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Ppt 新


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Ppt 新

  1. 1. LOGO EDIXEON Introduction
  2. 2. 1 EDIXEON Company Profile2 EDIXEON -PGS4
  3. 3. Company Introduction Established in 2006 More than 120 on-line worker 8 experienced engineering team: Monthly production capacity: 100,000 units Setup: LED Lighting division; Intelligent electronics division a final product working shop (Xinjin Cheng Electronics Co.,ltd) A Long Term OEM Partner (electronics factory) ISO 9001 Certified Enterprise CE and RoHS approved Turnover in 2009: USD 2.7 million Expected turnover this year : USD 5 million, while hopefully reaching USD5.5 million Company policy: Be a Win-win business partner and help the client grow up together Our aims: Strive to be an energy-saving pioneer.
  4. 4. Company Structure Board of Director General ManagerAdministration Centre R&D Centre Marketing Dept Production Centre Executive Dept Product Technology Dept Lighting Dept Quality Control Dept Financial Dept Testing Dept Foreign Sales Production Dept 1 Human Resource Local Sales Production Dept 2 Purchase Dept Technical Support Warehouse Intelligent Electronics Dept Foreign Sales Local Sales Technical Support
  5. 5. CE Certificate
  6. 6. Working Principle and Component
  7. 7. PGS Primary FunctionsFunction Highlights  Parking Lot Availability Accounting  Smart Guidance System  Graphical Management to the Parking Lot  Statistical Management to the Parking Lot  Statistics Report  Self-Diagnose Function
  8. 8. Return of Investment (ROI)Mitigate congestion inside and outside the Parking Lot.Increase the desirability of the Parking Lot.Improve the image of the Parking Lot.
  9. 9. Features of Sensor Features a) Detects the bay 2 times every second b) False detecting-proofed function--avoiding false detection to adjacent spaces c) Sensor and indicating light integration designUltrasonic Sensor(US02) d) Low working voltage(24V) e) Two detecting methods--detecting car or detecting ground d) Power input protection e) High safety
  10. 10. EDIXEON-PGS- Parking Lot Indicating Light Introduction a) Indicating Light is controlled by the ultrasonic sensors and displays synchronous status with the ultrasonic sensor b) Large-size design; large emitting angle with visable distance of 150m. c) High brightness built-in LED lamp beads (¢5), 5 green and 5 red.Parking Lot Indicating LightTechnical Data Voltage DC5V Current Peak Current 450mALED quantity 5R 5G Size 13cm(D)×6cm(H)
  11. 11. Contents
  12. 12. System StructureEDIXEON-PGS is made up of ultrasonic sensor, bay indicator, data collector, centre processor, LEDdisplay, management software, cables and switches.
  13. 13. Installation GuidelineThe installation procedure is as followed: Pre-installation Stage A. According to Parking Lot structure to design wiring layouts; B. According to the wiring layout design to calculate the cable load. And then define the cable types and quantity. Installation Stage A. According to the Wiring Layout Design to do wiring. Then install PGS component according to System Diagram. B. PGS component installation (pls refer to Installation Guidance) C. After component installation, cable checking, power testing, commissioning is required. Technician will also need to check all the components via software. Post-installation Stage A. A component number table and a wiring layout shall be keep into file in case of future maintenance.
