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  • This is Group 19 of BUS 118’s presentation on the RateMyUCRestroomWordpress blog.
  • In this presentation, we will cover the following:Conception of the blogCreating the blogContent StrategySocial Media sharingAnalyticsOverall Assessment of the blog performanceThe Future of the blog
  • The group met up one day after class and discussed possible ideas. Group mate Conrad had several ideas (bars, food, local events). Group mate Cindy had the idea of a fashion blog. Group mate Jason brought up the idea of reviewing restrooms around campus. The group decided to discuss our options and vote over email at night. During the group’s email, the group decided that the restroom idea was most unique out of the options, most relevant to our target crowd, and the other options seemed like they were already taken. Also, the group thought the idea would be really fun.
  • This is the mind map of the restroom blog. With UCR Restrooms as the core, the idea could be split into four different spectrums – content, maintenance, target market segment, and sharing. Several variables come to play for each:Content – the blog could be filled with content on reviews, tips or tricks to enhancing restroom experiences, or general news (new restrooms opening, or if restrooms were being closed)Maintenance – who were the editors? Who would create and maintain our social media strategy? Would we need designers to spruce up the aesthetics of these pages? Market Segment – Who will our blog cater towards? With restrooms being on campus, it would only be relevant to staff, students, and faculty at UCR. Sharing – which tools would be best to employ with our blog. Should we go viral and act on controversial yet eye-catching methods of sharing, such as signs or graffiti on restrooms stalls and walls advertising our blog?
  • Positioning – we aimed for the blog to be weird, off-the wall, funny, unusual, interesting, yet at the end, helpful. With a subject like reviewing restrooms, you kind of have to be funny, and weird. Target Segments – Our blog was aimed towards UCR students, staff, and faculty. Obviously, since our reviews were based of restrooms on campus, it was catered towards and only relevant to those at UCR. Value Proposition – With our target segment set, and positioning attribute set, we came up with the following value proposition: Our mission is to provide UCR students, faculty, and staff a helpful yet humorous guide to their restroom experiences on campus.
  • Wordpress had a variety of themes readily available for users to use to spruce up the look of their blog. Elegant grunge came to be very appropriate for a blog that revolved around public restrooms – dirty, ashey, dark. Commonly used graphics that were to be used in most of the postings (1-5 toilet rank images) were created and uploaded onto the blog’s media library tool for easy access.
  • The header was important to design because it was the first thing seen by visitors to our blog. Our first header was created with the inclusion of the official UCR sunburst logo, this was to make it easily identifiable and relatable to our target demographic of people at UCR. However, professor notified us that the header was to be taken down due to legal reasons. Thus the new header was created with only minor changes; the UCR sunburst logo was replaced with regular font.
  • Group members were given the option of either creating their own accounts, or using one universal account when accessing and posting on the Wordpress. The group members opted to use one universal account because:They simply did not want to create their own account It added a little anonymity to their postings What came out of this was the absence of having our visitors get to know the editors, which we weren’t particularly fond of or cared for anyways. The group believed that visitors would come not to know about the editors, but for the content.
  • Only one additional page was added to the homepage, and that was a standard “About” page. It held a summary of what our blog was intended for, as well as a link to our Facebook Page in attempts to redirect visitors and gain more fans. The official disclaimer written by Professor Novak was also included on this central page.
  • - Our content strategy for this blog mostly emphasize on writing reviews about the restrooms on campus, we include the ones that are most common and “popular” among students and faculties, as well as the ones that are not that common and “popular”. - We write reviews about the restrooms to inform UCR students and faculties whether they would be a good or bad place for potty break - Here is the layout of our blog:1. Every reviews we posted we begin with a background to tell a compelling story or funny anecdote about the restroom that we want to talk about. 2. Then, we rate each restroom in four criteria: Layout, Privacy, Cleanliness, and Amenities; We describe each criteria in detail and attach a picture to each for reference and demonstration.3. We have a 5-point rating scale for each criteria4. At the end of each post, we also have a 5-point rating scale for an overall rating based on the score of each criteria.
  • - Besides writing reviews about restrooms on campus, we also posted miscellaneous articles on restroom tips and tricks, and some toilet Humors to attract our target audience- Here are some examples:1.Proper toilet paper loading: People might ignore do that all the time. We try to emphasize if the toilet paper load improperly, the roll holder cuts our paper supply off prematurely2.Graffiti on the walls: people love to write random things on the restroom walls (e.g. their emotions and expression to people/ objects: “You are so beautiful”, etc)3.Toilet Seat management: We have a poll about what people would use to cover the seat while they do number 2
  • - We used Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit as a vehicle to spread our blog. - If two users have 6 degrees of separation, we will be able to attract many users through social media.
  • - We began spreading the word about our blog by updating our own Facebook statuses. - It allowed us to reach our target audience (UCR students and faculty) and non-target audience (friends from home, family, etc.)- It helped us gain initial exposure because our friends also updated their statuses about our blog, further spreading the word.
