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Jasmine day magazine covers 1


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This is a presentation with an analysis on front covers, double spreads and contents pages of magazines.

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Jasmine day magazine covers 1

  1. 1. Magazine Analysis
  2. 2. The masthead; NME really stands out on the magazine cover. This is because the colour is bright and the font is bold. The masthead ‘NME’ is a house style because its always in the same place on every magazine. This is because, people can notice it easy. The slogan ‘Florence takes America’ stands out a lot on the page. This is appealing because it is italic and different to the rest of the font of text on the page. The colour of the slogan and masthead contrasts with the colour of her hair and this gives a good effect. The shot used is a long shot – you can see the whole of her body. This shows that she is dominating the magazine cover. Her facial expression draws you in too look at her.
  3. 3. The shot used on this magazine cover is a medium close shot. Her facial expression gives an impression that she doesn’t care what people think and she is quite confident. The fact the picture is in black and white, it gives a good definition. The colours work well together and the slogan stands out more than any other text on the cover. This is because is bold and in black writing. The masthead and slogan are opposite colours so there both catching too the eye. The colour of the background makes the image stand out more because of the difference in colour. This colour would be used because its bright and funky which is like Rihanna’s music. There is only a little bit of writing around the side of the magazine cover. This shows that Rihanna is centre of attention and there isnt much too look at.
  4. 4. The picture of Madonna stands out quite a lot. The shot used is a close medium shot. The rim of her hood draws your eyes to the picture. An advantage of this is that she is a real icon to everybody and the fact she is a big celebrity makes the magazine more noticeable. Her face is serious and shows she is very confident. The slogan stands out and dominates the page. Also, it matches the colour of the masthead. This makes the magazine look more sophisticated because there are not a lot of colours. And also, it frames Madonna’s photo. The splash at the bottom of the page is used to draw peoples attention. The words “FREE INSIDE” stands out and will encourage people to buy it because its free!
  5. 5. The picture on the left hand side of the page it the lead singer of the band so that makes it more alluring to people because people will know who he is. The shot used is a medium shot. This is used because it shoes good detail, but too much as a long shot would. The film trailer is a good effect to the magazine. This is used because this is around the time that their documentary DVD come out on sale therefore, this matches it quite well. The stream of writing that is down the side of the right hand side of the page stands out and this is because its contains completely different information to the rest if the text and they want you too read that. The colour theme is quite basic but the red font stands out with the information they want you to notice before anything else.
  6. 6. The large icon on the right hand side of the page is used to attract the readers attention. This gives the reader a clear understand who and what the text will be about. The text is used in columns so that It is clear too read. This breaks the writing up so that it doesn’t seem tedious to the reader. Also it is used so the reader can scan through the text more easily. The colour scheme is simple so that it doesn’t draw your attention away – and it puts more emphasis on the importance of the article. Also, there is more attention on the information rather then the presentation.
  7. 7. The photograph on the left hand side of the page is a eye catcher for the reader. This is because they are well known stars, and when the reader flicks through the magazine, they will be noticeable. The text that stands out the most on the page is the heading “will he wont he?” This is because it is in bold, upper case font. And the colour of it matches the colour of the clothing that the band is wearing. This shows that everything on this page is to do with them. The text is the same length of the photo on the other side of the page. The highlighted text in the middle section of the page stands out and breaks up the information for the reader.
  8. 8. The photograph of Bono is very effective. The fact he is hiding his face behind a newspaper shows that the photo below is illusive and may be his dream. The left hand side of the magazine is dominated by writing. This stands out because it is a big contrast; white background next to a black and white photograph. The letter A at the start of the text is eye catching. The colour red may have been used because that's the most important part of the text.
  9. 9. The photo used on this contents page is a long shot and this is used to see their full identity and even too see the surroundings. A quote used on there picture is by one of the band groups parents; “ he's just showing off” - this links to the picture because he looks as if he is showing off in the photo. This contents page is quite simple and easy to follow. That is good because you don’t get overpowered by information when you try and find the relevant page. The colour scheme is plain. The only bit of bright colour is the red, and this highlights different sections in the magazine, which makes it more organized.
  10. 10. The small image in the centre of the page is used too attract the reader attention and tends to introduce you to a story that is to be later read in the magazine. The voucher promotion at the bottom of the page stands out because of the bright lettering in upper case. This attracts the reader attention because it is offering a discount to something. This seams appealing to the reader. The text is a funky font to match the genre of the magazine. However, I think that scanning through this contents page would be quite confusing as the text isn't clear and it looks too compact.
  11. 11. This contents is minimalistic and has a good effect too it. The picture and the title immediately capture attention. The title stands out because of its bold, chunky white writing been on a black background. This makes it instantly noticeable. The way the text is laid out on the page is effective. Its like the writing is listed down the side of her leg. This draws the readers attention. How her body is on the floor, this frames the contents page. The colours used on this contents page are plain and simple but I think that is what makes it so eye catching, it gives it a sophisticated look.