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No BS Monitoring and Measurement

Jason Falls and Chuck Hemann's bootcamp slides from SMIATL Sept. 16, 2011.

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No BS Monitoring and Measurement

  1. 1. MEASURE THIS!The No B.S. Guide To Social Media Monitoring & Measurement Social Media Integration Conference SMIATL September 16, 2011 Atlanta, Ga.
  2. 2. What We Need To KnowMonitoring & Measurement•The differences between the two•What types of data each effort provides•What each can do for your organization•So we can set goals for them social media explorer
  3. 3. Let’s DefineMonitoring is ...watching or listening to conversations inorder to determine a course of actionMeasurement is ...quantifying or qualifying online activity toestablish success, failure or comparison social media explorer
  4. 4. What the analysts say •Define requirements first •Develop your social media playbook •Make you own measurementCourtesy: The Altimeter Group. Used with permission. framework social media explorer
  5. 5. What the analysts say Courtesy: The Altimeter Group. Used with permission. social media explorer
  6. 6. Key Takeaway ...•What does monitoring mean for my organization?•What does measurement mean for my organization? social media explorer
  7. 7. If You’re Monitoring ... •Protect your reputation •Facilitate customer support •Invite innovation •Build trust •Market through conversation •Gather business intelligence social media explorer
  8. 8. If You’re Measuring ... •Measure sales/leads •Measure cost savings •Measure customer satisfaction (The three business metrics!) social media explorer
  9. 9. If You’re Measuring ... •Improve branding & awareness •Protect/Improve reputation •Build community/advocacy •Increase customer satisfaction •Harvest research •Drive sales/leads social media explorer
  10. 10. Key Takeaway ... None of these things happen if you don’t first know what you’re trying to accomplish! Image by Mare Kiliasz on social media explorer
  11. 11. Monitoring Data (KPIs)• Volume of conversation • Related topics• Sentiment & tone around • Influential voices your brand • Location of conversations• Conversational marketshare • Brand mentions• Competition comparison • Service issues/needs• Audience characteristics • Real-time opportunity social media explorer
  12. 12. Measurement Data (KPIs) Website metrics • Social audience metrics • Traffic • Fans/Followers/Friends • Social outpost traffic • Outpost activity• Conversions • User-generated content • Sales • Comments • Leads • Ratings/Reviews • Downloads • Volume of conversation• Search metrics • Sentiment & tone • Rankings • Conversational marketshare • Backlinks • Competition comparison• Share metrics • Audience characteristics • Bookmarks • Shares • Referrals • Click throughs social media explorer
  13. 13. Key Takeaway ...Monitoring metrics ...tell you who is saying what, when andwhereMeasurement metrics ...tell you what you’re getting out of it social media explorer
  14. 14. Recommendations ... • Select the monitoring service that provides results/functionality you want for your monitoring efforts • Select a measurement service or metrics that provide results for your selected goals • Sales & Conversions? Web analytics package • Reputation management? Monitoring service/research tool • Customer service routing and assignment? Monitoring service with workflow built in • Search engine rankings? SEO tool that monitors and reports rankings, trends, changes, etc. social media explorer
  15. 15. To Activate, We Need To ...•See the tools•Understand what each does•Know how to set them up•Know what reports we can get out of them social media explorer
  16. 16. Free Monitoring Solutions • Google Alerts • Twitter Search • Social Mention • PeopleBrowsr (freemium) • IceRocket • uberVu (freemium) • BoardTracker social media explorer
  17. 17. Problems With Free• Limited data• Limited functionality• Most reporting is manual• RSS social media explorer
  18. 18. Paid Monitoring Solutions • Alterian SM2 • Lithium Social Media Monitoring • Radian6 • Sysomos • Trackur • Visible Technologies • Dozens more social media explorer
