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Mike Lewis's ESM Toledo Presentation


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Mike Lewis of Awareness's slides from the May 18, 2011 Exploring Social Media Business Summit.

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Mike Lewis's ESM Toledo Presentation

  1. 1. Making Sense ofSocial Content MarketingMike LewisVP of Marketing & Sales, Awareness Inc@bostonmike / @awarenessinc social marketing
  2. 2. In the next 30 minutes you will...• 5 Most Common Challenges facing Marketers• Lessons from the experts• Examples of Successful Content Strategies• Simple Content Management Plan
  3. 3. A Little About Me• Boston native, New Dad, Entrepreneur and marketing guy• Ran marketing & sales at several start-ups and have used more than social media alone• Active blogger, tweeter, and social media enthusiast• VP of Marketing & Sales at Awareness Inc.
  4. 4. !"#$%&()(*+,+-.()(*.+&"/.()(.,-+-.
  5. 5. !"#$%&()(*+,+-.()(*.+&"/.()(.,-+-.Media  &  Entertainment Retail/  E-­‐Commerce Other Adver&sing,  Marke&ng,  and   PR  Agencies Telecommunica&ons SoAware  &  TechnologyEduca&on  &  Non  Profit Hospitality  &  Leisure Financial  Services
  6. 6. • quickly takes a look at several aspects of social marketing - such as how you manage, publish and engage using social media - to determine where your social marketing efforts fall with respect to others.• Webinar - Tomorrow at 2pm ET -• Take the SMIQ at
  7. 7. A personal story...
  8. 8. ooops...wrong day
  9. 9. The Next day...
  10. 10. How’d theyknow that?
  11. 11. It was this guy!!!
  12. 12. My Experience =“Customer WOW Moment”
  13. 13. What I thought... Just spoke with mike. Wants to head home to see his son. Booked him on earlier flight.
  14. 14. What actuallyhappened...
  15. 15. Not as exciting, but a great story none the less
  16. 16. It’s about the content Ipublished & the brand’s reaction to it.
  17. 17. So, what’s it all about?
  18. 18. The way we communicate has evolved
  19. 19. Social Media represents the largest communications shift in history
  20. 20. Businesses (and marketers)are struggling to figure it out
  21. 21. Printing Press Telegrpah/Telephone Recordable Media TV 1400’s 1800’s Late 1800’s 1900’s
  22. 22. 1) Many-to-Many Pattern 2) A single channel for all media types 3) Your audience is now the content producer 4) Savvy audience moved from Broadcast to dialogSource: clay shirky @cshirky
  23. 23. 5 TOP Challenges• © 2009 Awareness CONFIDENTIAL
  24. 24. #1Inability to Scale
  25. 25. 4 channels300K+ fans Active groups 1 Channel 3 Accts X1 page 15K fans
  26. 26. #2Security & Control
  27. 27. MarketingCustomer Service PR
  28. 28. MarketingCustomer Service PR
  29. 29. MarketingCustomer Service PR
  30. 30. #3Lack of Resources & Buy-in
  31. 31. #4Reporting is Ad-Hoc
  32. 32. #5Centralization
  33. 33. all challenges are opportunities in disguise
  34. 34. Brands with Social Content strategies to watch
  35. 35. Ford’s Content Factory• Constantly delivers news about the company’s reinvention using every available media social channel.• Press releases paired with video, images, audio whenever possible• Everything is shareable, nearly all is tweeted• Key metrics: retweets, Facebook comments, media coverage, awareness studies Principal Value  Demonstration often beats description “We use whatever channel we can to spread the message.”  Multimedia conveys -Scott Monty, head of social media excitement  Bottom-up combined with top-down for maximum impact  Social media drives ongoing engagement via e- mail
  36. 36. HISTORY Sprinkles Tips... Everywhere • Tips placed at Historically significant locations around the country • Tips are focused on location but serve to promote the TV show “America: The Story of Us” • Users automatically entered into a sweepstakes, in which 10 randomly selected users will win prizes each week from April 25 through June 6 Principal Value “Teaming up with foursquare for the AMERICA THE STORY OF US  Viral Buzz throughout promotion reinforces the HISTORY the series brands 360 degree approach of New viewers to history aggressively reaching our viewers in new platforms," channel Chris Moseley, SVP of Marketing for "America The Story of US" HISTORY. became the most watched and highest rated program in the networks history.
  37. 37. So, what’s next?
  38. 38. Perform a Content Audit Take an inventory of what you have in place.Understand where the holes are and plan content around what is missing
  39. 39. Develop a Content PlanBuild out a content plan that includes an editorial calendar that defines channels to publish to
  40. 40. Build ContentDon’t be afraid to outsource and find
  41. 41. Deploy, Test & Grow Deploy content to targeted sources, testeffectiveness, modify when necessary and grow
  42. 42. Mike Lewis VP of Marketing, Awareness Inc @bostonmike / @awarenessinc