. Fastest downloaded content in LMS history (25K downloads PDF 150K View of HTML so far…) Easy to localize (Available in German, French, Spanish) Immediately adopted by sales Leveraged across business lines Print versions for events @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
  19. 19. 71% state they consumed blog content during the purchase process compared to 66% last year @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
  20. 20. Power Pages (How to, What is) Strong Opinions (Editorial) Research
  21. 21. We: +242% Increase in unique page views +128% Increase in Total Shares +146% Increase in Avg. Time on Page +67% Increase in Ave. Shares -8% Decrease in Bounce Rate 312% Increase YOY in Organic Sessions 2017 vs 2016 We are posting less, but traffic and conversions go up.
  22. 22. For B2BQ1 n/a Q2 12% Q3 21% Q4 28% ROI in Q4: 6175%
  23. 23. In Q1, blog content was ranking on Page 1 for over 300 non-branded terms, including: Demand generation marketing Best b2b marketing campaigns How to become a thought leader Creative b2b marketing ideas B2b marketing campaigns B2b marketing metrics B2b advertising examples @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
  24. 24. In Q1, blog content was ranking on page 1 for over 700 branded terms, including: LinkedIn profile tips Best time to post on LinkedIn LinkedIn ads benchmarks How to improve LinkedIn profile LinkedIn text ads LinkedIn for b2b marketing LinkedIn for b2b lead generation @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
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  29. 29. We took our top performing English language blogs Translated them into French, German, and Spanish (3 each) Posted to LinkedIn organically targeting the local language 180k PageViews 10 Minute AverageTime on Site The results from the second half of 2017 built the case for more localized content in 2018 @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
  30. 30. Add the InsightTag to your site for powerful measurement @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
  31. 31. Robust Campaign Reporting The Insight Tag enables you to connect website conversion goals (form fills, email signups, downloads, etc.) to the analytical tools LinkedIn ads. The Power LinkedIn Website Demographics Through this feature, you can view details about your visitor, such as job title, seniority, and function, as well as location, company, and industry. Retargeting Beyond the added demographic and reporting depth, the LinkedIn Insight Tag also allows you to set up retargeting campaigns. @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
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  33. 33. Employees’ combined connections on social networks are, on average, 10x larger than a company’s followers @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
  34. 34. 59 Only 3% of employees share content, yet they generate 30% of all content engagement for a typical business. Employees get 2x higher CTRs from their shares, compared to company shares of the same content. @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
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  36. 36. 61 A single employee sharing 3 pieces of content a day can add up to 23 million in additional reach in a year—this can add up to 60,000 additional events of people engaging with your content. @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
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  41. 41. How to be Fucking Awesome Dan Meredith Content Rules Ann Handley Ignore Everybody Hugh MaCleod Steal Like an Artist Austin Kleon @jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
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  43. 43. 69 69@jasonmillerca @jasonmillerca
  44. 44. Thankyou Jason Miller Group Manager, Content Marketing @JasonMillerCA @LinkedInMktg 71