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Why going Mobile Is Essential


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Why going Mobile Is Essential

  1. 1. The Mobile Web & Your Business
  2. 2. The ‘Wires’ are being cut! Wireless Subscriber Connections 321.7M Wireless Penetration equals # of active units divided by the total U.S. and territorial population (Puerto Rico, Guam and the USVI) 101.0% Wireless-Only Households1 % of U.S. Households 34% Direct Carrier Jobs 229,921 Wireless Carrier Payroll2 Direct Carrier Wages $11.3B Annualized Total Wireless Revenues $178.4B Annualized Wireless Data Revenues $68.3B Annualized Incremental Capital Investment $25.4B Annualized Minutes of Use 2.32T Monthly Text Messages 184.3B Annualized Yearly Text Messages 2.27T Cell Sites 285,561 Size of wireless industry in the US in 2012
  3. 3. “Why is the wireless industry so big?” Let’s see just why…
  4. 4. Smartphone use is Growing The Stats 1. There are over 250 MILLION mobile users in the US alone 2. There are over 310 MILLION mobile devices in the US 3. By 2013 more people will use their mobile phones than PC’s to get online 4. Mobile searches have grown by more than 400% since 2010 5. 80% of customers abandon a mobile website if they have a bad user experience Source: Google
  5. 5. Some more statistics
  6. 6. This is going on worldwide
  7. 7. This change is happening quickly. Growth in phones Growth in users Source: Google
  8. 8. How do you use your smartphone?
  9. 9. “What about the people who use mobile, how do they behave?” Very different than you might think!
  10. 10. What is special about mobile users?
  11. 11. Mobile users are local and looking to buy! • 95% of mobile users have searched for local information • 61% of users call a business after searching • 90% of these people act within 24 hours! Source: Google
  12. 12. Mobile users are shoppers! 70% have compared prices 65% have read reviews 50% of mobile searches lead to purchases!! Source: Google
  13. 13. Mobile users are demanding They do not settle for less • 71% of them expect a mobile site to load as fast as a desktop pc website. • 60% of them expect a mobile site to load in 3 seconds or less. •78% will retry the site two times or less if it does not load initially. Source: Google
  14. 14. Bad Website? Goodbye Customer! • 57% of mobile users will not recommend a business with a bad mobile website. • 40% have turned to a Competitors site After having a bad mobile experience. • 23% of adults have cursed at their Phone when a site failed to work. Source: Google
  15. 15. “But don’t people behave differently with how they use their phones all around the world?” Nope…
  16. 16. Where do people use smart phones?
  17. 17. “My business caters to women, isn’t mobile just a geeky guys toy?” Nope…
  18. 18. Mobile isn’t just a guys tech toy! Source: comScore
  19. 19. Mobile Effects Conventional Advertising
  20. 20. Why is being mobile critically important to existing advertising? Because when people see an advertisement they your business to find you online. Google is the #1 most heavily trafficked website on the internet. There are an estimated 3-5 Billion searches done on Google each and every day!
  21. 21. “Why should I go mobile with my business? – I want specifics” Ok, let’s recap what the stats mean!
  22. 22. You need to go mobile The statistics are obvious & The benefits are many Reach more customers With a mobile site you can reach up to 45% more prospects. Give your current customers ease of use By making your website mobile-accessible you increase the ease of use for your customers – and profit for you. Add vital features to your business No matter what business by going mobile you will be adding a vital feature to your business. • Click 2 Call • Click 2 Email • Click 2 Map • Click 2 Text (SMS)
  23. 23. Your site isn’t mobile? Some things aren’t a choice • Apple computer is the largest tech company on the planet. • Their flagship product is the iPhone • The iPhone is so popular and sells so many units it has a direct impact on the GDP of the US economy. • If your site cannot load on it you are losing prospects. Read Full Article Here iPhone 5
  24. 24. People search for many businesses in times of need. • The car is broken down on the side of the road • They need a last minute caterer • They need a plumber ASAP • They need a restaurant last minute • Their power is out they need an electrician • They are stranded and need a cab • They just got a DUI and need an attorney There are endless instances where brand image means much much less than convenience! The prospects your missing Times of need for them are sales for you!
  25. 25. Bridge with your prospects Mobile websites are not PC websites! Mobile websites are designed to be fast, lightweight and easy to use. They are designed to allow customers to search, find you and call, email or text you.
  26. 26. “What features do mobile sites need?” That’s a great question!
  27. 27. The most important feature of any mobile website? EASY NAVIGATION! Mobile websites must be designed with the following things in mind: 1. Thumb Friendly Navigation Big user friendly buttons that are easy to click from a mobile phone. 2. Fast Loading! Mobile websites must be lightweight and load quickly! 3. Feature Rich Your mobile site must contain features that get you customers and make you money. Click 2 Call, Click 2 Text, Click 2 Map.
  28. 28. Features Click To? MENU Restaurant Menus Image Galleries Video Integration OpenTable Integration Click 2 Email Payment Button Integration Click 2 Text Click 2 Call • Click 2 Call • Click 2 Text • Click 2 Email • Restaurant Menus • OpenTable Integration • Image Galleries • YouTube Videos • Google Checkout • PayPal Buttons Mobile Maps
  29. 29. “How does the technology work?” Let’s explain!
  30. 30. Technology PC Website Mobile Website Unlike our competitors who require you to go through a lengthy re-development process for your mobile site we do not. We use state of the art technology to read your existing PC Website and convert it to mobile.
