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Speaker 3: Fintan Gillespie - Youtube

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Youtube iof conf

  1. Activating Your YouTube  Audience Fintan Gillespie Industry Manager – Google “Fintan Gillespie” YouTube Confidential and ProprietaryYouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  2. Why Online Video? YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  3. Video 5% 8% is the biggest growth driver of Mobile Internet Traffic 18% 69% 2008 2009 2010E 2011E 2012E 2013E 2014E Video Web/Data P2P VoIPSource: Mary Meeker / Morgan Stanley Global Internet report 2010 YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  4. Because your customers are watching it in the UK Each month in the UK 35 Million people watch online videos 85 % reach of the online population 6 Billion videos are being watched hours of online 17 video per personSource: ComsCore Nov 2010, eMarketer Dec 2010, Cisco 2009 YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  5. Because Engaging Content Appeals to Our Emotions Emotional St t i Provoke Action E ti l Strategies P k A tiSource: IPA Data Mine 2007 YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  6. Because it works on all devices YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  7. Why YouTube? YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  8. YouTube is theNr 1 destination f video for Over 3 billion video watched daily 48 hours of content uploaded every minute Over 500 million monthly users YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  9. YouTube is the natural place for your video content Easy discovery Indexed by Google and YouTube search to promote discovery Free and open Easy distribution Users want to find and see your Easy distribution and sharing videos. YouTube doesn’t require options across social networks, users to have a login to watch g embedded sites etc. Centralised hosting Effective marketing Creative options for channels Effective advertising and and video organisation promotional programmes Centralised reporting Full reporting suite for all views and interactions available free in YouTube Insight YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  10. YouTube videos reach more people than anyother video provider in the UK 30 30 Million monthly unique viewers of YouTube videos 84 % reach of all online video viewers 4.7 hours are spent watching YouTube videos per viewer per month 92 videos watched per viewer id per month t h d i 4.4 3.9 3.2 2.9 2.8 YouTube BBC IPlayer ITV Sites (incl. player) Dailymotion Sky Sites (incl. player) Channel4 (incl player) Unique video viewers (in millions)Source: C SS ComScore UK D 2010 UK, DecPlease note: ComScore measures the actual streaming activity taking place within YouTube’s video players, this also includes videos embedded outside of YouTube Confidential and (e.g. on Facebook profiles). In comparison, Nielsen only measures Unique Visitors to YouTube, embedded video views are not included.
  11. YouTube is relevant to all demographics GENDER BREAKDOWN SOCIAL BREAKDOWN AGE BREAKDOWN Under 18 13% 87% of all YouTube users are 18 - 24 13% over 18! Female Male C2DE ABC1 25 - 34 19% 47% 53% 39% 61% 35 - 49 28% 50+ 27% YouTube Confidential and ProprietarySource: Nielsen UK, Nov 2010 , % by Unique Users (18.5M)
  12. Cross platform viewingalready accounts for35% of TVconsumption Source: Comscore December 2009 YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  13. Youtube Provides Additional ReachTarget Audience: 15-34 year oldsClient: CadburyBudget Mix: YouTube 4% , TV 96% 23.7% additional YouTube reach Television 46.1% reach 34.5% reachYouTube Ad Format: Promoted VideosSource: UK Media Efficiency Panel 2010 YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  14. Light TV viewers are online 60 Daily Reach of light TV viewers (l f li ht i (less th 16h of TV per week) than 16hrs f k) 50 Breakfast Coffee Daytime Pre Peak Early Peak Late Peak Post Peak 40 30 Daily reach in % h 20 10 Online TV 0 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 0 0-5 am Time of DaySource: YouTube Media Consumption StudyLight TV Viewers = 0-16 hrs TV per week, n=213 YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  15. YouTube is part of your social conversation More than 400 tweets per minute contain a YouTube link, and over 150 years worth of YouTube video is watched on Facebook every day!Source: YouTube Blog,Jan 2011, global YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  16. YouTube for Non-Profits Program YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  17. YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  18. Youtube for Non-Profits Benefits Youtube Channel Upgrade pg Call-To-Action Overlay Custom Thumbnails External Annotations Up 15 Minute Vid U l d U to 1 Mi Video Uploads Videos Featured on Platform YouTube Confidential and Proprietary 1 8