  • - We created a Facebook and Twitter page and linked them together. Whatever was posted on Facebook was also posted on Twitter. - The Facebook page was created with the same idea as the Zappos’ Twitter, as discussed in class. Our posts were not only related to our blog, but also included humorous jokes and facts related to our topic. - Our Facebook page got 24 “likes” and 6 people “talked about this”- We got 4 people to follow us on Twitter, in which one of them was a UCR academic advisor.
  • - We also shared our blog on UCR’s Facebook page to reach more UCR students, faculty, and staff. - The post may not have reached many people because the first and only thing the Facebook users see on UCR’s Facebook page are UCR’s status updates. Facebook users have to click on “posts by others” in order to see posts that aren’t written by UCR.
  • - We also shared our blog on Reddit. We thought this would be a great opportunity because Reddit is basically a link sharing website, and there was a dedicated UCR subreddit to share it on. - We received a total of ten comments and 22 upvotes, pretty- One of the comments gave us an idea for a blog, so we ran with it, and wrote about the “X-men restroom in Sproul”
  • - We did not share our blog on Tumblr. - While surfing tumblr, we noticed that our blog was shared on Tumblr by a person we had no connection with. - Shows that people are aware of our blog and had interest in our blog. - The Tumblr post may have helped us reach a broader audience because Tumblr posts are public.
  • Our blogs got a total of 3,100 hundred views from the day of creation to 7:00pm on March 7th. Our twomost popular days were the 22nd and 27th of February. I will explain each of these in future slides.Our most popular blog post was a tie between a review for the Sproul Unisexual and the Sproul firstfloor. I associate this mostly with the crude nature of both blog posts, which I think college studentstend to find more appealing. And Sproul is a very common area and almost every student has multipleclasses here over the years, so I think people found a lot of interest in this, in contrast to our review forthe psychology building, which had far less views.
  • So for our Metrics I will focus on Feb 22nd. On this day we posted a new blog post (Sproul Unisexual),5 of our group members made posts on Facebook including the creating Facebook page, we made aReddit post the day before, and we were shared by a random student on Twitter. This showed up clearlyin our page views, as we received over 160 views from facebook, 50 from Reddit, and 20 from Tumblr.We were able to say with certainty that posting our blog to external sites increased traffic. Redditseemed to bring most pages per posts, while it brought in 50 views for only 1 post, while the Facebookpage averaged closer to only 27 per post.
  • Our Facebook page had a decent engagement rate, out of the 24 people who liked the page, 6 ofthem talked about our page, and a few others liked and commented on our posts. I calculated ourengagement rate at about 30%.Calculating engagement rate for the blog was much harder, we have a total of 3,100 page views, but wehad no way of calculating the number of unique viewers our page got. Our page got 11 comments frompeople other than the group and 95 responses on the poll. It is also important to note that in order tocomment on the blog, you must have an account, and I feel most people we marketed to do not have aWordpress account. We decided though that we could not derive a strong engagement rate based offour inability to find a good value for unique visitors.
  • For our last slide we would like to show that some data given the tools we are given, creates anomaliesin our data. On Feb 27th we got almost 500 views to our blog, and over 300 of them from Facebook.This is odd because no one in our group posted the blog to any other websites and there were no postsmade on the blog that day or the days before it. Our best guess is that someone unknown to the grouphelp to promote our blog without our knowledge.
  • Targeting the UCR campus- we were successful in reaching out to our UCR community. At least the small community that we were all personally connected to. But somehow or another we were able to reach people who were outside of our social circles, exemplified by the random tumblr post by un-affiliated girl. Regulating our content- although the basic content of our blog was reviews on the campus restrooms, the reviews were extensive and detailed, however we balanced it out with humorous memes that would continue the theme of our category but would make it easier to get the word out on our blog. We also tried to streamline our reviews by keeping the same format: Category, Description, Rating, and then overall rating.
  • Some topics we could have improved onMore organized scheduling- We could have done a better job of scheduling how often we posted on our blog, for the sake of keeping a consistent flow of content going. Since we all just kind of posted at random times, pretty much whenever we felt like it, it made it inconsistent which probably made it harder for readers to follow our material. Aggressive Marketing Stretegy- Our data consistently proved that most of our views came from facebook. Which generally meant our blog was accessed from the links and sharing that we had done personally.
