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3 questions to diagnose computer support service delivery issues


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It's not uncommon to be frustrated with your computer support provider

Today, most businesses are completely reliant on their technology.  So when they have problems, it's more than just irritating.  It disrupts the business.  If employees can't use their systems, then more often than not they can't work.  When this happens it might feel like you've got the wrong team supporting your computer systems.  But how do you know if your provider could do a better job? What if the culprit is something else?

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3 questions to diagnose computer support service delivery issues

  1. 1. Frustrated with your current IT support provider? Here are 3 questions to ask your current provider to diagnose the root cause reasons why?
  2. 2. Common frustrations ● It takes too long to respond when I have a problem. ● The same issues keep occuring. ● It takes too long to set up new machines and usually something is missing or incorrect with the set up. ● I feel like they should know the answer to many of the questions they continually ask me. ● I think they could do a better job at following up. ● The finger pointing is frustrating.
  3. 3. Most common frustration…... “I never have the same consultant twice. As a result, I feel like I‘m continually teaching someone new to help us.”
  4. 4. 3 questions to help you diagnose why.
  5. 5. “How many employees do you have?”
  6. 6. “Can I tour your facility?”
  7. 7. “If I paid you more what could you do differently?”
  8. 8. ● Offer a chance to correct the root issues ● Choose to reset your own expectations ● Switch providers What you can do about it…..
  9. 9. If you decide to switch