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Personal Finance Education as a Workplace Benefit


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In this episode of the Jason Clause Show, My guest, Michelle Boss, a personal finance coach and a certified financial educational instructor shares a little bit about how to create a personal finance program for your team as an employee benefit.

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Personal Finance Education as a Workplace Benefit

  1. 1. The Jason Clause Show Personal Finance Education as a Workplace Benefit
  2. 2. Michelle Boss Founder, The Money Boss Personal Finance Coach Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) (800) 957-2603
  3. 3. 25% "Research shows that 30 million American workers – 1 in 4 – report they are seriously distressed and dissatisfied with their financial matters … and this spans across all income levels." - Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Literacy
  4. 4. A Well Executed Program is a WIN-WIN EMPLOYERS: + Recruiting & Retention Tool + Higher Employee Engagement & Productivity + Lower Absenteeism + Higher Employee Satisfaction + Increased Profits EMPLOYEES: + Help coping with a major source of stress + Healthier Financial Behaviors + More Stability + Loyalty + Higher Workplace Satisfaction
  5. 5. Potential Topics Customized for the audience: Poor Financial Wellness High Financial Distress Average Financial Wellness Average Financial Distress High Financial Wellness Low Financial Distress ▪ Benefits Information ▪ Budgeting ▪ Credit ▪ Savings & Financial Goals ▪ Mortgage for achievement of homeownership ▪ Tax Preparation ▪ Insurance ▪ Investments ▪ Retirement & Post-Retirement Planning ▪ Estate Planning
  6. 6. Characteristics of a Successful Financial Education Workplace Initiative 1. Survey: Survey employees to assess both their financial well-being and which financial topics need to be covered. 2. Delivery in a variety of formats: Online, webinar, live coaching, lunch-and-learn, onsite classes, workbooks, calculators. 3. Assessment: Measure improvement and behavior changes with assessments before and after the program is in place. 4. Variety of Topics: If possible, the more topics covered, the greater the audience that will be reached and impacted. 5. Time: Financial behaviors can take months to years to improve significantly. Programs see the most success 5+ years in place.
  7. 7. Getting Started Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Education FDIC National Financial Educators Council Everfi The Money Boss
  8. 8. FREE Lunch & Learn! with Exclusively for Jason Clause Podcast Listeners The Money Boss is a completely independent coaching and education company. $395 Value.