  • We started this blog because of our own needs, “I need to use the bathroom, I wish there was some way I could know which is the closest, best bathroom.”This is a need that is shared by people constantly.it seem to be an untapped marketintentional interchangeability of the name (UC Restroom/ UCR Restroom) in case it took off.it sounded like an idea that could go viral among the UC population.Could “recruit” posters from other campuses toexpand contentpertinent to a greater population (UCI students can now use it etc.)greater amount of viewsmonetization from toilet companies?!Have tabs to choose what campus reviews you wanna look at
  • Videostried to make a commercial, never got around to itpeople would rather be able to watch a video than have to read an entire postdoesn’t have to be necessarily video reviews, could be a different type of content.whacky ideas for a toilet?could, again, create a side monetary stream (Youtube partners)gamificationbadges!bathroom master!bathroom pioneer!bathroom loyalty!go to one bathroom more than 10 times in x amount off timetipsdon’t use this stall right now, it’s not stocked with toilet paper!embedded mapyelp style with pins on the places we have already reviewedpress an existing location and look at the official reviewusers can post their own reviews of the bathroom?wanted to do this idea, no one had the technical skillcouldn’t find someone in timepollsexisting poll was very successful~100 submissionspeople want to get engaged
  • Thank you!
  • Misc. Coursework Presentations

    1. 1. Research Proposal
    2. 2. Presentation Outline• Background and Problem Definition• Research Design and Data Sources• Data Collection Forms• Sampling Plan
    3. 3. Background & Problem DefinitionThe Problem sales only 30% of A problem in marketing?
    4. 4. Background & Problem Definition (cont.) The Decision Problem What improvements can be made to Burger King’s marketing to reflect attributes valued by target consumers? Research Problems Target Menu Current EnvironmentConsumers Items Marketing
    5. 5. Research Design & Data SourcesExploratory & Descriptive Exploratory Descriptive What do they really value Do consumers believe Burger King In fast food? has these values? Literary Search Focus Group Cross-sectional Study(demographic statistics) (in depth info from (understanding of population The source) as a whole)
    6. 6. Research Design & Data Sources (cont.)Type of Data Collected & SourcesPrimary demographics, behaviors, attitudes Internal Data External DataSecondary consumer desires from the companyPersonal Interview Electronic Questionnaire Focus Groups Cross-Sectional Study
    7. 7. Data Collection Forms Open Ended & Close Ended What qualities do you look for in a burger? (Select up• What can be done to make your to three) experience more enjoyable? O Price O Taste O Customization/Variety O Hunger fulfillment (satiety) O Freshness O Other _________ What best describes how often you visit Burger King?• What would you like Burger King A. Never to improve on its menu/food? B. Daily C. Weekly D. Monthly E. Rarely How would you rank Burger King’s services out of 5? O 1 (Terrible) O 2 (Below Average)• How has Burger King and its marketing O 3 (Average) positioned itself in your eyes. O 4 (Good) O 5 (Perfect) O Never been to Burger King to answer
    8. 8. Data Collection Forms (cont.)Itemized Rating Scale How satisfied were you with the service you received? Very Dissatisfied Neutral Satisfied Very Dissatisfied Satisfied
    9. 9. Sampling Plan Target Population People who consider themselves common fast food consumers. Sampling Frame Names, Age, GenderDesired Sample Size = approx. 1,500 participants
    10. 10. Sampling Plan (cont.)Sampling Procedure Convenience Sample Area SampleNonresponse Errors As incentive to participate fully, survey participants will receive a voucher for a free or discounted meal!
    11. 11. Thank You!
    12. 12. Michael Bradley
    13. 13. Group 19s WordPress topic will revolve around reviewing restrooms onthe UCR campus. It will be called "RateMyUCRestroom" Because… It was based off an interesting conversation had between friends. It was different, fun, and susceptible to our fellow UCR classmates.
    14. 14. Our mission is to provide UCR students, faculty, and staff a helpful yet humorous guide to their restroom experiences on campus.
    15. 15. Graphics commonly usedon blog added to medialibrary
    16. 16. The most pivotal content of our blog.Begin with a background, to either tell acompelling story or funny anecdote. Four Criteria: 1. Layout 2. Privacy 3. Cleanliness 4. Amenities5 – Point rating scale for each criteria,and an overall rating at the end.
    17. 17. Miscellaneous articles on restroom tips and tricks, as well asrandom toilet humor rounded out the content of the blog.Examples:• Proper toiler paper loading• Toilet seat management• Graffiti on the walls
    18. 18. • Began spreading the word through updating our Facebook statuses• Helped the blog gain initial exposure
    19. 19. • Posted on UCR’s Facebook page (our target audience)
    20. 20. • Our blog was shared on Tumblr by a person we had no connection with
    21. 21. • Targeting the UCR campus- Relating to our audience• Delivering content that sparked reaction• Regulating our content
    22. 22. •More organized scheduling•Aggressive Marketing Strategy
    23. 23. Our name allows it! • UCRestroom.wordpress.com • UCRestroom.wordpress.com • Integration = greater amount of content and larger consumer base • Monetization
    24. 24. • Videos• Gamification • Check-ins at all restrooms• Embedded map • Click on a location to pull up the review• Polls • around 100 submissions on current poll