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How To Create A Blog Simple And Easily


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The following information was provided by an outside source, but we are using it to illustrate the exact steps needed to create a blog from scratch for free and then give you a better solution that saves you both time and money while allowing you to run your blog from your mobile phone.

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How To Create A Blog Simple And Easily

  1. 1. How To Create A Blog Simple And Easily /blog/how-to-create-a-blog-simple-and-easily How To Creat e A Blog Sit e The following information was provided by an outside source, but we are using it to illustrate the exact steps needed to create a blog from scratch for free and then give you a better solution that saves you both time and money while allowing you to run your blog from your mobile phone. Lets begin... Contrary to what you might be thinking right now, starting and managing your own blog is quite easy. You don't need any development or design skills. Here is what we suggest as the easiest path to create a blog site: STEP 1:Choose which software you want to use to manage your blog There are 3 popular FREE blogging tools we recommend: Wordpress, TextPattern, and Nucleus. Wordpress is the most popular blog tool,usually preferred for both being easy to work with and very powerful in terms of functionality. That is why if you don't really have any preferences or expectations, we recommend you to go with WordPress. STEP 2:Find a host that supports your chosen software By all means, you will need hosting to go live with your blog. The key to finding the right host is to get one specializ ed in supporting the software you like. There are three questions you can ask the hosts you are checking in order to determine if they are good to host your software: Most hosts will say yes to this one. In their control panels, most hosting providers have included Fantastico or Softaculous or another script auto- installer, which allows you to install more than 100 scripts ready to go, one of which would be the script you chose. Some good hosts will also offer professional installation by their support, which might be free or paid. We at SiteGround both offer 1- click installation with Softaculous and free professional installation of any of the scripts you have chosen. Not many hosts will say yes to this one, but good ones will. SiteGround will install Wordpress themes for free and Nucleus and Textpattern templates for an affordable fee. Most hosts will say no to this one. Only specializ ed hosts, like the one you should be looking for, are willing to go the extra mile and assist you with answers and fixes to problems you encounter when managing your blog. SiteGround has specializ ed in hosting various blog tools and our tech support will gladly assist you with any blog issue that might pop up. Do you install Wordpress/Nucleus/TextPattern? Do you install themes for Wordpress/Nucleus/TextPattern? Do you support Wordpress/Nucleus/TextPattern if there is a problem with the blog that is not hosting- related? STEP 3:Choose a theme for your blog Your basic blog software installation always comes with a default theme, which means you have your design ready. If you don't like it or you are looking for something unique, there are plenty of free (and of course paid) themes for your blog that you may choose from. In case you are not going to use the services of your host, here are tutorials on how to install a theme on your own from the backend of your software. WordPress Themes TextPattern Templates Wordpress theme installation tutorial
  2. 2. TextPattern template installation tutorial STEP 4:Start blogging! Well, you have it all set and you are ready to go blogging. To add content using your newly installed software, you might need help once in a while. Here are the best step- by- step tutorials to consult: WordPressTutorial TextPatternTutorial Now while these steps will help you put your Blog up and running pretty quickly I want to point out there are many problems associated with this route. These are some problems that I actually ran into when starting my blog. And very important things you should be aware in todays market. There actually 17 Blogging Blunders that stop bloggers from having any success online. Im going to share a few with you and then give my solution 1. Going t he f ree rout e: So you're thrifty… A penny saved is a penny earned right? Absolutely, unless the effort you’re putting into saving that proverbial penny is costing you the REAL money and success you're after with your business blog. There are only so many hours in the day and just about anything that’s “free” isnt likely designed to make you money right out of the box. You're gonna have to tweak,and tailor, and adjust, and guess what? All of that stuff is FRICTION of the highest order! 2. Awf ul Blog Layout : Once you setup a blog you need to cusomiz e it and find a theme that will actually attracts new customers and clients. The problem is if your not a designer you will have to hire someone who is which will cost time and money. You're focusing 100% on content and ignoring valuable design elements of your blog that can act as powerful boosters of traffic and leads for your business. You may even be driving away readers who can't focus on your content because of your awful layout Yes, as an inbound marketer, your blog content has to be amaz ing. However, a bad blog design can hamper even the best content. Think about it this way: would you buy an expensive sports car and drive around with four flat tires? You’d still be able to go fast, but not nearly as fast as you could be going. A clear, lead- focused blog design will help turbocharge the results of your inbound marketing content.
  3. 3. Use a tested blog layout like the ones found in the Blog Beast platform. A CLEAN SIDEBAR A blog’s sidebar can easily become the junkyard of the page. It’s all too easy to keep cluttering a sidebar until it has a seemingly endless list of useless widgets. Look at the sidebar of your blog. Does it really serve a purpose? Are those individual elements encouraging the behavior you want your readers to take? If the answer to either of these questions is “no,” then delete that element from your sidebar. The focus of your sidebar is to get users to take the actions you want. SIMPLE SORTING OF CONTENT Depending on how prolific of a writer you are and how long your business has been blogging, your blog design needs to make it easier for visitors to find older and relevant content. Keep your blog organiz ed and create categories. SUBSCRIPTION CTA Every visitor to your blog isn’t going to convert into a lead instantly. Some visitors will need to learn about your business over time. A way to help expedite this process is to get more visitors to subscribe to your blog via email. To do this, you need to have a clear call- to- action that encourages people to subscribe. PROMINENT HEADLINE FORMATTING In your blog design, make sure that your headline is formatted correctly. This means it needs to be the star of the show when it comes to the text on a page. Make sure it is significantly larger in font siz e than the body or subhead text on the page. This may seem like a small detail, but making your headers pop makes a huge difference! 3. Not leveraging Mobile Blogging: This Blunder means staying stuck behind your laptop or desktop to run your business. There are solutions available that make it completely unnecessary to stay chained to your desktop. We live in a mobile world where your business can literally live in your pocket. If you're not leveraging it to live the “mobile lifestyle” you’re living in a time when “Blog” was probably your neighbor’s name in the cave next door. Be honest. When you made up your mind to start an online business, one of the biggest r easons you probably made that decision was to do something you like and have freedom to live the lifestyle you want, right? Staying stuck behind your computer is just plain old masochism. Cut it out. With those examples alone you need to look further into just tapping into a regular ol' Blogging platform. Thats I plugged into the Blog Beast platform, which allows me an easy done for you you mobile blogging platform and so much more
  4. 4. Ill show you how to learn more about it in just a moment. First, I think its only right that I give you access to the rest of the 17 blogging blunders so that you can be fully informed on whats working and whats not So if you send an email to bloggingmobile@, I will send you a free copy along with a Bonus 4- part video training series that will teach you how to make money blogging from your smart phone. Second, to learn more about the Blog Beast platform click here Thanks for reading and please leave a comment below. - Jason Anello Connect with me on Facebook: Jason.Anello P.S. How I went from struggling to traveling the world and making money from my phone original source found here