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Speaker 2: Elizabeth Linder - Facebook

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Iof preso facebook

  1. Facebook Mission:Give people the power to share andmake the world more open andconnected.
  2. 500MUsers worldwide
  3. Facebook’s growth 500 M550M500M More than 500million users450M Across 70 Different Languages400M Rosa’s step-dad350M joins Facebook300M Facebook becomes available internationally250M200M Facebook Open Registration150M100M 50M 0M 200 200 201 7 8 0
  4. More than halfof users return daily
  5. 250M+mobile users each month
  6. 30M users in the UK, 15M return daily15M Episode 1 13M World Cup Final 13M+ Daily reach in UK
  7. The web is being rebuilt around peopleBrowse Search Discover 90’s 00’s 10’s
  8. Facebook TipsCreate a public Facebook Page▪ Chose a memorable title: you can’t change it later▪ Once you have 25 fans, you can claim a vanity URL▪ Upload a nice photo▪ Include information about your business & how to find you
  9. Facebook TipsDesign a customised landingtab▪ Add a customised landing tab so people arrive at a more bespoke experience.
  10. Facebook TipsSet clear guidelines on your page from the start
  11. Facebook TipsEncourage community InteractionCrowd sourcing ideas can be not only an excellent source forinnovation, but also an effective means for establishing goodwill.
  12. Facebook TipsOffer deals, discounts and promotions exclusively forFacebook fansConsumers are choosywith their personalendorsement. Givepeople a reason to tellthe world that they“like” your brand.Companies likeWildfire, Inc help yourun promotions throughFacebook.
  13. Facebook TipsA picture is worth a thousand wordsPhotos are highly engaging and good for a global fan base.
  14. Facebook TipsGet instant feedbackUse your Facebook page like an instant focus group
  15. Facebook TipsComments & Comment Moderation• New comment moderation tools enable you to create a blacklist or a profanity filter• Page Administrators cannot turn off comments; Facebook is about engaging in social behaviours, not avoiding them• Wall posts can be turned off, but they are encouraged to foster engaging dialogue with people who come to your Page
  16. Facebook TipsKeep it lighthearted
  17. Facebook TipsFeature your fans▪ Do personal shout-outs to fans.▪ Encourage fans to upload photos and feature a “fan of the week.”
  18. Facebook TipsMake it go viralEncourage fans to tag themselves in notes and photos on your page.
  19. Facebook Tips• Make it go viralThink about campaigns or activities that people will want to share.
  20. Facebook TipsUse pages insights to guide decisions▪ Page admins get robust insights on fan age, location, gender and engagement with each post on the page.▪ Use these insights to guide your content, how often you post, and how you target posts.
  21. Facebook TipsCollect fans contactinformationEmbed an email sign-up onyour Page
  22. Facebook TipsGenerate donations through your page For both individual fundraising activities…..
  23. Facebook TipsGenerate donations through your page ….and as an organisation
  24. Facebook TipsLIVE STREAM events for audiences everywhere
  25. Facebook TipsINTEGRATE Facebook with your website
  26. Facebook TipsINTEGRATE Facebook with your website
  27. Facebook Tips• Run targeted• Tips for successful ad campaigns:
  28. Facebook TipsAdd applications to your
  29. Facebook TipsCROSS PUBLICISE with your well known supporters or partners
  30. Facebook TipsGeo-target your status updates
  31. Facebook TipsLanguage target your status updates
  32. Don’t be afraid of negative comments…. But DO be honest and respond And how not do to it…..
  33. Safety and Support on Facebook
  34. Use groups for sensitive and private discussions
  35. Recognise that Facebook might not always bethe appropriate place for everything
  36. Use the resources on the site Facebook’s Family Safety Centre: Facebook’s Safety Pate: Facebook’s Security Page: Facebook and Privacy Page:
  37. Resources at your disposal
  38. Your local Facebook policy team Rosa Birch Elizabeth Linder
  39. (c) 2009 Facebook, Inc. or its licensors. "Facebook" is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.. All rights reserved. 1.0