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Miles irce 2013

  1. 1. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesJason Miles…Vice President Of Advancement(Marketing, Development & HR) atNorthwest UniversityAdjunct Professor in the School OfBusiness ManagementCo-Founder Of Liberty Jane Clothing, est.2008Co-Author Of Bestselling Pinterest PowerBlogger @
  2. 2. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesPew Research StudyDecember 2012:15% of online adults say they use Pinterest13% of online adults say they use Instagram16% of online adults say they use Twitter67% of online adults say they use Facebook* March 2013: Youtube Hits 1 Billion Monthly Viewers
  3. 3. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesOur Story…
  4. 4. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesOur Story…08
  5. 5. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesOur Story…09
  6. 6. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesOur Story…10
  7. 7. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMiles26,000Subscribers10,150Subscribers30,000Fans7,500Subscribers1,925SubscribersOur Story…13
  8. 8. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesLiberty Jane Patterns Pinterest Traffic July 2011 toJanuary 21012Over 12,600Referral LinksFrom PinterestTo Liberty JanePatternsOver 6,000visits in Januaryof 2013…
  9. 9. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesThe Pinterest Story• Started January 2010 – grew at 40% m-o-m growthbut with a very small user community to start.• JANUARY 2012 – Was sending more referral traffic towebsites than Youtube, LinkedIn, or Google Pluscombined. (Techcrunch)• MARCH 2012 – Was sending more traffic thanTwitter…(Techcrunch)• SEPTEMBER 2012 – Begins sending more trafficthan the Yahoo Network to websites. (Techcrunch)
  10. 10. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesApril 2012
  11. 11. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesTop Sources Of Referral TrafficOnline(Source: TechCrunch 9/12)1) Organic Search2) Direct Typing of the URL3) Facebook4) Pinterest
  12. 12. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMiles“Pinterest demonstrates some of thestrongest user engagement,retention, and virality metrics I haveever seen in an online business.”Robert Moore
  13. 13. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesPinterest buyers spend more money, moreoften, and on more items than any of the othertop 5 social media sites. (Source: comScore)Marketingpilgrim – 12 Stats That make A Business Case ForPinterest
  14. 14. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesU.S. consumers who use Pinterest follow anaverage of 9.3 retail companies on the site.(Source:
  15. 15. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesPinterest pins which include prices receive 36%more likes than those which do not.(Source: Shopify)
  16. 16. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesPinterest generates over 4x as much revenueper click (attributable to first touch) as Twitterand 27% more revenue per click than Facebook.(Source: Converto)
  17. 17. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMiles47% of U.S. online consumers have made apurchase based on recommendations fromPinterest. (Source: BlogHer)
  18. 18. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesPinterest is retaining and engaging users asmuch as 2-3x as efficiently as Twitter was at asimilar time in its history. (Source: RJ Metrics)
  19. 19. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesOf people with Pinterest accounts, 21% havepurchased an item after seeing it on Pinterest.(Sources: comScore and Nielsen)
  20. 20. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesPinterest generated more referral traffic forbusinesses than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIncombined. (Source: Shareaholic)
  21. 21. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesPicturesVideosSlideshare SlidesSoundcloud Audio Clips (MP3s)4 Types Of Content To Pin
  22. 22. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesBEST PRACTICES
  23. 23. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMiles#1. Start With An Audit Of Your Website……Use the Pin It ButtonFound on the Pinterest “Goodies” Page…
  24. 24. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMiles…Ensure you have either a product imageor promo-graphic on each page / post
  25. 25. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesGive Visitors Lots Of Images To Pin…
  26. 26. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesYou Don’t want to see this very often…
  27. 27. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMiles#2. Create A Professional Profile In Pinterest(Either Corporate or Corporate Spokesperson)1. A professional headshot.2. A warm greeting.3. A clear statement about who you are.4. A clear statement about your role in thecompany.5. A clear statement about what the company does.6. A credibility indicator if you have one.7. A description of what your pinboards will contain.8. A call to action to follow you!9. A link (in the globe icon) to your primary website.10. A link (in the FB ‘f’) to your Facebook profile.
  28. 28. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesAuthority ProfileBecome AnvisualSherpa foryour nicheInvite YourCurrent Fans,Followers,Customers ToFollow You OnPinterestUse PinterestTo Give aVisual InsidersView – A newway to getclose to thecustomerOr just run acontest!#3. Develop Your Marketing Plan
  29. 29. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMiles#4. Consider 3rd Party SolutionsCuralate adds solid value… PinAlerts is cool too!
  30. 30. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMiles#5. Run Contests!
  31. 31. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMiles… Pick up a copy of PinterestPower …#6. Learn More…
  32. 32. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMiles#7. Set Up Analytics…Pins – Repins – Likes - Clicks
  33. 33. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMiles#8. Set Up Rich Pins Functionality…
  34. 34. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMiles#8. Set Up Rich Pins Functionality…Plus Rich PinContent for…Movie Pins…Recipe Pins…Product Pins…
  35. 35. Pinterest – A Year Later@MrJasonMilesThanks…On Pinterest