  14. 14. Installation GuidelineSensor Installation Guidance Installation Site Function Image Right above the bay Monitor bay occupancyInstallation Procedure Step 2 Step 1 Step 4 Step 3
  15. 15. Installation GuidelineWiring and Status Light detector Status Light Red Light: Red light indicates the working status of the power. Yellow Light:Yellow light will be on when the ground is not even enough for the ultrasonic to detect. In this circumstance, the detecting mode shall be switched to un-even mode . (Plsrefer to DIP switch manual); Green Light: When an object is detected at a distance beyond 4 meters, Green light will be on. It’s used to test the detecting ability of the ultrasonic sensor.Status Light Blue Light: Blue light indicates communication status. Every time when the ultrasonic receive a command, the blue light blinks Wiring Interface Interface Terminal +: DC24V power input; GND:Power ground cable interface terminal; A:Connects to Data collector’s RS485 Can bus A B:Connects to Data collector’s RS485 Can bus B; GND:RS485 Can bus ground cable interface terminal; R: Red Light Power Outlet (5V Output); G: Green Light Power Outlet (5V Output); DIP Switch GND:Signal Light ground cable interface terminal;
  16. 16. Installation GuidelineSensor Configuration DIP Address Switch and Detecting range SwitchDIP Switch Address Switch Address Switch(543210):It’s used to configure address of ultrasonic sensor SW Switch Mode Switch(SW): It’s used to configured the status light “2” Switch Mode Switch(SW):It’s used to configure detecting mode of the ultrasonic sensor. 6 7 1 0 Switch Configuration Detecting Distance (meter) Actual Installing Height (meter) □□□□(0) 1(Reserved) 1.5~2 □□□■(1) 1.5 2~2.5 “6 7 1 0”Switch □□■□(2) 2 2.5~3 Configuration □□■■(3) 2.5 3~3.5 ■■□□(4) 2.5 3~3.5 ■■□■(5) 3 3.5~4 ■■■□(6) 3.5 4~4.5 ■■■■(7) 4(Reserved) 4.5~5
  17. 17. Installation GuidelineBay Indicator Installation Guidance Installation Site Function Image At the forefront of the bay Indicate space availabilityInstallation Procudure Step 1 Step 2 Step 4 Step 3
  18. 18. Installation GuidelineData Collector Installation Guidance Installation Site Function Image Nearby its correlated Collects ultrasonic sensor ultrasonic sensor (depend signal and forward it to on actual circumstance) centre processorWiring Procedure DIP Switch Wiring Interface: Power Input Interface:DC Power input . Please make sure the polarity is not reversed. RS485-(2) Interface: This interface is connected to centre processor’s RS485-(1) interface RS485-(1) Interface: This interface is connected to Indicating RS485 Can bus. Light Status Light: Red Light: It indicates the working status of power. Green Light: It indicates the communication status of RS485-(1). Power Input Interface RS485-(1) RS485-(2) Interface Interface
  19. 19. Installation GuidelineCentre Processor Installation Guidance Installation Site Function Image Management Centre (control room) Act as the processing centre of the whole systemWiring Procedure Infrastructure DIP Address Serial Port Line Status Light Power Input:DC Power. Make sure the polarity is not reversed. RS485-(2) Interface: This interface connects to the RS232-485 converter in the PC. RS485-(1) Interface: This interface connects to the RS485-(2) Can bus.Power Input RS485-(2)Interface Status Light: Interface Red Light: Red light is the Power Light that indicates the status of power. RS485-(1) Green Light: Green light is the light that indicates Interface the communication status of RS485-(1).
  20. 20. Installation GuidelineInternal LED Display Installation Site Function Image Shall be installed at the Display availability crossing or driveway of the information and guide Parking Lot. drivers to available bays.Installation Procedure
  21. 21. Installation GuidelineLED Display Wiring Guidance MH NS Power Input Interface:DC5V input, please make sure the polarity is not reversed. RS485-(2) interface:Suspended RS485-(1) Interface: Connect to data collector’s RS485 –(1) Can bus. Status MH:Connect to external LED displays Light NS:Connect to internal LED displays Status Light: Red Light: Red light is the Power Light that indicates the status of power. Green Light: Green light is the light that indicates. the communication status of RS485-(1). Power Input RS485-(1) Interface
  22. 22. Installation GuidelineManagement Software Installation Requirement Installation Enviroment Function Image Software Enviroment: Timely display of •CPU:Intel P above 1.8G parking status •RAM:more than 1G(necessary) Statistic Function •hardware:more than 80G Permission (recommended) Remotely monitor • screen:17 inch LCD and control the (necessary) working status of each •CD ROM(necessary) part of PGS •USB connection(recommended Repeatedly Development ) •Operating system:Windows XP (necessary), •Connector:one piece of PCI bus cable RS232 COM (male) •surveillance software: Microsoft Office Access2003、Excel2003 (necessary) For software installation, pls refer to software installation guidance.
