Social Media and University Alumni Relations


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Jason Falls's workshop slides for CASE Kentucky on Alumni Relations and social media

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  • Today, the Internet encompasses worlds within worlds, including: Websites, E-Commerce Sites, Microsites, Internal Platforms, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Online Advertising, Paid Search & Pay-Per-Click, Blogging & Podcasting, Monitoring & Listening, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Analytics
  • These are the default four, but they make sense for you for a lot of reasons. Remember blogging – not just about driving traffic and interaction to your site, but winning search terms.
  • Remember – It’s not about you or your cause. It’s about them and how you can provide value to their experience.
  • Michigan State – Content from alumns – drives search and gives the “just like me” example.
  • Arkansas – Content, Facebook, LinkedIn … good engagement … allows for connections, network growth.
  • Virginia – Podcasts to keep alums plugged into the research, lectures, events and more on campus beyond their ability to be there.
  • Skidmore – Tweets job opportunities – Valuable service to alums.
  • University of Colorado – Active answering of questions on Facebook
  • Penn State – Active discussions – Mike is in their Alumni office and asks questions, but also answers. DePaul University – Look at the sub-groups. (Can’t get in)
  • Lewis University – Lots of groups by class, etc., to begin cultivating that depenence early. Lots of groups for alums, too.
  • Case Western - Link that automatically puts their alumni house on your “To-Do list”
  • Andy Shaindlin – White papers on alumni groups and twitter, online social networks, etc.
  • Why blogs win search? Frequency and credibility.
  • Why blogs win search? Frequency and credibility.
  • Why blogs win search? Frequency and credibility.
  • Why blogs win search? Frequency and credibility.
  • Why blogs win search? Frequency and credibility.
  • Why blogs win search? Frequency and credibility.
  • Michigan State – Win search, give the “just like me” example that people want. LBS – Can we provide connections to alumns (not known connections) on LBS? Have we ever asked? Reviews and Deals – plugin to Yelp and see what other alums say about restaurants, servicese, etc. Content they want? Videos … interactive presentations. Webinars? Live chats?
  • Let’s connect!
  • Social Media and University Alumni Relations

    1. 1. Orchestrating Successful Alumni Communications Case Studies of Alumni 2.0 CASE Kentucky Louisville December 9, 2010
    2. 3. <ul><li>Relevance </li></ul><ul><li>Links to related material </li></ul><ul><li>Easy to share content </li></ul><ul><li>Ability to comment </li></ul><ul><li>Follow on Social Media channels </li></ul>Pew Internet & American Life Project
    3. 4. <ul><li>Content </li></ul><ul><li>Engagement </li></ul><ul><li>Share Mechanisms </li></ul><ul><li>Relevance </li></ul>Pew Internet & American Life Project
    4. 5. <ul><li>Professional Oriented Social Networks </li></ul><ul><li>Facebook </li></ul><ul><li>Twitter </li></ul><ul><li>Blogging/Providing Content </li></ul>
    5. 6. <ul><li>Help Alums Find Jobs </li></ul><ul><li>Connect Alums With Each Other </li></ul><ul><li>Connect Seniors With Mentors </li></ul><ul><li>Provide News & Updates In Their Relevant Channels </li></ul><ul><li>Cultivate Relationships With The Vocals </li></ul><ul><li>Collecting Content </li></ul>
    6. 15. Andy Shaindlin @alumnifutures
    7. 22. <ul><li>Cultivating Content From Alumni </li></ul><ul><li>Location Based Services </li></ul><ul><li>Reviews & Deals </li></ul><ul><li>Multimedia Possibilities </li></ul>
    8. 23. Thank You! Jason Falls Principal Social Media Explorer Email: [email_address] Twitter: @JasonFalls Phone: 502.509.4763 Web: Newsletter: Now In Beta!