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Innovtve lesson


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Innovtve lesson

  1. 1. INNOVATIVE LESOSON PLAN Name of the Student teacher : Jasmine. S. Roy Class : IX Name of the Supervising teacher: Dr. Mini. P Time : 45mins Subject : English Unit : III Name of the unit : Tales of Toil Issue : Lack of human resource development Lack of cohesive universal vision Sub issue :Dignity of labour Values, attitudes etc. to be kept work places Content Analysis “The Resignation” by Munshi Premchand depicts the life of a clerk, Lala Fatehchand and the series of mistreatment suffered by him under his Saheb. The first part of the story depicts the physical appearance of Fatehchand as well as his daily routine. It also tells the psychological weakness of Fatehchand. New Vocabulary Glare , Reprimand, frown, epitome, exaggeration, sunken Facts and Concepts The physical and mental picture of Fatehchand is narrated vividly. Curriculum Statements
  2. 2. a) The learner reads and enjoys short stories b) Reads and analyses literary texts and identifies the theme c) Understands the meaning of new words in suitable contexts d) Develops self reading habits. e) To think and evaluate critically the issues related to human resource development and to develop proper skills and attitudes needed for the development of human resource. Pre- requisites a) The learner have read short stories or watched films where employees are abused by employers. b) They are aware of the concept of dignity of labour. Teaching Learning Resources Audio visual aids ( Powerpoint presentation, video clips) References New Oxford Dictionary Teacher’s handbook ( class IX) Classroom interaction procedure Expected learner response Informal interaction The teacher communicates informally with students to create rapport with them Entry activity Teacher shows some powerpoint slides with famous quotes on dignity of labour and presents different type of labourers and their labour. Then teacher asks questions based on each slide.
  3. 3. ( 97.html) a) What does the first collage depicts? b )What does the second collage shows ? Link Talk Teacher then shows a video clip narrating about the condition of sewermen and their position and status in the society. Teacher makes them aware of the concept of dignity of labour by sharing her views on the topic. Now the teacher leads them to the short story “ The Resignation” (B.B) and introduces the writer showing his picture in powerpoint. Microprocessing of the input Reading The teacher reads the play aloud with correct pronunciation, stress and voice modulation. Individual reading Teacher asks the learners to read individually. A nurse caring a patient,a porter carrying luggages, a sewerman cleaning sewage hole, a farmer with his harvest. A rickshaw driver carrying a passenger, a woodcutter cutting logs of wood, sweepers sweeping the floor, miners.
  4. 4. Tracking Teacher asks the learners to track their reading by marking √/?/! Sharing with pair/peer Teacher now asks them to share their findings with their counterparts. Sitting in groups Teacher asks the learners to sit in groups and discuss their understanding with the group members. Glossary reference with the help of the teacher The teacher helps the learners to refer the glossary and find out the meaning of difficult words and provides them with situation and teaching aids to get the right meaning of the word. Teacher shows picture slides to give clues to different words and make the students arrive at the meaning by themselves with the use of powerpoint presentation. Megaphoning the doubts Teacher goes to each group and megaphones a doubt to the entire class and helps them to understand correctly Scaffolded reading What is the job of lala fatehchand ? Was fatehchand looking young? Describe the physical appearance of lala Clerk No Salt and pepper hair, poor eyesight, pale
  5. 5. fatehchand. Describe the daily routine of fatehchand Is he interested in entertainment or arts? Finding answers to the questions Teachers helps the students to find out answers to various questions in the coursebook. Reading aloud by the learner The teacher makes the learner to read the passage aloud one by one with correct pronounciation, stress and voice modulation. Discourse Construction Write a profile of Munshi Premchand Individual writing Teacher asks the learners to write down the discourse individually. Group writing Teacher asks the learners to sit in groups and share their points and refine their writing Presentation and editing Teacher directs each group to present their points. Teacher helps the learners to edit it. Teacher’s version Teacher presents her version of the complexion, sunken cheeks, back was bent. Fatehchand goes to office at 9am and returns home at 6pm.He has no contacts with the outside world. He was no concerned with religion nor with poor He had no interest in arts, cinema or in sports.
  6. 6. discourse. Learners make necessary corrections in their writings. Assignment Write a speech on the topic “Dignity of labour”