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Document sharing licensing


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Document sharing licensing

  1. 1. PRESENTATIONDocument Sharing: Licensing
  2. 2. Life Science Companies that use Firmex
  3. 3. Security that gives you peace of mind
  4. 4. Firmex provides a secure custom branded data room backed by exceptional service
  5. 5. Personalized Home Screen for Sharing Documents
  6. 6. Import a Due Diligence List, Upload Documents and share with External Parties
  7. 7. Disable Print & Screen Captures, Enforce a Watermark and Expire Access on all PDF or Office Documents
  8. 8. Assign User Access and Retain Control over your Confidential Documents
  9. 9. Reports to provide visibility, control, and an audit trail
  10. 10. Automatic email alerts to keep parties informed of newdocuments that have been made available
  11. 11. For More Information: