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Jason Barber - Resume


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Jason Barber - Resume

  1. 1. Jason A. Barber 1629 Winchester Way Roseville, CA, 95661 (916) 316-1499 Objective: Attain a full or part time position in the communication or related field. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS  Proficient communication and people skills.  Large pool of educational experience.  Quick learner.  Meticulous with details and work well under pressure.  Years of experience with computers and various computer programs. RELEVANT SKILLS & EXPERIENCE COMMUNICATION  Graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with Option in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication  Learned how to interact and manage “clients” in a respectful and professional manor during the 1000+ soccer games officiated  Developed successful public speaking skills through many speeches and presentations as a Communication Studies major.  Communicated via email to successfully complete company newsletter and blog assignments for Lucia & Co. and Loki MGMT.  Implemented problem-solving communication tactics during production and field testing on guides for Just Ahead.  Attend weekly meetings with Loki MGMT team to brainstorm new marketing and branding ideas. WIDE RANGE OF EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE  Attained many basic and advanced artistic techniques which allow for creative ideas to be structured properly during classes taken in Industrial Design.  Developed exceptional skill with numbers, as well as math/science skills from 2 years experience as a Civil Engineering major.  Completed courses required to graduate as a Communication Studies major. DETAIL ORIENTED/WORK UNDER PRESSURE  Sent out company newsletters and wrote blogs read by hundreds of recipients for Lucia & Co. and Loki MGMT.  Field testing of the Just Ahead app adhered to strict deadlines which sometimes required 14 hour work days, while still making sure no small detail was overlooked.  Learned how to work quickly and efficiently under pressure when dozens of hotel guests arrive at once as a valet.  Focused closely on details involved in completing of industrial design projects with strict time constraints. COMPUTER SAVVY  Using the Constant Contact and Blogger websites, designed, researched, and wrote articles for the Lucia and Co. company newsletter and blog multiple times a week.  Produced GPS audio tour guides for national parks using multiple computer programs including, Google Maps Engine, SQlite Manager, Dropbox, iFunBox and the Just Ahead app itself.  Utilized Microsoft Office to type projects, design spreadsheets, develop PowerPoint’s, edit pictures, and for many more functions.  Constructed my own working personal computer through research and proper planning.  Routinely used the internet and new social media to learn new and valuable things every day. EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with Option in Interpersonal and Organizational Comm. – California State University, Long Beach Industrial Design Classes, 2008-2010 – California State University, Long Beach Civil Engineering Classes, 2006-2008 – California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 2015 Production Team Just Ahead App, GPS Audio Tour Guides, Long Beach, CA 2013-2015 Marketing Specialist Loki Management LLC, Long Beach, CA 2012-2015 Contractor – Driver Westside Rentals, Santa Monica, CA 2012 Valet Driver/Doorman Ace Parking Management, Santa Monica, CA 2012` Personal Writer Lucia & Co. Creative Cuisine & Fine Libations, Long Beach, CA 2008-2012 Intramural Official Associated Student Inc., Long Beach, CA 2006 Engineering Technician Morton & Pitalo, Roseville, CA 2000-2009 Soccer Referee Roseville Youth Soccer Club, Roseville, CA