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ZURICH: Your Best Just Got Better


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on 11/5/2012 I had the opportunity to facilitate a Leadership Breakfast event with a focus on time management, efficiency, personal improvement and creating your own life-business plan for 2013.

My goal was to provide very practical methods, tools and techniques for prioritizing, focusing and making the most of your time at work and in your personal life.

“Jason’s ability to help people focus on the most important things is a game-changer for personal productivity. His ability to help de-clutter our thought processes and work with more intensity and intention is invaluable.”
Tony Wilson, CEO/Founder, performance Coach to Australia’s leading athletes and executives.

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ZURICH: Your Best Just Got Better

  1. 1. Your Best Just Got Better by Jason W. Womack MEd, MA
  2. 2. Agenda• 7h00 Breakfast and conversation• 7h30 Presentation and Workshop• 8h30 Open Questions and Discussion• 9h00 More networking• 9h30 Off to work!
  3. 3. EMAIL PHONE: 001 805 640 6401Experience+ 18 years researching and writing“Human Performance Portfolio Assessments”+ 2 books published; both about workplaceproductivity and employee engagement+ more than 500 articles published in papers,journals and magazines in the USA and EU
  4. 4. Please list at least 3 Please list at least 3words you would use words you would useto describe an “Ideal” to describe an “Ideal” day at work… day at work…
  5. 5. Ways to Engage in Professional Development…
  6. 6. My top 8 take-aways from mentoring global leaders• Are constantly Content Switching• Must be able to change Context• Are “Dissonant Focused”• Work 2 time zones (besides the present)
  7. 7. 109
  8. 8. My top 8 take-aways from mentoring global leaders• Seek “stretch” goals• Embody the “Next Mindset”• Under extreme pressure to perform• Consume information very differently
  9. 9. 179
  10. 10. People
  11. 11. Efficiency Your OwnProfessional DevelopmentWhat is important to know, to be bothefficient and effective as you develop yourselfpersonally and professionally?
  12. 12. Information- Processing• Significance• Differences• Case-use
  13. 13. 4 Opportunities to improve effectively• Prepare completely and effectively• Know key leaders• Set clear and objective agendas• Open discussions efficiently
  14. 14. Prepare Bettercompletely and effectively
  15. 15. Know Betterkey leaders in the organization
  16. 16. Set Betterclear and objective agendas
  17. 17. Open Betterdiscussions & meetings efficiently
  18. 18. People communicate in different ways.Strategic listening and presenting skills
  19. 19. Save Time
  20. 20. Build Trust
  21. 21. Collaborate and cooperate with each other
  22. 22. Audio- linguistic“Tell me about…”• Tell a story• Describe a detail• Make a promise or commitment
  23. 23. Verbal-“It looks like…” Spatial
  24. 24. Kinesthetic- Sensory “I need to completelyunderstand...”
  25. 25. Your Best Just Got Better by Jason W. Womack MEd, MA
  26. 26. EMAIL PHONE: 001 805 640 6401Implementing…+ Start reading, Your Best Just Got Better+ Schedule one #CoffeeChat a week+ Identify (that’s all, just identify) onething you could do to progress on one ofnext year’s goals in the shorter term