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Thriller idea

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Thriller idea

  1. 1. Cooking For Children Idea is developed from the idea ‘Cooking For Children’ by Seb, which originally based on ‘A Modest Proposal’ by Jonathan Swift
  2. 2. Summary of Opening Sequence
  3. 3. Locations Cooking Show Location: Professional looking kitchen >>> very light - Optimal location would be the school kitchen - Kitchen of Seb’s relates in Devon, which is big enough to shoot. Police Office: Modify a classroom (Media or main house Classroom) into a dark room with a projector.
  4. 4. Props Cooking Show  Kitchen equipment (knives, bowls, etc.)  Organs and meat from the butcher Police Office
  5. 5. Protagonists  Three male characters: Killer (30-40 years) He doesn’t look like a psychopath or a stereotype killer. He also is not cold like H. Lecter. He looks like a completely normal guy. Could be the moderator of a real Cooking Show. Younger Cop (20-30 years) Older Cop (40-50 years) The Cops are remembering a little bit to Karl Malden and Michael Douglas in ‘Street of San Francisco.