10 Commonly Missed SEO Opportunities For Wordpress Awesomeness


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Are you missing opportunities when it comes to optimizing WordPress websites for search engine success?

This deck offers something for all levels. Jason White, DragonSearch's Director of SEO, discussed the importance of site speed, SEO optimization plugins, site maps, mobile considerations, social integration (and how to optimize for social), schema markups, authorship, blogging and maintenance at 2014 Word Camp NYC.

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10 Commonly Missed SEO Opportunities For Wordpress Awesomeness

  1. 1. @sonray 10 Common Missed SEO Opportunities for WordPress Awesomeness Jason White | Dragonsearch
  2. 2. Optimizers
  3. 3. @sonray page | 3 An SEO plugin should: • simplify Indexation • improve Crawlability, Accessibility & Structure • ease in creation of Title Tag & Meta Description • social SEO - twittercards, opengraph, richpins
  4. 4. @sonray page | 4 Main Players These plugins make Authorship and Publisher Markups easier
  5. 5. Social Integration
  6. 6. @sonray page | 6 Social ShareThis AddThis Inline Tweets Set them up! • include only the social networks where the company is active • attribution - shouldn’t end with via @addthis • relevant hashtags
  7. 7. Media Optimization
  8. 8. @sonray page | 8 Google is the most disabled user to ever come to your website. They can’t see images or view videos making the clues in the code vital. Google
  9. 9. @sonray page | 9 Images should use descriptive file names, contain alt text, a title and even a unique caption. These are what Google bot will consume. Images
  10. 10. @sonray page | 10 Videos - update and embed the video’s transcript on the page with the video. It will be the most natural copy on your website and contains all of your keywords. Videos
  11. 11. Blogging
  12. 12. @sonray page | 12 Commenting • Help in community building efforts • As the brand moderating, make sure you have an avatar picture of a real person and not a placeholder • Don’t add a simple “nice post” comment but make it meaningful
  13. 13. @sonray page | 13 A calendar makes your work more manageable. Take a birds eye view of your content and fill in any gaps giving you the tools necessary to plan and organize around key event, dates, and launches. It can also keep a project from looking so daunting. Break it down into weeks, days, etc. and it seems more practical. • wordpress editorial calendar plugin • drag and drop interface updates the calendar and the unpublished posts themselves. Content Calendar
  14. 14. Maintenance
  15. 15. @sonray page | 15 Broken Link Checker - plugin to monitor for broken links before Google Bot does. • notification via email or dashboard Links
  16. 16. @sonray page | 16 Not only will check for broken links but gives you a quick overview of where the site is at with meta tags/duplicate content. Tool to generate sitemap and/or check sitemaps. Screaming Frog
  17. 17. @sonray page | 17 Setup Alerts for 10% traffic drop Google Analytics
  18. 18. Mobile (Every year has been the year of the mobile)
  19. 19. @sonray page | 19 Traffic ESPN reported that mobile traffic surpassed desktop for the first time in December 2013.
  20. 20. @sonray page | 20 Analytics Check analytics—select 3–6 months of data and compare mobile with desktop.
  21. 21. @sonray page | 21 Mobile Okay to wait, but track>15% 15–30% 30–50% <50% You’re not serving your users a quality experience Start making the case for responsive or dedicated mobile site Time to implement responsive design or dedicated mobile experience
  22. 22. @sonray page | 22 Things to Track Check the mobile SERPs to make sure you’re being found; only 1-2 results before the fold! Check for issues with mobile conversions. WP Touch can be a quick and easy patch.
  23. 23. Schema
  24. 24. @sonray page | 24 Schema Schema markup is a collaboration between the major search engines that through a specific markup, are better able to understand the information on a webpage. Schema markup enables webmasters to embed structured data on their web pages for use by search engines and other applications.
  25. 25. @sonray page | 25 Vocabulary The Schema vocabulary describes a variety of item types so that when a user searches for a phrase that relates to one of these types. Reviews Products Organization NAP (Name, Address Phone) People
  26. 26. Protip: sameas tag
  27. 27. Authorship
  28. 28. @sonray page | 28 By linking a Google+ profile with an author page from the websites the person writes on, search engines are better able to understand the relationship. Authors
  29. 29. @sonray page | 29 Rel= Author | Rel= Publisher
  30. 30. Site Maps
  31. 31. @sonray page | 31 XML XML Sitemaps are feeds designed for search engines; they’re not for people. • useful for very large sites • help improve spiderability • ensure all important pages are crawled and indexed • supplemental information on indexed pages • includes how frequently pages are updated
  32. 32. @sonray page | 32 HTML An HTML Sitemap is a simple list of text links to each page. • clearly outlines site’s hierarchy and how content is organized within it • useful for both human visitors and search engine bots
  33. 33. @sonray page | 33 Automated vs. Manual Automated XML Sitemaps are ok but if internal site links rely on redirects, they will appear in your sitemap.
  34. 34. @sonray page | 34 Bing Bing has a quality threshold in Sitemaps - more than a few % points and it will be ignored. Google isn’t on record with this but they are usually much more stringent.
  35. 35. @sonray page | 35 Site Map Best Practices Once the subdomains have been merged, a single, accurate XML sitemap should be created regularly. Submit it via Webmaster Tools for Bing & Google. Test them Quarterly or monthly depending on the size of the website and the amount of changes made.
  36. 36. Site Speed
  37. 37. @sonray page | 37 An Increasingly Important Factor Not just for visitors who lose their trust when sites are slow or don’t load, but also the search engines have incorporated it as a ranking factor.
  38. 38. @sonray page | 38 Amazon Case Study Amazon’s case study showed that an extra 1 second in load time cost them a 10% loss in conversions. 1 10Second Loss in conversions %
  39. 39. @sonray page | 39 Average Load Times SUBDOMAIN A: 6.68—8.08 seconds SUBDOMAIN B: 3.24—4.53 seconds
  40. 40. page | 40 Ajax Event Calendar Akismet AnitVirus BackUpWordPress Block Bad Queries Bullet Proof Security cforms Custom Admin Branding [Client Name] Locatior v2 [Client Name] Region Only [Client Name] Webstore Connection Disable Comments Exec-PHPw Google Analytics for WordPress Google Calendar Events Google XML Sitemaps jQuery Lightbox J Shortcodes Lightbox Plus ColorBox List category posts Login LockDown Menu Exporter Mollom Ajax Event Calendar AntiVirus Block Bad Queries BulletProof Security Custom Admin Branding [Client Name] Region Only [Client Name] Webstore Connection Disable Comments Exec-PHP Google Calendar Events Google XML Sitemaps jQuery Lightbox J Shortcodes NextGEN Gallery Peter’s Login Redirect qTranslate Quick Page/Post Redirect DEV Really Simple CAPTCHA Redirection Responsive Mobile-Friendly Tooltip Role Scoper Semisecure Login Reimagined Share Buttons by AddToAny Store Locator Plus Typekit Fonts for WordPress User Access Manager User Role Editior z VideoGall W3 Total Cache Websimon Tables WordPress SEO WP-Memory Usage WP-Custom Admin Bar WP Custom Search WP Secutiry Scan Youtube SEO Playlist SUBDOMAIN A: 46 Plugins SUBDOMAIN B: 25 Plugins List category posts Login LockDown Menu Exporter Mollom NextGEN Gakkery Really Simple CAPTCHA Redirection Responsive Mobile-Friendly Tooltip Share Buttons by AddToAny VideoGall WP Custom Search WP Security Scan
  41. 41. page | 41 Questions? Contact Jason White jason@dragonsearch.net @sonray Singing Telegrams Accepted