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  1. 1. TEAM 190
  2. 2. THIS IS HOW WE DO IT. HEY, WE GET IT. There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to what to drink. In fact, there’s over 850 combined brand and flavor choices of iced tea and fruit juice drinks alone... When did this all get so complicated? In 1972, we were one of the only choices. But now, we’re getting swallowed in the depths of coolers and shelves across the country. Meanwhile, you’re paralyzed in decision making quicksand. But there’s no need to be stumped. Because we’ve been there since the beginning with the flavors you didn’t expect and with the facts you didn’t think you needed to know. And that’s why you love us. That’s why the decision is actually easy. You don’t need to get lost in all the options. Because in a world full of decisions, choosing an iced tea shouldn’t be a hard one. That’s why our campaign positions Snapple as the no-brainer. Objectives Target Market Research Insight Recap Strategy Statement Creative Strategy Media Plan Phase 1 Creative Phase 2 Creative Phase 3 Creative Evaluation + Budget 2 3 4 7 8 9 10 11 15 17 24 1
  3. 3. 1 2 +$190,320,000 THE $190 MILLION ASK Total sales increase of 49% That’s a big ask. So to do that, we first need to learn more about the people we’re targeting. You asked us to create an integrated holistic marketing campaign for 2017 to grow Snapple Trademark TM volume in the United States, as well as develop a dual strategy that targets both the Heartland and the Non-Heartland. So, using 2014 sales figures from Business Insights, we calculated the following: = $156,000,000 = $34,320,000+ BY GROWING BRAND RELEVANCE THROUGH ENGAGEMENT GROW BUYING RATE OF HEAVY USERS FROM 9X - 10X A YEAR IN THE HEARTLAND BY DRIVING TRIAL AND CONVERTING HIGH AWARENESS TO TOP OF MIND AWARENESS GROW BUYING RATE OF LIGHT USERS FROM 1X - 3X A YEAR IN THE NON-HEARTLAND So at the end of the year you want 2 =$78,000,000 =$312,000,000 20% of sales from light users 80% of sales from heavy users +200% sales increase + +11% sales increase +
  4. 4. WHO’S GOING TO DRINK ALL THAT SNAPPLE? So they drink a lot of different brands. Our next step was to find out why. We have one nation of Snapple drinkers, not divided by region but united in their love for RTD iced tea and fruit juice drinks. We were asked to provide a dual strategy targeting Snapple light users in the Non-Heartland and heavy users in the Heartland. To find out more about them, we launched a nationally representative survey of 519 iced tea and fruit juice drinkers within the target of M/F 18-49. Since we were asked to increase consideration and top of mind brand preference for each group, we evaluated where the heavy and light users stood for each of the stages: AWARENESS (aided awareness) BRAND RELEVANCE (consideration set) LIGHT USERSHEAVY USERS 97% 94% 51% 49% Interestingly, the awareness and brand relevance percentages were nearly identical. The competitors in the consideration set are basically the same. OTHER BRANDS IN CONSIDERATION SET Next, we looked at each group’s consideration sets to see what brands they are comprised of: We also took a look at consumption in the Heartland and Non-Heartland of both groups and found something surprising: We found an opportunity we couldn’t ignore, that changes the way we viewed our target market and how we approach this case. We could target one group of RTD iced tea and fruit juice drinkers across the US. They’re on-the-go everyday folks, both male and female.1 They know and love Snapple, but are drinking other brands as well because of convenience and price. We’re going to make Snapple their brand again. Both have a strong and nearly equal presence in the Heartland and Non-Heartland. Heartland Light Users- 56% Heavy Users- 44% Non-Heartland Light Users- 46% Heavy Users- 54% 3 TARGET INSIGHT
  5. 5. BRINGING IN THE BIG GUNS. TASTE PRICE HEALTH BENEFITS VARIETY OF FLAVORS According to our primary research, respondents overwhelmingly reported taste to be the biggest reason people choose these drinks. We decided it only made sense to see how Snapple ranked against the competition in terms of taste. Based on personal experiences, we expected Snapple to take the top spot. So we went to certified beverage tasting experts, hoping they would confirm our hypothesis that Snapple, in fact, had the best taste, but unfortunately they didn’t. Snapple ranked 2nd and 3rd against top competitors in several rounds of blind taste testing. As a matter of fact, there was no clear winner at all in terms of taste. But we didn’t get too concerned because Snapple customers aren’t beverage tasting experts, they’re just regular people- and they know what they like. SO WE GOT THEIR OPINIONS TOO After another 164 taste tests, Snapple continued to underperform for blind taste. We started getting nervous, because we were so confident taste would be our campaign theme. But at least it couldn’t be anyone else’s either. 75% 10% 4% 4% IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TASTE... ISN’T IT? So we had to see what else this research could tell us. So we asked: What is the most important factor in choosing an iced tea or fruit juice drink? Here’s the top four: No one can own taste, so why go there? MESSAGE INSIGHT 4
