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The Network Awesome Show is looking for a sponsor! Get in touch:

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The Network Awesome Show - Pitch Deck

  1. 1. STEREO TOTAL THE MAN MACHINEThe Network Awesome Show Our shows inspiration was TV Party, a 1970s NYC public-access TV show,is a music variety show that captures but our team has made somethingthe performances of musicians and aesthetically original: Full ofartists that drive the scene. gritty style and authenticity.
  2. 2. Season 1 is complete. View All Episodes HERE. Total Number of views: 43,655 (and growing) Season 2 in pre production, shooting April 20 - May 31st. All Episodes 14 - 25 minutes in length. Each Episode is uploaded to Youtube as the whole episode + the individual performance complete with titles and credits. Weekly broadcast on Network Awesome.Rubbi s h F ai r y Huge Social Marketing impact.
  3. 3. SCHEDULEDto appear on SEASON 2Shooting April 20 - May 31st,2013:T h e M e lvin sP s yc h ic T VP a r e nt h e tical Girls!!!M o u s e o n Ma r sK r e idl e rArt Brut DAT POLITICSZS Islaja Uh Oh Sun WorshipVeronica Falls Mary Ocher FS Blumm Die AufloesungAnika Nadja Heatsick New Found LandElbee Bad Reliq Maserati Bevis FrondIsis Salam of Thunderheist Hush Hush Nu Sensae
  4. 4. What does a sponsor get? - Sponsors name & logo on each video (whole episode and individual clips), title sequence and closing credits -  Name & Logo integrated into the graphics /design on the Network Awesome Page, Youtube Page -  Video advertisements which will run daily on Network Awesome for the run of the showGOR DO N W -  Collaboration on events internationally -  Potential product placement
  5. 5. WE CAN GIVE YOU FUTURE DEVELOPMENT-  Viral marketing traffic over a 10+ week Season 2 now in pre-production period & permanent long-tail activity with popular international artists-  Active and International connection Potential syndication and collaboration between the Berlin & German music with other online and broadcast chan- scene and the Sponsor nels internationally. (Pitchfork, etc.)-  marketing tool that is locally pro- A duced with an international reach.-  Potential product placement Mi ss Kenichi
  6. 6. ABOUT NETWORK AWESOMENetwork Awesome is an online TV channelbased in Berlin. We produce our owncontent and curate shows mostly fromYouTube to provide a daily TV experiencethat doesnt hurt your brain.The N.A. Show is our first originalseries, with 2 more currently inpre-production.We also produce Boiler Room Berlin,the worlds leading Electronic Musiclive stream.
  7. 7. DEMOGRAPHICSSite Statistics FEMALE 2,2% 0,6% 1,3% 31,3% 0,3% 4,8% 14,7% 7,3%-  100,200 unique visits a month 13 -17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ MALE 0,4% 8,7% 28,5% 18,5% 5,1% 1,3% 65% 2,6%-  2,600,000 videos watched- Highest Ave. monthly Time On Site for returning viewers: 26:31 VIEWERSHIP TOP 10 CITIES other 4%   1. Berlin A US-  38.6% of visitors have returned FR   2. New York City 4% to the site more than 50 times! 6% CA   3. London 7%   4. Paris- Run by 220 international volunteers USA   5. Toronto UK 47% 14%   7. Portland GER   8. San Francisco 18%   9. Sydney  10. Vancouver
  8. 8. The Network Awesome Showis looking for a sponsor. Rates are negotiable and Scale is flexible. Were cool people, so lets talk:Jason @