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  • Welcome
  • Now the audio. Click on the green check if you are using a headset with mic or a mic/speakers today. For you, you’ll control your audio in this little window. And will click on the mic to talk, click again to release the mic. For those calling on the phone, you will need to click on the raise hand icon and we will open the lines. If you have a mute button on your phone, please keep the line muted when you aren’t talking so when we open the lines there will be less noise and echo.
  • Now for the chat. Let’s take just a moment for everyone to put your name and where you are joining us from today in the chat window. Indicate the place where you type and hit enter or click the send button. Comment as the chat rolls by.
  • This top window is how you know who else is in our virtual room today. Now you’ll notice there are more people than show up in the window so if you’d like to be able to see everyone’s name, I’ll show you how to adjust your screen.
  • Notice the third button over in the button bar, it looks kind of like sheet of paper with columns. Next to it is a little tiny black arrow. Click on the arrow and …
  • And you will see some choices. I’d suggest the Wide layout. This will make the participant window longer and bumps the chat over one column so you can actually see more of the chat window too. Like this.
  • Now there’s two last very important things. How to raise your hand. Notice the blue hand with the green arrow underneath the participant window. Everyone click on the hand so we know everyone has found it okay. Everyone remember when you are ready to talk, raise your hand please so we can release the mic and open the phone line. Emoticons: Some of you have found these already but let’s make sure everyone knows where the emoticons are. Emoticons are a way for each of us to express emotions to what we are seeing and hearing. Jason has no way to see our faces so these little icons, smiley face, frown face, applause and thumbs down help him get a sense of how we are feeling and processing information. Everyone click on the smiley face. The applause button, the hands with the red sparks on the finger tips.
  • Introduce Jason
  • End of presentation Promo for Figure it out Friday beginning 10/2 Group Chat Lobbies Link:
  • Connect Facebook

    1. 1. Welcome to . . . Friday, Sep 25, 2009 1:35 pm - 3:05 pm CT With Jason Verhoorsky CONNECT for
    2. 2. Stewards Your hosts The KPN Community Technology Stewards
    3. 3. Main Screen
    4. 4. Audio
    5. 5. Chat window
    6. 6. Participant window
    7. 7. Layout
    8. 8. Layout 2
    9. 9. Wide Layout
    10. 10. Raise hand/emoticons
    11. 11. Meet Jason Founder/ Creative Director Old Beauty Design & Media Ipswich, MA Danvers CARES Youth at-risk Youth in the Arts Youth Program Coordinator Community Liaison Social Marketing
    12. 34. NO
    13. 36. Hand Out
    14. 39. Figure it out Friday Every Friday in October From 9:00-11:00 a.m. Come Join Us for
    15. 40. Thank you Thank you!