Project Metal Social Media Boot Camp (Preparation Summary)


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Project Metal Social Media Boot Camp (Preparation Summary)

  1. 1. Social Media Boot Camp<br />(San Francisco)<br />Preparation Required For Brands<br />There are two specific areas it would be useful for each of the participants to prepare in advance of the boot camp which will enable us to most effectively both use some real life client scenarios as the subject for campaign brainstorms but also to share and develop best practice.<br />Preparation 1: Power Best Practice<br />During the course of the two days we would like everyone to prepare and talk for five to ten minutes about one of their agencies best examples of digital work. While there are absolutely no hard and fast rules about what this campaign might look like it would be useful to bear in mind the following elements of a digital campaign:<br />Identifying the right conversation<br />Identifying/creating the right channels for engagement <br />Creating digital assets<br />Optimizing digital assets for maximum discoverability<br />Engagement with third party influencers or direct to consumer<br />Measuring impact<br />The example you use might touch on all these elements or else it could be just one element that worked incredibly well such as creating a single digital asset.<br />Our aim for each of these sessions will be to then have a discussion about why it was successful and how it could be done differently to enhance it even further.<br />Preparation 2: A Client Brief<br />During the course of the day our aim is to try to take a number of specific client briefs and talk about how we might go about developing a campaign for some of them by working in teams. In order to do this exercise, it would be helpful if you could submit a couple of paragraphs as a brief for a client (or new business brief) that you currently have on the table. <br />To keep it simple (we know how busy everyone is) if you could roughly follow these headings in preparing it that would be helpful:<br />Business Goal: What is the desired commercial goal of the campaign?<br />Communications Goal: Is there a specific communications goal around awareness, share of voice, or other communications measure?<br />Audience: What is the audience and do you know where we should be engaging them?<br />Brand Platform: Is there a specific brand platform which is the jumping off point for this campaign? <br />Other information:<br />Are there other marketing programs this needs to tie into?<br />Are there specific channels that it is recommended are used (e.g. Facebook presence of 1 million fans) or which have been successfully used before?<br />Are there seeds of ideas that need to be developed to make work? <br />