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Twitter is Great (And So Can You)!


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How and why academics should be on Twitter
Presented at Villanova University, March 3, 2017

Published in: Technology
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Twitter is Great (And So Can You)!

  1. 1. Twitter is Great (And So Can You)! Why You Should Be on Twitter and How it Benefits Students, Faculty and Citizens Jason Steinhauer Director, Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest @JasonSteinhauer @LepageCtr #Twitter101
  2. 2. Overview: What Twitter is How to use it How to think about it Why it’s valuable *unlike in class, you should be on your device during this talk
  3. 3. Who are you? who’s in the room
  4. 4. Who am I? how we communicate history, aka #histcomm
  5. 5. Twitter is a tool The more you use it, the better you understand it Do online what you would in person
  6. 6. Commenting Say stuff!
  7. 7. Collecting Learn stuff!
  8. 8. Connecting Meet people!
  9. 9. A-B-C “Always be connecting”
  10. 10. Twitter 101 your ideas go here
  11. 11. you say something i say something someone else says something
  12. 12. It’s a conversation
  13. 13. Talk to anyone, talk to someone @ThisIsaTwitterHandle
  14. 14. Hi, I’m a hashtag (#) #thisiswhatahashtaglookslike
  15. 15. Hashtags #resist #russianhacking #ArabSpring #WomensMarch
 #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp #HereToStay #VotoPorPaco #euxsummit2017 #newshourchats #SNL40 #IGotCaught #MyLoveLifeIn5Words #YouDontDeserveMyRespectIf #drinkingaboutmuseums #historyjobs #histcomm x1,000,000…
  16. 16. jump in and join the conversation!
  17. 17. Trending When lots of people talk about something all at once
  18. 18. Twitter is not a press release *(unless you’re a celebrity, world leader, elected official or other famous person)
  19. 19. Appropriate Appropriate Less appropriate
  20. 20. Twitter Where celebrities are real people Facebook Where real people are celebrities
  21. 21. Twitter 317 million Facebook 1.86 billion
  22. 22. Twitter open network - talk to anyone! Facebook semi-closed network - talk to your circles
  23. 23. Who’s on Twitter? *world leaders *government officials *celebrities *athletes *journalists *companies / institutions *digital marketers *scholars *anyone with something to say
  24. 24. Join a Movement Large movements on Twitter can have influence
  25. 25. “When we cannot hold hands in the street…we hold hands on the Internet” -Manuel Castells
  26. 26. Let’s talk about “Followers”
  27. 27. you seem cool, I want to follow you you say interesting things, I want to follow you You seem like a person of influence, I should follow you
  28. 28. Following is how you connect with people “You won’t lead if you can’t follow”
  29. 29. Don’t obsess about how many followers you have *know your followers *understand your followers *engage with your followers *be interesting *follow back as appropriate
  30. 30. Total followers are nice, but I focus on followers per tweet
  31. 31. Ratio - 2.08 Ratio - 9.19
  32. 32. Make lists *coworkers *institutions you like *parks you want to visit *publications you like to read *people you’d like to meet *you don’t need to follow everyone
  33. 33. Drawbacks of Twitter *information overload *distractions *lameness *trolls *harassment *explicit content *it can get nasty 😷
  34. 34. Mitigation techniques *be selective in who you follow *make people prove their worth *use lists *don’t be afraid to ignore people *use the “block” tool *report abuse *lock your account if desired
  35. 35. What should you say?
  36. 36. Be interesting
  37. 37. A tweet is a headline “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” -David Ogilvy
  38. 38. source: Most people won’t see your tweet
  39. 39. Be interesting
  40. 40. Talk about: *your work *your interests *what you’re reading *what others are saying *what’s going on in the world *issues that matter to you
  41. 41. Be interesting
  42. 42. Why is Twitter good for students? *find jobs *network with professionals *learn what’s going on in the field *see who the influencers are *discover resources *be part of important conversations
  43. 43. Why is Twitter good for faculty? *find jobs *network *learn what’s going on in the field *see who the influencers are *discover resources *be part of important conversations *establish your brand *connect with journalists *GET YOUR RESEARCH OUT THERE
  44. 44. Why is Twitter good for citizens? *free speech *mobilize action *share information *create connections around the world *give voice to the voiceless *raise money & awareness for causes *hold leaders accountable *CHANGE THE WORLD
  45. 45. Tahrir Square - formed first on the Internet before going into the streets. Twitter is at the foundations of contemporary social movements.
  46. 46. Want inspiration? Follow @jbf1755
  47. 47. Want inspiration? Follow @lisawade
  48. 48. Want inspiration? Follow @RadioFreeTom
  49. 49. Want more? Take a #histcomm class
  50. 50. Twitter is what you make it
  51. 51. Questions? Jason Steinhauer Director, Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest @JasonSteinhauer @LepageCtr