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Why Music Makes Employees More Productive


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A look at the benefits of listening to music while at work.

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Why Music Makes Employees More Productive

  1. 1. Why Music Makes Workers More Productive Presented by Jason Aaron Bragg
  2. 2. Why listen to music while working? Workers find themselves listening to tunes to regain focus, to escape a noisy environment, to make repetition more lively, and more.
  3. 3. Melodious Sounds & The Brain According to Dr. Amit Sood, a physician with the Mayo Clinic, melodious sounds help release dopamine in the reward area of the brain.�
  4. 4. Repetitive Tasks When tasks are clearly defined and repetitive, research seems to suggest that listening to music is useful. Modern studies suggest it isn't the background noise itself, rather the improved mood your favorite music creates that is the source of the bump in productivity.
  5. 5. Listening to music improves mood and aids creativity. 15-30 minutes of listening helps regain concentration.�
  6. 6. Anxiety & Muscle Tension? Studies show that workers who sit for 8+ hours a day face higher chances of anxiety and muscle tension. However, listening to music directly reduces these symptoms.
  7. 7. Music helps bring people together. By listening to their favorite songs, co- workers can share in common interests that can be used as a foundation for team building or future friendships.� Promotes Camarade rie
  8. 8. thank you! Presented by Jason Aaron Bragg