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Jason vijil the five crucial steps of the sales process


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Jason Vijil is an experienced marketing expert who got his start by majoring in Business Administration and Marketing at Loyola University in Chicago. Jason Vijil started as a research associate at the Smith Bucklin Corporation and eventually made his way up to research coordinator after two years.

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Jason vijil the five crucial steps of the sales process

  1. 1. Jason Vijil The Five Crucial Steps of the Sales Process
  2. 2. Jason Vijil Jason Vijil has had to master the five crucial steps of the sales process as a part of his job as a market analyst for Nudo Products in Springfield, Illinois. As a marketing and sales expert with over a decade of experience, Vijil has learned from the basic building blocks of the sales process, which include these five steps:
  3. 3. Jason Vijil Lead generation This step is different for every kind of salesperson. For those selling to businesses, the sales representative has to identify the key decision-makers in an organization and use outbound sales techniques to get them to decide to buy their products or services.
  4. 4. Jason Vijil Qualify leads This is the process of organizing sales leads into those willing to spend time with the sales representative and whether or not they can be sold products and services. Demonstrate solution The qualified leads then have to be convinced the products or services will help them. Sometimes a demonstration of the possibilities of a product can sway qualified leads.
  5. 5. Jason Vijil Close the sale To get more ‘yes’ than ‘no,’ qualified sales representatives like Jason Vijil have to anticipate the prospect’s objections. Deliver The final step is to deliver to and beyond the prospect’s expectations to encourage future buying and complete the promise to the client. Jason Vijil has used this skill to build his career as a market analyst.
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