The Art of Listening


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Jason Falls's "The Art of Listening" presentation for the Public Relations Society of America teleseminar December 11, 2008.

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The Art of Listening

  1. 1. The Art Of Listening How Social Media Offers Unprecedented Access To Consumer & Audience Intelligence At Literally No Charge Jason Falls – Doe-Anderson PRSA Teleseminar December 11, 2008
  2. 2.  How to find conversations about your brand  The difference between monitoring and measurement  How to participate/respond meaningfully  How to mine information for the company good  How to apply audience intelligence across the organization
  3. 3.  Free Monitoring ▪ Google Alerts ( ▪ Twitter Search ( (RSS) ▪ Technorati ( ▪ Bloglines ( (RSS) ▪ Icerocket ( (RSS) ▪ Others (MySpace, Facebook)
  4. 4. Paid Monitoring & MeasurementPaid Monitoring & Measurement Paid Monitoring/Measurement Radian6 ( Evolve24 ( Vibemetrix ( BrandWatch ( K.D. Paine & Partners ( Nielsen Online ( Cymfony ( Collective Intellect ( MotiveQuest (
  5. 5. Radian6Radian6
  6. 6. What Am I Looking For?What Am I Looking For?  Actionable (Monitoring) ▪ Conversations ▪ Mentions (Positive & Negative)  Measuring ▪ Number of conversations/mentions ▪ Sentiment & Tone ▪ Competitors ▪ Influencers (Comments, Subscribers, Audience)
  7. 7. Monitoring vs. MeasurementMonitoring vs. Measurement Monitoring is: Watching and/or listening to conversations in order to determine course of action Measurement is: Quantifying or qualifying conversations to establish success, failure or comparison
  8. 8. Respond rapidly (bad and good) Saying “I don’t know” is good, so long as you find out and respond Let social settings be your guide Provide Value = Earn Credibility + Consistency Over Time = Earned Trust Earned Trust = Influence
  9. 9. Mining For InformationMining For Information How To Get There Earn credibility and trust Ask for permission Don’t be a broken record Say “Please,” “I’m Sorry,” and “Thank You.”
  10. 10. Mining For InformationMining For Information Examples Input On New Products Idea Gathering For New Products/Improvements Gather Responses To Policy Changes or Positions Gauge Reactions To Company Decisions Before Made
  11. 11. Applying IntelligenceApplying Intelligence Learn to trust your consumers Gather learnings then do something with them Champion the consumer up the ladder Empower employees to utilize social media Make everyone responsible for company reputation Start by listening and participating internally
  12. 12. Let’s ConnectLet’s Connect Jason Falls Director of Social Media Doe-Anderson Louisville, Ky. Twitter: @JasonFalls O: 502.815.3257