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Interwoven Brochure


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Award-winning brochure for Interwoven: "Just the Facts"

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Interwoven Brochure

  1. 1. Just the Facts. What every business should know about Enterprise Web Production.
  2. 2. Consider your Web investment. Does your Web site generate business? Does your intranet help you compete? (That’s a good start.)
  3. 3. FactYou can achieve higher productivity with lower cost. You’re making money on the Web. But how much are you letting slip away?
  4. 4. “Our major process improvement goals include using collaborative technologies that empower our content providers to rapidly and cost-effectively manage and maintain informa- tion on To meet this goal, we use Interwoven TeamSite.” RRiicchhaarrdd FFoorrmmiicchheellllaa,, VVPP,, IInnffoorrmmaattiioonn SSyysstteemmss aanndd TTeecchhnnoollooggyy,, EEdduuccaattiioonnaall TTeessttiinngg SSeerrvviiccee
  5. 5. Glaciermoving Preparingyourtaxes Computerbootingup InterwovenTeamSite Lightningstrikes en•ter•prise web pro•duc•tion (EWP) `ent-er-priz `web pro-`duk-shen n : a category of enterprise software used by organizations building large, business- critical Web sites : RETURN ON INVESTMENT fast slow Produce and deploy mission-critical Web sites faster! e e e e-
  6. 6. 1 3 4 2 (It’s easy to implement TeamSite.)
  7. 7. FactYou can seize business opportunities. You work hard to keep your business moving. Are your Web initiatives working hard for you?
  8. 8. “At Nortel Networks, we are committed to delivering a world-class Web site to meet the business needs of our customers. TeamSite has proven to be a very powerful tool enabling our global publishing operations.” PPhhyylllliiss BBrroocckk,, VVPP,, WWeebb BBuussiinneessss OOrrggaanniizzaattiioonn,, NNoorrtteell NNeettwwoorrkkss
  9. 9. (The benefits can be very attractive.) brandawareness money loyalty reputation confidence identity enthusiasm relationships wildly happy customers
  10. 10. How does success on the Web feel? Just ask some of our customers. Alltel American Interactive Media Andromedia Boeing Cisco Systems ReJuvent Communications CondeNet Documentum Dynamind Educational Testing Services Federal Express First American Financial Corporation First Union Bank Ford Credit GeoCities Hitachi Data Systems Interpath iXL Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Times Nickelodeon Nortel Networks PricewaterhouseCoopers Salt River Project United Airlines Varian Associates W.W. Grainger
  11. 11. FactYou can build a competitive advantage. You’ve got power in your Web operation. Ready to realize its full potential?
  12. 12. “ is Southern California’s source for news, information and the region’s online marketplace. We’re also an industry leader in national and international news. Producing our site, and updating it every 2 minutes, requires efficiently using the best resources. So we hire smart people and invest in smart tools like TeamSite." CCaarrooll PPeerrrruussoo,, VVPP,, LLooss AAnnggeelleess TTiimmeess
  13. 13. Get the facts about Interwoven TeamSite. Visit Write info Call 408/774-2000 (Now.)
  14. 14. 1195 W. Fremont Ave. #2000 Sunnyvale, Ca. 94087