  6. 6. PERCEPTION IS REALITY GLASS BOTTLE SNAPPLE FACTS VARIETY OF FLAVORS89% 82% 90% SETTING TRENDS #1 BRAND RANKED MOST UNIQUE #1 BRAND EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS #1 BRAND According to Millward Brown, brand health is measured by these three pillars, so we looked at how Snapple stacked up. We asked taste test participants, “What brand do you think you selected as your #1 choice (in terms of taste)?” Just analyzing this one question of perception changed our perception on “losing”. And while Snapple didn’t win in actual taste, customers thought they did, which meant the brand won in perception. Then nothing should stand in the way of easily achieving the objectives, right?Consumer’s perception of Snapple’s brand gives it equity above just the product. BRAND INSIGHT TASTE PERCEPTION LOYALTY PERCEPTION 87% 60% 35% 38% 38% + = EQUITY PERCEPTION GAP There is something going on here, people are giving Snapple more credit than you’d think. We define this as Snapple’s “equity lift” and using our primary research we looked at what brand elements got them there. So what’s making them think Snapple is so great? We asked our survey participants “Would you switch brands if your favorite flavor wasn’t available?” Interestingly, we found that even though Snapple drinkers drink other brands, they claim loyalty to Snapple. 5 % who said they would not switch#1 in perception of taste #1 in actual blind taste
  7. 7. Less Healthy More Healthy Lifestyle Messaging Product Messaging Lifestyle messaging More healthy Less healthy Product messaging THIS IS ALL JUST TOO MUCH MORE MESSAGES. Each brand is trying to carve out a spot in the shelf space of the consumer’s consideration set. From saying, “You Make the Memories, We Make the Tea” or “Be More Tea” it seems everyone is trying to find deeper meaning in these basic drinks. But does that help in the moment of purchase decision? MORE NOISE. When we looked at the category landscape, the conversation was completely flooded with national and regional brands contributing to the conversation.2 What are they all saying? Lipton 11% Gold Peak 9% Pure Leaf 7% Nestea 5%Brisk 2% Snapple 14% Other brands 52% Given the current landscape, what is Snapple to do? Snapple’s reality: With more and more brands entering the fridge, it’s become increasingly confusing for customers to choose- and for brands to stand out. COMPETITION INSIGHT 1880 1972 Lipton OceanSpray CrystalLight MinuteMaid Nestea NakedJuiceDelMonte Calypso Powerade NantucketNectars Tampico BriskbyPepsi PureLeafArizona MightyLeafTea FruitopiaEvolutionFresh CapitalTeas Fuze Suja MysticJuice Sobe,SweetLeaf,HonestTea TaoofTea,NumiTea,TwoLeavesTea Steaz,SwitchJuice IzzeSoda,Kevita,Bai,Frava GoldPeak LiptonbyPepsi,SparklingIce,Barry’sTea,JoeTea Tradewinds,TazoTea TODAY As one of the first brands in the category, Snapple enjoyed top of mind awareness. Then everyone else showed up... And this is where things started to change. As more and more brands entered the market, consumers were given a lot more to consider. But research shows this isn’t always a good thing. Hick’s Law states that “recall time is conversely affected by the number of alternate options present”- which is the kiss of death for any brand trying to stand out. MORE COMPETITORS. 6 Share of Voice
  8. 8. NOW WHAT? TARGET MESSAGE BRAND COMPETITION No brand can own taste because there was no clear winner in taste tests. WHAT Consumer’s perception of Snapple’s brand gives it equity above just the product. WHAT We have one nation of Snapple drinkers, not divided by region but united in their love for RTD iced tea and fruit juice drinks. WHAT Snapple’s reality: With more and more brands entering the fridge, it’s become increasingly confusing for customers to choose- and for brands to stand out. WHAT Change the conversation. SO WHAT Leverage Snapple’s brand equity. SO WHAT Deliver a universal message. SO WHAT Eliminate the confusion. SO WHAT So after 519 surveys, 164 taste tests, 300+ 1-on-1 interviews, 196 observational store visits, and looking at 100+ secondary sources, you know what we realized? 7 WELL, LET’S RECAP
  9. 9. In a crowded category, there’s an opportunity for a brand with strong equity to cut through the confusion and truly stand out. And when choosing an iced tea, the consumer no longer has to despair. Because in a sea of choices, choosing a Snapple just makes sense. Consumers know it, love it, and let’s face it, they really aren’t all that committed to any other brand. So next time they find themselves staring dazed and confused at a cooler full of options, the decision is easy. THERE’S A NO-BRAINER CHOICE. AND IT’S SNAPPLE. JUST GRAB THE BEST STUFF. 8
