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Feelfit - Free fitness for your employees


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No budget for employee wellness?

Want a happier, healthier workforce?

Check out this presentation and find out how get what free fitness for your workforce

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Feelfit - Free fitness for your employees

  1. 1. KEEP YOUR WORKFORCE HAPPY & HEALTHY IN 2010 Jason Worthy - Director of Sales & Operations 07725 307 054 1
  2. 2. The feel t website Feel t becomes FIA feel t reaches december 2009 january 2012 march 2008 launches Vanguard member 6 million users feel t is born! new look feel t feel t reaches august 2007 march 2009 december 2010 portal and social 1 million users community is released august 2009 august 2011 feel t achieves it’s ambition ofÊ tness feel t reaches for free 3 million users january 2010 january 2009 fee t becomes FIA Consumer PR member ( tness launch of feel t for industry association) free 2
  3. 3. OUR BIG IDEA Feelfit was born in late 2008, the brainchild of Stevie Craig and Steve Barrett. Starting out life as an online personal training solution Feelfit quickly grew into something much more exciting. Feelfit is the online community that will help keep the world healthy and happy. Billed as an honest, simple and fun solution to being active and healthy, Feelfit guarantees to make keeping fit simpler. needs. 3
  4. 4. HISTORY Feelfit began trading officially early in 2009 in the UK initially as a subscription service. Feelfit operated successfully for several months allowing the management team to conduct extensive market research and competitor analysis to understand current consumer needs. Feelfit is not a service exclusively aimed at fitness enthusiasts. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Our research validated our original thinking that our members were new to exercise and needed support and encouragement. Indeed, Google analytics, member feedback and our B2B activity showed us that consumers wanted extensive video archives, personalized fitness content, reliable and credible support and the ability to connect with other people also beginning their fitness journey. In October 2009 the management team took the exciting decision to make Feelfit a ‘free-to-join’ community where members can benefit from free personalized fitness content, guidance and a global fitness community. Over 100,000 members later tells us that the we have hit the right note with our target market and we are pleased to announce the launch in March 2010 of our innovative new interface allowing members to access a range of free and premium content tailored specifically to their needs. 4
  5. 5. GROWTH With over 100,000 members globally Feelfit now welcomes a new member every minute who go on to burn 8 million calories per day between them! 5
  6. 6. GROWTH Male members worldwide Female members worldwide 16% 29% 16% 10% 45% 48% 11% 7% 5% 5% 3% 4% 29% India 16% United Kingdom 10% Pakistan 16% United States 7% United Kingdom 11% India 5% United States 5% Philippines 4% Egypt 4% Pakistan 45% Rest of the World 48% Rest of the World 6
  7. 7. KEY FEATURES DPS FPS Feelfit’s patent pending Dynamic Programme System The patent pending Feelfit Points System is the very creates personalized programmes for our members. corner stone of the Feelfit service. Using the FPS we With over 5.7 million programme variable and the can create a points value for any form of physical capacity to cope with over 18,000 calculations per activity; from running and swimming to gardening and second, the DPS is at the very heart of the Feelfit doing the housework, at Feelfit we believe ‘If you’re solution. moving, you’re improving!’. The FPS also sets each member a personal weekly points target to keep the on track. Check out some of our exciting Diary features which make Feelfit so Members can use the interactive diary to plan and record all of their activity as well as the food that they unique eat every day. 7
  8. 8. KEY FEATURES Natter Workout store With over 600 videos and our own recording studio Natter is at the heart of the new Feelfit interface; our here in the UK, the Feelfit service continues to offer contribution to the social networking world, Natter is new and exciting fitness and lifestyle content to our the place to meet other people interested in leading a members. healthy lifestyle. 8
