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Corepoint Health Brochure


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What's in a name?

Published in: Marketing
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Corepoint Health Brochure

  1. 1. What’s in a name? SeeusatHIMSS09,Booth2419 VisitCorepointHealthanddiscover howoursoftwaresolutionscan enhanceyourhealthcareoperations.
  2. 2. 1924 Computing Tabulating Recording Corp. became IBM. 1987 Il Giornale Coffee Company switched to Starbucks.
  3. 3. 1998 BackRub changed to Google. 2009 NeoTool becomes Corepoint Health.
  4. 4. What’s in a name? Our true calling. Come meet Corepoint Health — the next generation of NeoTool — at HIMSS 09, Booth 2419. Let us show you how we’re quickly becoming the first name in connecting, integrating and optimizing healthcare operations and patient flow. How we’re making a name for ourselves. At Corepoint Health, we’re building on our extensive experience to enable customers to meet the increasing demands of healthcare integration with proven, industry-leading software solutions and customer service. Corepoint Community Exchange Connect your point of care community utilizing agent-based technology and secure web services, exchanging patient data outside your four walls more effectively. Corepoint Integration Engine Shorten the cycle time of configuring, testing, and deploying interfaces, moving your integration environment to the next level of performance. Corepoint Operations Monitor Gain perspectives into your operations through web-based, graphical, up-to-the-minute metrics, delivering insights to department managers and facilitating more informed hourly, daily, and weekly decisions. Corepoint Action Points Enable real-time decisions with event-based system to alert key decision makers on specified data elements – e.g., stat orders, lab test results, or specific codes. Explore to learn more, or visit Corepoint Health at HIMSS 09, Booth 2419. 469.229.5000 To truly start connecting and leveraging data, there’s only one name to remember at HIMSS 09. That’s Corepoint Health.