LinkedIn: It's Not Rocket Surgery


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Mastering LinkedIn is not as complicated as you think. Make the most out of your time on the world's most popular social network for business. Create a killer profile, maximize your company page, convert connections into sales and more! Learn tips and tricks to leverage this powerful sales, marketing, human resources and professional development tool for your business.

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  • 3 Things: 1) You ’ll learn something you don’t know 2) You ’ll have questions…probably lots of questions 3) You ’ll be entertained
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  • 3 Things: 1) You ’ll learn something you don’t know 2) You ’ll have questions…probably lots of questions 3) You ’ll be entertained
  • You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers (hopefully).
  • LinkedIn: It's Not Rocket Surgery

    1. 1. : It’s Not Rocket Surgery Presented to Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce Jason Piasecki Partner, Revel
    2. 2. Rocket Surgery Comic
    3. 3. LinkedIn: It's Not Rocket Surgery • What’s New? • LinkedIn Today • Creating a Killer Profile • Ringing Endorsements • In Good Company • Group Therapy • Next Steps
    4. 4. LinkedIn • Professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities • The world’s largest professional network
    5. 5. LinkedIn Today
    6. 6. LinkedIn 10 Years
    7. 7. LinkedIn 10 Years
    8. 8. LinkedIn 10 Years
    9. 9. LinkedIn 10 Years
    10. 10. LinkedIn 10 Years
    11. 11. LinkedIn Glossary 1. Profile 2. Connections 3. Recommendations 4. Endorsements 5. Company Page 6. Groups 7. InMail 8. Advanced Search 9. News 10. Applications Bonus Tool: PrepWork
    12. 12. PrepWork
    13. 13. LinkedIn vs. Facebook • There is only so much time in the day • Where should I spend it? • LinkedIn or Facebook?
    14. 14. 20 Compelling Reasons to Spend Less Time on Facebook and More Time on LinkedIn
    15. 15. Creating a Killer Profile
    16. 16. Profile
    17. 17. 5 LinkedIn Profile Tips
    18. 18. Keywords in your profile • Search engine optimization is a key element of your LinkedIn profile. • Add specific keywords such as searching for like 'social media manager' or 'website designer.’ • Also, scatter the important keywords organically throughout your profile. • Refrain from using any adventurous overused terms like ninja, guru, maverick or superhero.
    19. 19. What do you want to be seen as? • What's your personal brand about? • Are you an expert in social media marketing? Or a freelance writer? • Make sure your headline and personal tag accurately depict who you are, as well as aligning your personal brand across your profile and resume.
    20. 20. Tell us your story • Everyone loves a good story, what's yours? • How did you get where you are today? • Find a way to explain that concisely in a way that makes you look interesting and motivated. • Do you have a plan for where you want to get to?
    21. 21. Use a professional profile photo • First impressions matter and your cover photo sends a strong message about who you are. • Make sure you have a professional looking photo to compliment your profile.
    22. 22. Use your personal profile link Using this personal LinkedIn page helps strengthen your personal brand with prospective employers and shows you have some sense of what you're doing online. vs. Source: social@Ogilvy
    23. 23. Edit Profile
    24. 24. Edit Profile
    25. 25. Edit Profile
    26. 26. Edit Profile
    27. 27. Edit Profile
    28. 28. Profile Link
    29. 29. All Star Profile
    30. 30. Ringing Endorsements
    31. 31. Endorsements • Recommendations are dead, long live Endorsements • Endorsements are a simpler way for users to recommend your work • Instead of writing a paragraph or two, a user can just click “endorse” to recommend a certain skill or expertise you have listed on your profile • Tip: Make endorsements reciprocal
    32. 32. Cece Profile Example
    33. 33. Edit Profile
    34. 34. Endorsements
    35. 35. Endorsements
    36. 36. In Good Company