  31. 31. How our sites work in detail We utilize a proprietary virtual framework that may be accurately described as ‘a machine’ or program that runs on our servers. This machine is fed the URL of your existing website and it reads your entire website. From this reading it generates a ‘mobilized’ version of your website – like the one you probably saw in the site simulation you received.
  32. 32. How our sites work in detail Once your sites ‘mobilized’ version is generated that’s when our designers take over. Our designers work through site page by page tweaking code elements and adding the necessary mobile features.
  33. 33. How our sites work in detail Next we show you your site inside of a mobile simulation – to give you an idea of what its going to look like. You are free to request changes from us and we will make them. Once you are done making changes and happy with how your site will be we upload the specialized Redirection script onto your current PC website.
  34. 34. Smart Site Mobile User PC User Once constructed your mobile website is put online and your old website is made ‘smart’ by use of an intelligent script. This script reads what kind of computer or device users to your site are on. If they are on a mobile device the mobile site loads!. Website
  35. 35. How our sites work in detail PC Website Mobile Website Your mobile site which is hosted with us will automatically sync every 2-5 minutes with your PC website. Changes on your PC site are read by our ‘machine’ and translated over – so your mobile site is never out of date.
  36. 36. “What are some ways the site will be used by my customers?” Let’s take a look!
  37. 37. Scenarios of Mobile Use There are many common scenarios where a mobile site is extremely likely to benefit a given business. Let’s take a look at a few common scenarios in the following industries: Restaurant Taxi Cab Company Locksmiths
  38. 38. Restaurant John and Sandy are on a date watching a movie. Being a thoughtful guy John pre-booked seats at a local Chinese restaurant. During the movie Sandy let John know her favorite food is Italian. Thankfully John brought his iPhone with him and while on leave at the restroom John looked up an Italian restaurant and booked seats through the restaurants mobile website with OpenTable.
  39. 39. Taxi Company After a late meeting on a rainy day in Chicago Marsha left her office to hail a cab. Marsha waited impatiently outside her office for fifteen minutes. Not seeing a cab come by and being in a hurry Marsha opened her Android smartphone and Google searched for a Chicago Taxi company. She found a cab company and using click to call she called them. Marsha was on her way in minutes.
  40. 40. Locksmith Cindy was in a hurry after picking up her three children from school. She had to get to the grocery store in a hurry. During her drive to the grocery store her sister called informing her that she would be early for this evenings dinner. In haste to get the kids out of the car and being distracted by her phone, Cindy accidentally left her keys inside of her car. After going about her business buying a load of groceries for tonight’s dinner Cindy came back to her car with her children only to find herself locked out. Cindy immediately went on her smartphone and searched for a local locksmith. Within seconds of conducting her search cindy found the mobile website of a locksmith and her dinner was saved.
  41. 41. “Do I need a mobile app?” No, not necessarily!
  42. 42. Mobile Apps .v. Mobile Websites There are numerous differences between mobile applications and mobile websites. In this presentation we will be covering the differences that exist and highlighting why – for most businesses – mobile websites offer a supreme advantage. -VS -
  43. 43. Mobile Apps First lets understand and define what exactly a mobile application is. A mobile application is a piece of installable software that (typically) is hosted within one of the major app stores – Google or Apple’s stores. The application runs natively (actually on the device) and usually can launch fairly quickly. Apps come in all shapes and sizes and run the gamut from playable games to banking software.
  44. 44. Mobile App Technology Mobile applications operate entirely differently than mobile websites. Since they run natively on the device they were made for they can offer a broad array of features which may seem advantageous to business. 1. Push data (send messages to users) 2. Fast Load Times (they are apps the run fast) 3. Big feature sets (user editable features) The above features are great, they offer users an an experience that may in some cases present as being far superior to a mobile website. But lets understand what is required to get that experience…
  45. 45. Mobile Websites Mobile websites are website custom designed to load quickly on mobile phones and offer a design which is uniquely tailored to mobile devices. Unlike mobile applications mobile sites do not require installation nor do they require any downloading or configuration to function.
  46. 46. The Problem With Apps We already said apps have big feature sets and can do things that mobile websites cannot do – so they must be great right? WRONG! In order for those features to be relevant they need to be utilized by a human being – a customer, a prospect. This is where the biggest problem of apps comes in for most businesses – and why they are a horrible thing to sell to most businesses. In order for an app to be utilized it needs to be downloaded. In order for an app to be utilized it has to be compelling enough for a user to utilize it. In order for a user to utilize it, it needs to conveniently placed on their phone.
  47. 47. The Biggest Problem Of All The biggest problem of mobile apps by far is compatibility. Mobile apps –unlike sites, are built to run natively on a given platform. If the app is not built for each device – and updated for each device, it will not work on those platforms. A mobile site works on all platforms!
  48. 48. Who Apps Make Sense For Apps do make sense for some businesses – big businesses. For an app to add value and be relevant to a business it has to be downloaded, it has to be utilizable and it has to be utilized. For most small business having an app makes no sense – they lack marketing budgets or user bases big enough to ever ensure their app will be used. For big businesses – with big budgets and huge user bases – however an app may make perfect sense.
  49. 49. Mobile Sites Rock! For most ordinary small businesses having a mobile website is the absolute best route they could go when the alternative is a mobile app. Why? The reason is simple – prospects. Today more and more consumers are browsing the internet and when those consumers happen upon the small businesses website on their mobile devices, they will be presented with a good user experience. Mobile websites do not require downloading to use nor do they require anything more than a bookmark to browse back to. They are the common sense choice of small business.