  19. The YouTube Non-Profit ChannelOVERVIEW• Branded image map banner can link to various parts of your website.• Videos Can be up to 15 minutes in Length p g• Featured Video Autoplays at Start.• Vanity UrlUK YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  20. YouTube Watch Page – Call to Action OverlaysOVERVIEW• Give your videos extra interactivity with Call to Action Overlays•O l Overlays appear i th video as a pop in the id up hyperlink with your textBEST PRACTICE• Use Call to Action Overlays to click through to your Brand Channel, Donation Page or other Social Media Platforms.• Deeplink Annotations to donation pages specific to the video’s content YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  21. External Annotations – Perfect for Direct ResponseOVERVIEW• You can add video annotations to any video, in any place on the screen, at any time during the video• F nonprofits, annotations h For fit t ti have th ability the bilit to link to an external site• Annotations appear on embedded videos• To add an annotation, go to “My Account,” then “Edit Video” and select the “Annotations” tab at the top of the pageBEST PRACTICE• Use External Annotations to drive online donations or engagement with other Social Media Platforms. YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  22. Case Study: Beatbullying, Over 2 Million Views YouTube Confidential and Proprietary 2 2
  23. Building Your Youtube Presence YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  24. Getting Started – Video Creation gBEST PRACTICESKeep it ShortThe average length of a video watched onYouTube is 3.8minFor the best user engagement, make yourvideo less than 5 min min.Give Camera to VolunteersEncourage volunteers to record videoblogs and realtime updates from the field. g pEg: OxfamReact FastHave emergency protocols in place andupload content as events happen. l d t t t hPartner UpFind other organisations on YouTube whocomplement your mission and work l t i i d ktogether to promote each other.Eg: ShowRacismTheRedCard YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  25. Be Creative - Customise Your ChannelDESCRIPTIONYour Channel is the home for yourvideos on Youtube. Take some time toget the look and feel right.BEST PRACTICESMake PlaylistsOrganise your Videos into Playlists,select Favourite Videos.Eg: OxfamChoose Top VideoChoose your top video wisely andupdate this video regularly to keep itfresh.Utilise YUtili Your Header H dAdd Banners, Backgrounds andEmbedded HTML links in your header todrive views across your other onlineportals.portals Eg: AmnestyInternational YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  26. Build a Community around your ChannelBEST PRACTICESDirect DialogueMake Videos that create a dialogue aboutyour work and what you’re trying toachieve. Eg: itgetsbetterprojectTell Serial StoriesEngage viewers with a series of videosaround a specific theme to encouragesubscriptions. Eg: WaterAid GlastonburyRespond to Current EventsAddress relevant news stories by postingvideos that explain your position.Create Thank You VideosThank those who donate with viaembedded videos in emails and thank youpages.pages Eg: Concern WorldwideUse EndorsementsWhether they’re from celebrities or peopleyou’ve had an effect on. Eg: BeatBullying YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  27. Network and Distribute BEST PRACTICESTag and Title WellYoutube is the second largest search engine.Tag and title your video with relevantkeywords to make it findable on Youtube.EmbedBroadcast your videos by embedding themon your website and other digital platformsClick “Subscribe”Subscribe to other Non-Profit Channels tostay up to date on their content. They mayreturn the favourEngage and InteractDraw attention to your work by interactingwith both allies and adversaries on YoutubeMake Web Traffic a Two-Way StreetUse the Channel Masthead to drive usersback to your website and link to yourYoutube Channel from your website.Eg: ActionAid Blog YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  28. Keep a consistent brand message across all your onlineplatforms & adapt to ongoing marketing initiatives Make sure the branding and design of your channel is aligned with your official brand positioning or campaign theme theme. Website YouTube facebook YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  29. Think outside the box Use the full YouTube potential. Be creative and find new ways of engaging your viewers! YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  30. Cost-Effective Youtube AdsC t Eff ti Y t b AdWhat are commercial advertisers using on Youtube YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  31. YouTube Search Page - Promoted VideosAD FORMATS• Promoted Videos• Can also run on a watch pageOVERVIEW• Be there when users are searching, browsing, discovering, looking for new content• YouTube is the #2 search engine globally• Drives video views at scale• Drives participation in engagement programs (contests)• Improves organic placement of videos• Low CPCsTARGETINGKeyword targetingAD SPECSExternal ad specs here YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  32. Skippable Pre Roll – An Industry First pp y Skippables are 75% More Engaging than Prerolls. With Skippable Pre Roll ads you only pay for what you care most, people actually watching your ads. Advertisers are only charged when: • viewer choose to see the ad completely (ad is less than 30”) • after 30” (if ad is longer) • viewer clicks the ad ( or whichever comes first) Source: Doublecklick Benchmark Report. 2009 YouTube Confidential and Proprietary
  33. Final Note…Measure success andanalyze your viewers YouTube Insights Google Analytics Google Confidential and Proprietary 33
  34. Thank You! YouTube Confidential and ProprietaryYouTube Confidential and Proprietary