At Last . . .A Garden Window as beautiful as your Home!  it back in your chair, and permityour disciplined inner self to r...
More and more, so it seems to me,                                                                                         ...
GARDEN WINDOW                                                                                                             ...
IMAGINE THE        POSSIBILITIES:       • Add up to twice the natural light         of a regular “flat” window to any     ...
Garden window brochure
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Garden window brochure


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Mahogany garden windows by Renaissance Conservatories.

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Garden window brochure

  1. 1. At Last . . .A Garden Window as beautiful as your Home! it back in your chair, and permityour disciplined inner self to relax.Reflect on a hundred sweet moments…the spicy bouquet of new mowngrass on the summer breeze…thesublime mystery of shooting stars atmidnight…the pleasurable pursuitof a good book.The possibilities are endless when youreplace your existing “flat” windowswith a beautiful custom RenaissanceGarden Window, hand-built for aperfect fit and finish! Model 9060G with natural wood interior & Pewter Gray painted exterior.Front Cover: Model 4050D with natural wood Appointments shown: 7/8" Simulatedinterior & exterior. Appointments shown: 7/8" Colonial Divided Lites & Gothic ArchesSimulated Colonial Divided Lites (front & (front & sides), Copper Roof Caps &sides), 7/8" Applied Colonial Roof Grilles, Outside Metals, Sleeve Mount withCopper Roof Caps & Outside Metals, Sleeve Mounting Sleeve Extension, Tongue-Mount with Mounting Sleeve Extension, And-Groove Base, Two Casement Sash,Removable Copper Drip Tray, Two Casement Decorative Corbel Supports, Clear HighSash, Decorative Corbel Supports, Clear High Performance Low-e Glass, Beige CustomPerformance Low-e Glass, Bronze Custom Architectural Series Sash Hardware,Architectural Series Sash Hardware, Shelf Shelf Hardware & Screen Frames.Hardware & Screen Frames, Glass Shelves.
  2. 2. More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building. Frank Lloyd Wright hrow discretion to the wind, put candles on the table, and serve forth a meal to remember. Such delights are necessary now and then to your body and your soul.Model 8050F with Satin White painted interior & Charleston Green painted exterior. Model GB 6050 with natural wood interior & White Cloud painted exterior. Appointments shown: Revival SeriesAppointments shown: 7/8" Simulated Prairie Divided Lites (front), Lead-Coated Copper Feature Package (Two Casement Sash, One Fixed Center Sash, Solid Bronze Sash Hardware in Silicone BronzeRoof Caps & Outside Metals, Sleeve Mount with Counter Top Extension, Two Casement Dark Finish, Beaded Window Moldings, Built-In Insect Screen/Shade Valences), 7/8" Simulated ColonialSash, Decorative Corbel Supports, Clear High Performance Low-e Glass, White Custom Divided Lites, Copper Roof Caps & Outside Metals, Rectangular Sleeve Mount with Mounting Sleeve Extension,Architectural Series Sash Hardware, Shelf Hardware & Screen Frames, Glass Shelves. Decorative Corbel Supports, Clear High Performance Low-e Glass, Retracting Rolling Insect Screens.
