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Api Design Anti-Patterns


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Common issues found in API designs proposed by developers at PayPal (and elsewhere!), along with some solutions.

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Api Design Anti-Patterns

  1. 1. API DESIGN ANTI- PATTERNS Jason Harmon API Design @PayPal @Braintree @jharmn
  2. 2. JASON HARMON • From Austin, TX • Head of API Design at PayPal • Moving into Braintree • Blogger at, • Organizer meetup • Youtube: API Workshop • annel/UCKK2ir0jqCvfB- kzBGka_Lg
  3. 3. COLLECTOR OF MISTAKESJob #1 in creating consistent DX
  4. 4. MIXED UP CONVENTION S Path, query parameters, headers, fields resourceName resource-name resource_name PICK ONE, BE CONSISTENT!
  5. 5. PARAMETER CONFUSIONPath, Query, Body, Header?
  6. 6. • A few rules of thumb: • Path: required, resource-identifier • Query: optional, query collections • Body: resource-specific/logic • Header: global/platform-wide API PARAMETERS
  7. 7. SEQUENTIAL IDENTIFIERS /invoices/8765432 Usually derived from database sequences +1 each time a resource is created
  8. 8. • 10-A4-Insecure_Direct_Object_References • Developers suck at securing resources • Better to use non-sequential strings for resource IDs • UUID/GUID is an obvious option INSECURE DIRECT OBJECT REFERENCE
  9. 9. IDENTITY IN URLS /license?user=T22000129 /license?token=E43FD312 /users/T22000129/license
  10. 10. HTTP DEFINES AUTH Use the Authorization header + token
  11. 11. DON’T FORGET THE LOGSMost web servers/proxies/intermediaries log: Verb + URL, not often query, rarely headers
  12. 12. RELAX. These are pretty easy fixes
  13. 13. CREATE STANDARDS Make the rules, and stick to them
  14. 14. Jason Harmon API Design @PayPal @Braintree @jharmn