  23. 23. Installation GuidelineConfiguration Software Installation Enviroment Function Image •CPU:Intel P above 1.8G This software is used to •RAM:more than 1G(necessary) configure the LED message and data collector quantity. •hardware:more than 80G It can also be used to (recommended) observe the system data, and • screen:17 inch LCD to test system hardware (necessary) (sensor, data collector, and •CD ROM(necessary) LED display) •USB connection(recommended ) •Operating system:Windows XP (necessary), •Connector:one piece of PCI bus cable RS232 COM (male) •surveillance software: Microsoft Office Access2003、Excel2003 (necessary) For software installation, pls refer to software installation guidance
  24. 24. Routine MaintenanceTo make sure a health system, routine inspection is required.1. Quarterly inspection--dust cleaning. Such maintenance can prevent the component from being damaged by static.2. Monthly inspection—component inspection. a) According to the component manual, user shall inspect component parameter, cable condition (voltage, cable temperature and aging state), power supply. b) Use management software to check the working status of the component. If any abnormal is found, pls send the component back to us for further inspection. Our engineer will then provide a solution in case other component meets similar problems.3. Monthly inspection to the PC is required to make sure a healthy enviroment for the management software --PC antivirus, PC system cleaning. Meanwhile, monthly data backup is also required. Matters that need attention Extra protections are also required, such as protection against moisture, corrosion, dust, interference and lightning.
  25. 25. Trouble ShootingQuick solution for the sales agent and engineering company: Check up the faulty component Use the management software to check up the site of the faulty component. Solutions 1. Edixeon engineer diagnose the problem via internet. 2. Replace the faulty component directly. 3. If problem can’t be solved by above measures, on-site assitance will be provided.
  26. 26. Execution Materials Trunk Line Materials Cable Tray 50mm*100mm KBG ¢25mm Power cable and Data cableRVVP 2*0.75mm RVV 3*0.5mm RVV 2*1.0mm RV 3*2.5mm
  27. 27. Execution Materials Spare PartsWatertight Cabinet 30cm*50cm Anti-creeping Switch 220V 10-40A 24V 20A and 24V 1A Power
  28. 28. Warranty and Service“Strive to meet customer’s requirement; Answer prompt, Act prompt” Under the guidance of such service concept, we divide our service into three phases ----Pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale.1.Pre-sale Service Service Content --System Introduction and pre-installation technical guidance. Service Mode --You can propose any questions to our customer service department, If necessary, on-site guidance would also be provided. (Any charges incurred shall be paid by customer)2. Sales service Service Content --Free on-line technical guidance for any on-going project. If needed, on-site assistance is available. (Any charges incurred shall be paid by customer) Service Mode --Free training for products’ installation, setting-up, system operating will be provided. If you meet any technical problem in the construction, we can by email, telephone etc to provide guidance; if necessary, our engineer will be assigned to go to your place at very early time to offer our guidance.
  29. 29. Warranty and Service3. After-sale Service Service Content --Free on-line technical guidance for any products within or beyond warranty period. If necessary, on-site guidance will also be provided (charges incurred shall be paid by customer). Service Mode – Technical Guidance Free technical guidance for any products (within or beyond warranty) will be provided by means of email, telephone etc. If necessary, on-site guidance will be also provided. Product Maintenance Warranty period—Warranty period starts since the delivery date. Service within Warranty Period—If any component runs into faulty within warranty period, replacement of the component will be free. Beyond warranty period—For component running into faulty beyond warranty period (or caused by incorrect installation within warranty period), we will charge the fee of the component replacement and labor cost.