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Here's the slide deck of the Keynote I presented in St. Louis for the wonderful association dedicated to preserving people's histories in print, audio and video!

APH Vision, Mission & Goals
Our Vision

The Association of Personal Historians sets professional standards and provides professional development for the world's personal historians. APH promotes personal history around the world in the belief that the story of every person, family, community and organization is valuable and should be recorded and shared.
Our Mission Statement

The Association of Personal Historians supports its members in recording, preserving and sharing life stories of people, families, communities and organizations around the world.
Our Major Goals

Improve APH's ability to thrive, through better communications, administration/operations, and financial stability
Improve marketing of the concept of personal history, and APH as the premier professional organization
Improve member services to increase the value we deliver to our members

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Association of Personal Historians

  1. 1. (562) 319-4102 x237
  2. 2. (805) 798-1362
  3. 3. Be Bold
  4. 4. Be Bold(er)
  5. 5. What do bold small-business owners study?
  6. 6. What do bold small-business owners study?• Psychology
  7. 7. What do bold small-business owners study?•Psychology• Sociology
  8. 8. What do bold small-business owners study?•Psychology• Sociology• Technology
  9. 9. Psychology
  10. 10. “How much do you charge?”
  11. 11. Get paid for theimportance of theproblems you solve.
  12. 12. Better Is the DestinationA request to serve by Jason WomackWhen prompted by my mentor Frances Hesselbeinto "write up how youd like to help us," I felt asignificant weight of responsibility mixed with arush of adrenaline, the opportunity to work onsomething big and make an important contribution.The grounding principles of my contribution are:• the passion to serve,• the discipline to listen,• the courage to question, and• the spirit to include.
  13. 13. Simon Sinek
  14. 14. Sociology
  15. 15. Sarah WhiteEmily Garcia Tim Pierce Mary HarrisonLili Shank Brina Bolanz
  16. 16. Who will influence you?+ Restaurant you eat in...+ Book you want to read...+ Vacation next year...
  17. 17. “...all four of us are on that email.” Tim Pierce
  18. 18. Rachel Botsman
  19. 19. Technology
  20. 20. Find someone whounderstands email,presentation software andother basic productivitytools.Have them sit next to youfor ONE hour and watchyou work.
  21. 21. So...nowit’s time to
  22. 22. Be Bold
  23. 23. Be Bold(er)Smart(er)
  24. 24. Here’s how:(3 things to consider)
  25. 25. #1Strategy
  26. 26. The art of planning and directingoverall operations
  27. 27. “Pay attention to what a book looks like.” Pat McNees
  28. 28. Identify just one PLAN orDIRECTION forGrowing Your Business.
  29. 29. Identify just one PLAN orDIRECTION forGrowing Your Business. Write ONE thing down inyour notebook.
  30. 30. When you have aPLAN or DIRECTIONwritten down,please stand UP.
  31. 31. “Get the stories down in a way to be shared.” Emily Garcia
  32. 32. Focusing “on” something gives you the excuse to “do” something.
  33. 33. (562) 319-4102 x237
  34. 34. #2Efficiency
  35. 35. Prologue
  36. 36. Prologue What can youimagine it could look like???
  37. 37. “That alone was worth the price of thebook for me because not only did itnarrow my focus, more importantly, itenabled me to leverage my strengthsand get strategic on delegating myweaknesses.”
  38. 38. Chapter ThreeWhere does your time go?
  39. 39. 96 x 15
  40. 40. 96 x 15
  41. 41. 96 x 15 15 minutes =attention span
  42. 42. “Stay focused...put your business at the top of the list.” Brina Bolanz
  43. 43. VERBSNOUNS
  44. 44. #3Opportunity
  45. 45. Please take 60 seconds...
  46. 46. Please take 60 seconds... Make a list ofANYone you’ve metor spent time with here in St. Louis.
  47. 47. “Collaborate...get more done and go further, together.” Sarah White
  48. 48. Now, let’s add to thelist...
  49. 49. Ask the person sittingnext to you, “What’sthe plan or directionyou’re working towardafter this conference?”
  50. 50. “Your Best Got Better is like havingWomack on call as your personalcoach--24 hours a day. We are called toclarify our habits, build mindset-basedstrategies, and be proactive.”
  51. 51. email me your strategy,I’ll work with the first 25 who respond...
  52. 52. December 31st, 2012
  53. 53. December 31st, 2012
  54. 54. Be Bold(er)Smart(er)
  55. 55. Chapter Nine
  56. 56. Chapter NineDo less ... more.
  57. 57. “When she’s there, boy am I productive.” Lili Shank
  58. 58. For a PDF of the
  59. 59. (805) 798-1362