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IMs Photo Essay


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IMs Photo Essay

  1. 1. On Tuesday nights at the Magnolia fields, on the University of South Florida’s campus, anenergy unlike any other exists as students get excited for Intramural (IM) football.
  2. 2. Andre Gutierrez, a USF junior, compares his Tuesday night IM football gamesto the NFL’s Monday Night Football program. “I love playing under the lightswith my friends. It’s so exhilarating!”
  3. 3. “We love watching football, and we enjoy encouraging the differentteams by cheering them on out here,” says dance major Taylor Falcon(pictured 3rd from right).
  4. 4. Delta Chi’s flag football team prepares for a defensive play. “I love playingthe sport I love with my friends. It brings us closer off of the field,” saysgeology major Adam Taylor.
  5. 5. Alex Montieth, a USF junior, defends himself from the opposing team duringhis team’s attempt at a comeback victory.
  6. 6. Students, such as Thomas, Raymond, and Nick, USFfreshmen, creatively find ways get involved in theIntramural football excitement while on the sidelines.
  7. 7. Nicco Wesch, a member of the Delta Chi fraternity, and his friends getinvolved in their team’s IM football excitement by dressing up and acting asteam coaches and game correspondents.
  8. 8. Intramurals also foster leadership, one of USF’s cardinal principles. Trailing 0-6,Alex Montieth inspires his team during half time. They later went on to scorein the last minute of the game and win.