  19. 19. Online Research Solutions • ConsumerBase • Listen Logic • Spiral16 • Crimson Hexagon • Collective Intellect • Cymfony • MotiveQuest • Nielsen Online social media explorer
  20. 20. The Hardest Part Of The Tools • Setting Up Your Searches • Insist on assistance • Expect trial and error • Be patient • Understand 100% accuracy is not possibleImage by Helder Almeida on social media explorer
  21. 21. Speaking Of Accuracy • Sentiment analysis • Random keyword coincidences • Totality of web not possible • Variations in results • Think averages and social media explorer
  22. 22. Measurement Reminders • Remember what we are trying to accomplish • Select reports that reflect the key performance indicators of those goals • Produce different reports for different stakeholders • Automate as much as you canImage by Rudyanto Wijaya on • Contextualize with summary social media explorer
  23. 23. The ROI Pyramid Courtesy: The Altimeter Group. Used with permission. social media explorer
  24. 24. Reports • Pretty PDFs of the service’s top line metrics • CSV/Excel exports you can build yourself • Screen captures of key charts/ graphs • Don’t forget the executive summary social media explorer
  25. 25. Vendor ReportingEasy Reports Workload Reports(Less Customizable) (Manual)• Sysomos • Export data• Radian6 • Produce spreadhseets• Lithium SMM • Written report with screen shots/charts as• Social Mention images• ViralHeat social media explorer
  26. 26. Reporting Solutions Emerging•SWIX (•Sprout Social (•Social Report (•ValueVine ( social media explorer
  27. 27. Automatic vs. Manual• Automatic can produce disparate reports (style, data, etc.)• Manual is time consuming• Automatica can offer real-time data checks• Manual is time consuming• Automatic is easier• Manual is time consuming social media explorer
  28. 28. Key Takeaway ... • Don’t forget why we’re measuring • Tie reporting to your goals • Report the business metric first, KPIs after • Produce different reports for different stakeholdersImage by Rudyanto Wijaya on social media explorer
  29. 29. Key Takeaway ... social media explorer
  30. 30. Content Measurement•Website •Advertisements•Blog •Direct Mail•Tweets, Posts, Blahs •Annual Reports•Newsletters social media explorer
  31. 31. Define Your Content Qualities •Whoʼs it for? •Whereʼs it placed? •Whatʼs its purpose? •Whatʼs the point? social media explorer
  32. 32. What those mean ... •Audience •Channel •Purpose •Call-To-Action social media explorer
  33. 33. Website Audience Public Purpose Present product or service Call-To-Action Buy/Download/Subscribe social media explorer
  34. 34. Blog Audience Qualified Public Purpose Establish Authority, Organic Push, Rank in SERPs Call-To-Action Subscribe, Join, Buy, Download, Share, Link social media explorer
  35. 35. Email/Direct Mail Audience Customers, Qualified Leads Purpose Drive Trial, Drive Sales, Drive Referrals, Engage Call-To-Action Call, Schedule, Buy, Recommend, Respond social media explorer
  36. 36. Online Media/PPC Advertising Audience Purchase-Ready Qualified Leads Purpose Drive Sales, Drive Leads, Build Awareness* Call-To-Action Buy, Call, Download social media explorer
  37. 37. Twitter Audience Interested Public Purpose Establish Authority, Engage or Humanize, Organic Push, Customer Service Call-To-Action Follow, Subscribe, Respond, Retweet, Buy, Call, File Ticket social media explorer
  38. 38. Facebook/Google+ Audience Interested Public Purpose Engage or Humanize, Organic Push, Customer Retention Call-To-Action Respond, Comment, Buy, Call, Provide Feedback, Participate social media explorer
  39. 39. A Resource social media explorer
  40. 40. The Key To It All • Set Goals • Translate to Calls-To-Action • Measure That • Trend & Track other PIs • But don’t get distracted! social media explorer
  41. 41. Look! A Squirrel! social media explorer
  42. 42. Your Turn! We’re Going To Build A Scorecard! •Weʼre going to give you the overarching objectives •Youʼre going to come up with some strategies •THEN…Most importantly…Some metrics to track against those strategies! social media explorer
  43. 43. And The Objectives Are ... 4 4+56%7& 4!"#$%&## ()*&+,-& +56%7& ()*&+,-& ()*&+,-&29 +56%7&()*&+,-& 23 28./01# !"#$%#&()"* +",#-).* social media explorer