    37. 37. Company Page • Condensed version of a company’s website • Highlight Services • Post jobs • Showcase customer testimonials • View stats on visitors
    38. 38. Adobe
    39. 39. Hubspot
    40. 40. Zappos
    41. 41. Pacific Dental
    42. 42. Pacific
    43. 43. Pacific
    44. 44. Pacific
    45. 45. Adding a Company Page 1. Move your cursor over Interests at the top of your homepage and select Companies 2. Click the Add a Company link in the upper right area of the page 3. Enter your company's official name and your work email address 4. Click Continue and enter your company information
    46. 46. Becoming an Administrator 1. Add and confirm the email address you use at your company to your LinkedIn profile. 2. Have a current position with the company listed in the Experience section on your profile. 3. Contact one of your company's existing admins and ask them to add you as an admin. 4. In the Become an Admin box in the bottom right of your Company Page Home tab, click the Contact an admin link.
    47. 47. Company Page – Revel
    48. 48. Company Page – Edit Admins
    49. 49. Company Page – Edit Services
    50. 50. Company Page – Services Edited
    51. 51. Company Page – Edit Audience
    52. 52. Group Therapy
    53. 53. LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Groups provide a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts.
    54. 54. Group Think 1. Search groups 2. Join groups that truly interest you 3. Invite colleagues 4. Be social 5. Don’t be “that guy” 6. Have a take 7. Start a group
    55. 55. My Groups
    56. 56. Group Directory
    57. 57. Muskegon Chamber Group
    58. 58. Muskegon Chamber Group
    59. 59. LinkedUp Grand Rapids
    60. 60. How to Create a Group 1. Move your cursor over Interests at the top of your homepage and select Groups. 2. Click the + Create a group link near the top of the page. 3. Complete the fields. A red asterisk means the information is required. 4. As the final step, choose whether you want to create an open group or a members-only group.
    61. 61. Keys to a Successful Group 1. Set a relevant topic 2. Make rules clear 3. Have active admins 4. Get the conversation started 5. If you build it, make them come 6. Give plenty of TLC
    62. 62. 3 Secrets of Thought Leadership 1. Timely Content 2. Audience Relevance 3. Forward Thinking Source:
    63. 63. Timely Content • Here’s the simple definition of timely content; it’s something your audience can use NOW. • Whether it’s something that can help them with an immediate situation or something which can prepare them for tomorrow’s challenges. • Timely content is a gift to your audience.
    64. 64. Audience Relevance • Thought leaders know how to take any piece of information and make it relevant to their audience. • This is why story telling is so important. • It allows your audience to be captivated through the story, but still delivers a powerful and relevant message.
    65. 65. Forward Thinking • Forward thinking is the foundation of thought leadership. • It’s the ability to distill information through your past experiences and gut instinct, which allows you to make predictions on the future. • But forward thinking also requires risk. You’ll be walking down an uncharted path filled with haters and naysayers. But stick with your vision and your gut if you know it’s the right thing to do.
    66. 66. How to Become a Thought Leader 1. Perfect the Profile 2. Get Published 3. Create a Deck (i.e. – SlideShare, video) 4. Make It Official
    67. 67. Influencers
    68. 68. Arianna Huffington
    69. 69. Next Steps
    70. 70. K.I.S.S. – Keep It Social… To be successful on LinkedIn, focus on these two things: 1.Relevant Content 2.Timely Activity
    71. 71. Content is King 1. Say something that matters 2. Be a good host 3. Listen before you speak 4. You have two ears and one mouth
    72. 72. It’s About Time 1. Create a plan that works for you 2. Make LinkedIn part of your day 3. Get LinkedIn into your rotation (i.e. – Facebook then Twitter then LinkedIn)
    73. 73. LinkedIn: It's Not Rocket Surgery • What’s New? • LinkedIn Today • Creating a Killer Profile • Ringing Endorsements • In Good Company • Group Therapy • Next Steps
    74. 74. Q & A • Questions • Answers • • • •