  3. 3. GARDEN WINDOW GARDEN BAY WINDOW RECTANGULAR DECORATIVE CORBELSLEEVE MOUNT (Shown) DECORATIVE CORBEL MOUNTING SLEEVE (Standard) SUPPORTS (Standard) SHOWN ABOVE: OPTIONAL CATHEDRAL MOUNTING SLEEVEFACE MOUNT (Not shown) SUPPORTS (Standard) LOCKING CASEMENT SASH CONCEALED BLINDS ADJUSTABLE GLASS ADJUSTABLE WOOD RETRACTING ROLLING (Standard with Revival Series, (Optional with Revival Series only) PLANT SHELF (Optional) PLANT SHELF (Optional) INSECT SCREENS optional with Custom (Optional with Revival Series only)REMOVABLE COPPER ADJUSTABLE WOOD ADJUSTABLE GLASS LOCKING CASEMENT SASH OR Architectural Series)DRIP TRAY (Standard) PLANT SHELF (Standard) PLANT SHELF (Standard) LOCKING AWNING SASH (Standard with Insect Screens) MOUNTING SLEEVE SELECTIONS & DIMENSIONAL REQUIREMENTS CUSTOM ARCHITECTURAL SERIES SASH HARDWARE SELECTIONS** 13" MAX. 4 1/2" ALL 45° MODELS* TOP VIEW 6 3/8" 16 5/8" (Minimum 23 1/8" (Minimum Clearance) Clearance) WHITE BRONZE BEIGE WALL OPENING R.O. WALL OPENING R.O. (INTERIOR VIEW) (INTERIOR VIEW) ROTO GEAR OPERATOR ALL 45° (Standard) MODELS* R EXTERIOR REVIVAL SERIES SOLID BRASS & BRONZE SASH HARDWARE SELECTIONS VIEW R.O. R.O. ( e) R.O. + 8 1/2" R.O. + 8 1/2" DIVIDED LITE OPTIONS 45° RECTANGULAR 45° CATHEDRAL MOUNTING 5/8" Simulated Divided LitesROOF SUN SCREENS DIVIDED LITE OPTIONS 21 5/8" (Minimum Clearance) MOUNTING SLEEVE (Standard) SLEEVE (Optional) 7/8" Simulated Divided Lites(Optional with Aluminum Caps only) 5/8" Simulated Divided Lites 7/8" True Divided Lites 0125 2104 2105 * 30° MODELS ALSO AVAILABLE 7/8" Simulated Divided Lites WHITE NAVAL NAVAL BRASS 7/8" True Divided Lites ROTO GEAR OPERATOR BRONZE BRASS SATIN BRUSHED SATIN SATIN OXIDIZED OIL (Optional) BRUSHED BRIUSHED DIPPED Detailed for Your Lifestyle WOOD SELECTIONS ROOF CAPS & OUTSIDE METALS SELECTIONS very Renaissance Garden Window is custom built-to-order. • Picture Windows & Pass-Through Sash Premium standard features include Cedro Mahogany framing, • Variable Roof Pitches PPG® Sungate® 500 Low-E glazing, operating sash with • Translucent, Opaque & Patterned Glass CEDRO WESTERN RED HONDURAN WHITE BRONZE CUSTOM COPPER PAINTABLE TRUTH HARDWARE,® adjustable plant shelves, • BRONZE CRAFT® Premium Sash Hardware MAHOGANY* CEDAR* MAHOGANY* ALUMINUM ALUMINUM COLOR (Optional) LEAD-COATED (Standard) COPPER decorative corbels, and a removable copper drip tray.*** • TRUTH HARDWARE® Motorized Sash Operators (Standard) (Optional) (Optional) (Standard) ALUMINUM* ADDITIONALWOOD SPECIES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. (Optional) (Optional) Preferred options include: • PHANTOM® Retractable Screen Solutions**SASH HARDWARE, SHELF HARDWARE & SCREEN FRAMES. • Historically Appropriate Divided Lites & Copper Caps • GORETM inLighten® Virtually Invisible Screens***STANDARD FEATURES VARY FROM MODEL TO MODEL. • Kitchen Counter Top Extensions • HUNTER DOUGLAS® Window FashionsSPECIFICATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. ACTUAL COLORS MAY VARY FROM THOSE DEPICTED.SEE PRINTED PRICE LISTS FOR ADDITIONAL DETAILS. • Window Seats • PHIFER® Solar Shading Products
  4. 4. IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES: • Add up to twice the natural light of a regular “flat” window to any room in your home. • Create panoramic views of your yard and garden. • Place all your favorite plants conveniently at your fingertips. • Enjoy fresh herbs, flowers and vegetables all year long. • Add space without the trouble and expense of “adding on.” • Extend your kitchen counter tops and window sills to the outdoors. • Replace your old, drafty, energy-wasting windows. • Add cozy window seats with build-in book shelves and storage cabinets. • Display your seasonal decorations in style. • Reward yourself and loved ones with The Window That Gives The Gift Of The Seasons!©R ENAISSANCE CONSERVATORIES 132 Ashmore Drive, Leola, Pennsylvania 17540 800.882.4657 717.661.7520 Fax 717.661.7727