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EQHSE Safety and Security Director


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EQHSE Safety and Security Director

  1. 1. Jason Wayne Rozacky, MBA/HRM, M.M. P.A. Executive QHSE/Security Director/Advisor Do you need an Executive Director with more than 20 years of extensive experience in emergency operations, engineering, law enforcement, safety, and security administration? One who can create, implement, and maintain a global, world class safety and security program that protects employees and customers. One who possesses the knowledge to implement, a proactive perimeter defense system among the best in the industry. Meets industry level compliance requirements and maintains all necessary certifications, responsible for recruiting and training employees to fulfill our mission and purpose protecting our human capital and physical assets. One with the experience and responsibility for the protection of all employees and customers in regard to HAZMAT, HAZCOM, Fall Protection, Lock Outs, Tag Outs, Application Security, Platform Security, Information Security, Network Perimeter Defense and Security, Physical Security, Company Wide Security Training, Incident Management, PPE Gear, and Safety Operations. The knowledge and experience to oversee and coordinate security efforts across the company, including logistics, information technology, human resources, communications, legal, and facilities management security initiatives and safety standards. One with the ability to lead the development of global strategies related to services and security of human, technology and physical assets. Extensive research and development experience to implement safety and security best practices across the organization. One with the ability to conduct and manage physical security surveys, QHSE Audits, and Security Risk Assessments (SRA’s). Extensive development and implementation experience of Security Plans, Liability, Risk Management, Crisis Management, and Government Regulatory Compliance Measures. Do you need a Director with the development and implementation of global security policies, standards, guidelines and procedures to ensure ongoing maintenance of Human Capital Management (HCM)? * Provided guidance and advocacy regarding Professional Employer Organizations (PEO’s) *Developed and implemented various safety programs to meet regulatory compliance requirements. * Directed prioritization of infrastructure investments that impact safety and security platforms. * Liaison of multiple Human Resource Business Processes and Outsourcing (HRBPO) initiatives. * Acted as the primary control point of contact during significant safety or security incidents. * Liaison with local, state, and federal government agencies improving the Security Development Lifecycle. * Responsible for safety and security training at local, state, and federal levels, improving employee awareness. * Engineering safety and security technologies to protect employees and customers from High Voltage Areas. * Reviewed internal IT operations for security risks and vulnerabilities improving software lifecycles. * Implemented and managed cost benefit analysis, monitoring tools and technologies across departments. * Monitored information security trends and kept senior management informed about compliance measures. * Developed tactical and strategic initiatives for the department exceeding security requirements. * Ensured that contractors, vendors, and partners adhere to security procedures protecting shareholders. * Directed various audit and compliance teams ensuring all departments consider security risks management. * Provided training and support for audit and compliance as appropriate on required safety and security audits. * Responsible for various annual operating budgets and managed departmental P&L. * Leader of operational risk management activities enhancing the value of the company and brand. * Ultimate responsibility for safeguarding the company's assets, intellectual property, employees and visitors. * Identified physical protection objectives and metrics consistent with corporate strategic planning. * Built confidence in our approach completing security audits, and handling customer escalations as necessary. * Worked with executives to prioritize security initiatives and budgets based on appropriate risk management. * Extensive emergency operations and incident response experience in regard to the investigation of accidents. * Texas Licensed General Lines, Life, Accident, Health, Disability, and HMO Insurance Agent * Experience with Affordable Care Act (ACA), Cost, Benefits, Compensation Analysis * Worked with outside consultants and Vendors as appropriate for independent safety and security audits. * Responsible for the physical security and architectural design, specifications, and evaluation of technology. * Possesses a strong working knowledge of physical security and the law enforcement community globally. * HAZ-MAT, OSHA, FEMA, FLSA, FLMA, HSE, CDL, Tx.DOT, DOT, SWAT, ICS, FIRE, Emergencies Sincerely, Jason Rozacky, M.B.A.-HRM, MM-PA P.S. I have the experience and proven ability to communicate effectively with Upstream and Downstream security personnel and the Credentials to obtain a U.S. National Security Clearance at the highest level to succeed within your organization.