  9. 9. What our members say about us Good afternoon everybody, I am Joe, By the way - Hi, I’m Cari. Love this site work in the City of London and love to (and like the geek that I am it’s set keep fit and stay healthy! Really liking the as my homepage so I remember to points system feel fit offers and the advice put my points in and keep on top of on how to stay on top of your health. things). Xx Hi, just joining now.It’s nice Hi, I am Rachael and I love this site! to find a site that doesn’t put Just trying to be more aware of what pressure on you to skip meals. I eat and trying to fit in some exercise What do you all think of the wii to my day to lose my pot belly! fit as I am thinking of getting one and do the exercises on that too? Hi everyone, hope you are all feeling fit and energised??!! What a brilliant site - fantastic that you can track and see exactly what you’ve done, and what you’ve eaten Hey all, I’m Hans, just started - that certainly focuses the mind!! Wish you yesterday (06/30/09) and I like it all luck, hope to speak soon! already. I work out 6 times a week and try to walk as often as I can. I’m not allowed to run unfortunately. Don’t believe these are real? Check out Natter Hi Everyone, just joined today, i want in Feelfit to see for to just tone up a bit and hoping this yourself! site helps, must say looking around it, it looks like fun. 9
  10. 10. CONFUSED ABOUT EMPLOYEE HEALTH FACTS? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? It costs an avarage of 4,000 to replace a worker Exercise reduces stress 1/2 of all Annual costs of medical costs absenteeism could have been are at over prevented 600 per employee 175 mil days Fit employees were lost due are more to sickness productive absence in and creative 2006 10
  11. 11. This is where Feelfit comes in. Feelfit offers your This is all very confusing company a free employee benefit with no catches. and I have no budget! Signing up to Feelfit as a ‘featured employer’ is simple and you can be on the road to a happier, healthier workforce in less than a day, just follow these 6 simple steps: 1. Apply to Feelfit to become a ‘Featured Employer’ – this is completely FREE! 2. Feelfit will create a specific landing page branded with your company logo 3. You promote this page to your employees via exist- ing internal channels and ask them to sign-up for FREE 4. Your employees sign-up to Feelfit for free with and are giving a special Feelfit credit bonus which they can use to buy workouts 5. You receive quarterly aggregate reports detailing key ‘trends’ with your employees activity and health levels 6. You can then use this data to direct your usual interventions to where they are most needed (rather than applying them across the whole organisation and limiting their effectiveness) 11
  12. 12. SAMPLE EMPLOYEE WELLNESS REPORT ALL EMPLOYEES LONDON MIDLANDS ALL STATS TOTALS ALL STATS TOTALS % EMPLOYEES ALL STATS TOTALS % EMPLOYEES Total Employees 1,021 Total Employees 653 63.96% Total Employees 368 36.04% % of Female Employees 64.3% % of Female Employees 61.2% 64.3% % of Female Employees 67.4% 64.3% % of Male Employees 35.72% % of Male Employees 38.82% 35.72% % of Male Employees 32.62% 35.72% Total Minutes Active 428,820 Total Minutes Active 224,260 52.30% Total Minutes Active 204,560 47.70% Total Activities Completed 64,367 56.29% Total Activities Completed 49,985 43.71% TOP 10 ACTIVITIES TOTALS Total Workouts Completed 3,546 49.62% Total Workouts Completed 3,601 50.38% feelfitWorkout 21.16% % of Weekly Targets Met 61.14% 72.19% % of Weekly Targets Met 83.24% 72.19% Walking 20.73% Cleaning, house 4.53% ALL STATS TOTALS % EMPLOYEES ALL STATS TOTALS % EMPLOYEES Walking the dog 3.75% feelfitWorkout 24.94% 21.16% Walking 20.99% 20.73% Powerwalking 2.38% Walking 19.83% 20.73% feelfitWorkout 20.04% 21.16% Weight lifting 1.97% Weight lifting 4.00% 1.97% Cleaning, house 5.58% 4.53% Ab crunches 1.95% Cycling > 10 mph 2.66% 1.61% Walking the dog 4.38% 3.75% Jogging, general 1.84% Ab crunches 2.01% 1.95% Powerwalking 2.74% 2.38% Cycling > 10 mph 1.61% Jogging, general 1.98% 1.84% Ab crunches 1.94% 1.95% Aerobics, low impact 1.59% Treadmill run/walk 5-6 mph 1.69% 1.53% Jogging, general 1.80% 1.84% Walking the dog 1.60% 3.75% Aerobics, low impact 1.61% 1.59% Cross trainer, heavy 1.55% 0.59% Treadmill run/walk 5-6 mph 1.49% 1.53% Aerobics, low impact 1.52% 1.59% Aerobics, high impact 1.45% 1.33% So not only is Feelfit free for you to offer as an employee health solution but we can also provide you with aggregated management reports which will identify groups within your business who may need extra help 12
  13. 13. To sign-up to Feelfit Where are you going? of course! 13
  14. 14. Please contact: Jason Worthy on 07725 307054 or for more details 14