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Recommendation Letter


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Recommendation Letter

  1. 1. Recognition of Distinguished Contribution JASON DUDHEE To whom it may concern, I hereby confirm that Mr. Dudhee undertook a full time internship at the Berlin headquarters of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy from 11.07.2011 to 23.09.2011. During his internship, Mr. Dudhee worked primarily on our Art as Cultural Diplomacy and Europe Meets China programs, with key reponsibilities including online and telephone marketing; identifying and contacting relevant speakers from the fields of politics, academia, civil society and international relations; providing logistical support at our London Conference on The Language of Art and Music and negotiating mutually beneficial partnerships with the Chinese Cultural Centre and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office. Mr. Dudhee played an important role in the on-going development of our programs and showed particular skill in the research and analysis of contemporary issues. In recognition of Mr. Dudhee's strong leadership skills and dedication to his work, he was promoted to program director for Europe Meets China, leading the team and coordinating tasks. Under his supervision, an international conference and Young Leaders Forum on The Sino-Global Discourse were successfully carried out at our Berlin headquarters, during which he liaised with venues and speakers, planned and hosted interviews with keynote speakers and arranged a symposium. Recognition of Distinguished Contribution The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy praises with a distinguished contribution only those interns who have gone above what is required of them, have had a profound impact on our development, and have served as a professional example to the team as a whole. Mr. Dudhee fulfils all of these criteria, and has stood out throughout his time with us. The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is a demanding, fast-paced working environment that places a high emphasis on flexibility, strong inter-personal skills, and commitment to our cause. Throughout his internship, Mr. Dudhee has demonstrated these skills. He has developed excellent working relationships with the ICD team and senior ICD staff, as well as the participants and speakers on our programs. Mr. Dudhee undertook all of his responsibilities competently and within agreed deadlines, and showed an excellent ability to work independently and as part of a team. He demonstrated vision and creativity in addressing challenges. Finally, Mr. Dudhee displayed a genuine interest in the goals of our activity and consistently generated new ideas for achieving these goals and continuing our development. I therefore recommend Mr. Dudhee to other organisations and institutions in the highest possible terms. Yours sincerely, Mark Donfried Founder and Executive Director Under the Authorization of: The Hon. Dr. Emil Constantinescu The Hon. Dr. Alfredo Palacio President of the ICD Academy for Cultural Diplomacy Chairman of the ICD Advisory Board Former President of Romania Former President of Ecuador