Adapt or Die: What It Means to Be The Marketer of The Future


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Presented at eConsultancy JUMP NYC Jan 30, 2013 -- As agencies focus on what it means to be the agency of the future, marketers are facing an evolution of their own. Winning the hearts and minds of the the empowered and connected consumer requires the development and integration of a broad base of digital capabilities and cross-functional processes, embracing data and technology, attracting key talent, evolving legacy culture, and managing a portfolio of agencies, media and technology partners. Jason works closely with CMO's and marketing leaders to assess, develop and guide the organizations' digital marketing operations, and will share some of the best practices and common pitfalls that marketers experience on the journey to becoming the marketer of tomorrow.

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Adapt or Die: What It Means to Be The Marketer of The Future

  1. 1. Adapt or Die:What It Means to Be The Client of The Future Jan 30, 2013
  2. 2. Just  over  ten  years  ago…  
  3. 3. Just over 5 years ago…
  4. 4. Less  than  three  years  ago…  
  5. 5.  Media  con5nues  to  fragment   7  
  6. 6. Consumers  are  connected  and  empowered   117  mm     38%  of  US   Digital   25%  of  US  adults   households  have  a   mobile     ubiquity   own  a  tablet   connected  device   internet     visitors   8  
  7. 7. Consumers  are  connected  and  empowered  23%  of  US  Internet   2.65  Billion  Consump5on   Shares  Daily   Sources:  Nielsen,  Add  This  
  8. 8. Consumers  are  connected  and  empowered  Omnichannel  reali,es  
  9. 9. Polariza5on  of  digital  marke5ng  trends  
  10. 10. An  Algorithms  Here,  An  Algorithm  There…            Here  an  algorithm,  there  an  algorithm  …  
  11. 11. Dimensions  of  Direct  Response  15  
  12. 12. Polariza5on  of  digital  marke5ng  trends  
  13. 13. Dimensions  of  Digital  Branding  17  
  14. 14. New  interrela5onship  between  paid,  owned  and  earned  media     Paid   Integra5on   Owned   Earned   Amplifica5on  
  15. 15. Media,  marke5ng,  &  technology  are  merging  
  16. 16. New  org  requirements  
  17. 17. New  process  and  governance  requirements  
  18. 18. Global  and  regional  implica5ons  
  19. 19. Myth  #1  Digital  is  so  specialized  and  unique  that  it  must  remain  siloed  
  20. 20. Myth  #2  Digital  capabiliDes  can  easily  be  integrated  within  the  organizaDon  
  21. 21. Marketers  are  recognizing  the  challenge   80%   Senior  markeDng  leaders   that  recognize  a  need  for   digital  organizaDonal   transformaDon  but  do  not   know  what  to  do  about  it.   Sources:  NRF  organizaDonal  structure  study  
  22. 22.    From    What  do  we  want  to  make  the  consumer  feel      &  think  about  our  brand?  
  23. 23.      To      How  can  our  brand  meet  consumers’            expectaDons,  needs  and  desires?  
  24. 24. Agencies  recognized  the  need  to  evolve  first…   Changing  consumer  behavior     Increase  demand  for  accountability     Increased  complexity     Improved  data  accessibility          
  25. 25. Agencies  evolve  into  “the  agency  of  the  future”  Embrace  new  disciplines    Data,  math  capabiliDes    Emphasis  on  strategy  and  soluDons    Cross-­‐channel  integraDon    New  compensaDon  structures    
  26. 26. The  agency  of  the  future   Services   (CreaDve,  Media,  PR)   Agency     Technology   of  the     Business   &  data   future   intelligence   Strategy  
  27. 27. The  marketer  of  the  future   Disciplines  &   channels   Marketer   Technology   of  the     Business   &  data   future   intelligence   Strategy  
  28. 28. Changing  of  the  guard  
  29. 29. Digital  transforma5on   Capabili5es   Org  structure   Talent   Processes   Culture  
  30. 30. Accountability   Agility       Adaptability   ProducDvity       Flexibility   InnovaDon            
  31. 31. Path  to  digital  maturity  and  excellence   Aligned   CommiYed   TransiDonal  
  32. 32. Path  to  digital  maturity  and  excellence   Aligned   Plugged  into  legacy  org     Heavily  siloed   CommiYed     Limited  collaboraDon   TransiDonal     Limited  data  abiliDes  
  33. 33. Path  to  digital  maturity  and  excellence   Aligned   Increased  digital     prioriDes     CommiYed   Digital  as  a  catalyst     TransiDonal   Evolving  consumer     insights  capabiliDes      
  34. 34. Path  to  digital  maturity  and  excellence   Aligned   Always-­‐on  is  the     New  normal     CommiYed   Complete  execuDve   Level  support   TransiDonal     Data-­‐driven  business     intelligence  
  35. 35. Hack  the   org   chart  
  36. 36. Redefine  processes  and  foster  collabora5on   Strategic   planning   Itera5on     Ac5onable     insights   Shared     learning   Formalized     collabora5on  
  37. 37. Iden5fy  and  eliminate  bad  habits   InerDa   Fear   ExecuDon  without     Legacy  thinking   strategy           Complacency   Lack  of       CollaboraDon      
  38. 38. Develop  talent  and  capabili5es  Enable  the  next  wave  of  customer  engagement    Maximize  digital  investments    Formalize  prioriDzaDon    Commit  to  training  and  development    
  39. 39. Become  a  master  of  modeling  Seek  the  truth    Embrace  direcDonal  vs  absolute  measurement    Drink  from  the  “big  data”  fire  hose    Develop  business  intelligence      
  40. 40. Be  proac5ve  about  being  reac5ve   React  to  trends  as   they  emerge     Enable  real  Dme   markeDng     Tools,  process,  budget   implicaDons  
  41. 41. Be  both  a  leader  and  change  agent  ExecuDve  level  support  is  criDcal    Embrace  experimentaDon  and  failures    Inspire  and  moDvate    Evolve  corporate  culture  
  42. 42. Be  a  be_er  client  to  your  agencies  Treat  agencies  as  partners    Over-­‐communicate    Drive  over  arching  strategy    Challenge  each  other    
  43. 43. Keep  your  eyes  on  the  trends,  but  your  feet  on  the  ground  ForDfy  your  baseline  acDviDes    Understand  your  customers    Develop  your  talent    Don’t  get  caught  up  on  the  bright  shiny  objects        
  44. 44. The  illiterate  of  the  future  will  not  be  the  person  who  cannot  read.  It  will  be  the  person  who  does  not  know  how  to  learn,  unlearn  and  relearn.              -­‐  Alvin  Toffler  
  45. 45. Thank You! @jasonheller