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Autocad Civil3d for Surveyors (Stringer)


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Describes to new users exactly what Autocad Civil3d can do for you as a Surveyor

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Autocad Civil3d for Surveyors (Stringer)

  1. 1. Civil3D for Surveyors<br />AutoCAD® Civil 3D®2010<br />Jason Coghlan<br />CADAppsAustralia- Survey Applications Engineer<br />
  2. 2. Data is Simplified<br />Revision Control<br />Conversion Issues<br />Drafting Output<br />Survey and Drafting <br />Integrated<br />Survey Data <br />Transfer<br />Design<br />Software<br />Drafting<br />Software<br />Tidy up drafting<br />Prepare for publishing<br /><ul><li>Instant updates inside AutoCAD
  3. 3. Ready for immediate publishing
  4. 4. Easy to manage standards for display
  5. 5. No data recreation. Immediate representation</li></li></ul><li>AutoCAD Civil 3D Incorporates:<br />AutoCAD<br />Industry standard drafting package<br />Surveying<br />AutoCAD Map 3D<br /><ul><li>Co-ordinate Systems
  6. 6. Import/Export for GIS</li></ul>MAP 3D<br />AutoCAD<br />2D Drafting<br />Autodesk Civil 3D<br /><ul><li>Surveying/Civil Engineering Objects
  7. 7. Raw Survey Import
  8. 8. Point Displays
  9. 9. Label Styles
  10. 10. Dynamic Labelling
  11. 11. Lot Layout /Subdivisions
  12. 12. Instant Surfaces/Volumes
  13. 13. Survey Export</li></ul>CIVIL 3D<br />CIVIL 3D<br />GIS<br />Civil Engineering<br />Localisation/Customisable<br /><ul><li>Ability to add products and processes</li></li></ul><li>Key AutoCADCivil 3D Benefits<br /><ul><li> Ease of Data Management
  14. 14. Easy Editing/Display of Points
  15. 15. Automated Breaklines
  16. 16. Quick Surface Creation
  17. 17. All you need in one software program</li></li></ul><li>Survey Utility for AutoCADCivil 3D <br /><ul><li> Developed in Australia
  18. 18. Integrated seamlessly into Civil 3D
  19. 19. Supports local data recorders
  20. 20. Breakline automation
  21. 21. Survey drafting utilities</li></li></ul><li>
  22. 22. Survey Data (just seen)<br /><ul><li>Reduce a Raw File
  23. 23. Stringer Connect Edit Display
  24. 24. Transfer Points to Civil3D
  25. 25. Update Point Groups
  26. 26. Join All Codes
  27. 27. Show Breaklines added to the Surface
  28. 28. Show Stringer Editing Tools</li></li></ul><li>Civil 3D for Surveyors<br />AutoCAD® Civil 3D®2010<br />Jason Coghlan<br />Thankyou for your Attendance<br />