  10. 10. OWNING THE CONFUSION BY ACKNOWLEDGING IT Our creative is designed to increase brand relevance and encourage consumption by reminding consumers that in a world full of choices, choosing Snapple is a no-brainer, the choice that has never let them down. This unique creative strategy changes the category conversation and leverages how the target feels about the brand- that Snapple is unique and sets trends. We pay off the brand elements that, in our survey, resonated high with our target- the glass bottle and the facts. We also leverage other key brand elements that Snapple has used consistently over the years- the pop of the cap and the line “The Best Stuff”. Our copy is quirky and humble, reflecting the brand’s personality. By reminding consumers what they love about Snapple, we can reinforce to them it truly is the best choice- thus eliminating confusion when they go into the store. We leverage different facets of Snapple’s brand equity, like the facts, throughout the campaign. Grab is our call to action. The Best Stuff plays off why Snapple is the best choice, while leveraging the equity in Snapple’s popular tagline. Referencing indecision reinforces the idea that there’s too many options in the category. We include a product shot for added reinforcement. 9
  11. 11. We change the conversation about the category by addressing a universal truth: the overwhelming number of options confuses consumers. We position Snapple as the no-brainer solution to the category problem acknowledged in phase 1. We amplify our spend during this time due to a lack of share of voice in this time frame. We drive conversion by reminding the consumer to choose Snapple more often. We leverage brand equity through Snapply executions, reminding people why they love the brand. Our communication model follows a holistic integrated approach, leveraging the consumer’s love of RTD iced tea and their affinity for Snapple. With a universal message focused on positioning Snapple as the no-brainer choice in the category, our media strategy is designed to move consumers from confusion to consumption. Because it is almost impossible to own shelf space in a store, we must own the space in the consumer’s mind so that when they walk into the store, the purchase decision has already been made. THIS IS HOW WE DO IT We run a national campaign in 2017 employing TV, digital, online radio, and social throughout the year. We leverage TV’s high impact and high reach to grow brand relevance and brand preference while reinforcing Snapple’s brand personality and equity. We layer in :30 and :15 spots to maximize our GRPs. In addition, digital and social are used to position Snapple as a culturally relevant brand. We use outdoor, in-store, and other regional tactics during peak consumption months, concentrating on 31 DMAs that index high in terms of Snapple, the competition and social engagement. They also represent areas where Snapple has ample distribution. This manifests in three distinct phases: ADDRESSING THE PROBLEM PROVIDING A SOLUTION DRIVING CONSUMPTION PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 AWARENESS CONSIDERATION CONVERSION V Newspaper Y Takeover Tumblr Promotion TV Display Banner Search Online Radio Youtube Prerolls Twitter Promotion ending Machines Taxi Cause Marketing Radio In-Store Wall Murals Gas Stations Bus Shelters Billboards JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUNE JULY AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 10 ouTube uTube
  12. 12. CREATING BUZZ... THE OLD FASHIONED WAY To launch the campaign in a “buzzworthy” way, we issue a Snapple apology letter designed to introduce the category problem of overwhelming options and lay the groundwork of setting up Snapple as the solution. This softly branded content showcases Snapple’s humble and quirky personality thus further driving brand relevance with current customers. We launch the campaign with a full page ad in the print and digital versions of 3 major newspapers: We reach new audiences by utilizing these newspapers’ digital experiences, like The Wall Street Journal’s Discover Stories on Snapchat. Making a major splash in newspapers lets us hit all major markets, while increasing the probability of earned impressions. 11 PHASE 1 Acknowledge the problem Change the conversation Create buzz TV AD
  13. 13. To kick off our campaign in phase 1, we run :15 spots to help establish the campaign premise of indecision. We raise awareness of this problem by administering our faux public service announcement. We run 100 GRP’s per week on networks that index high with both Snapple customers and the competition.3 143 150 111 117 139 151 154 SNAPPLE I INTERNET RADIO SPOT I INDECISIONITIS :30 VO: (Spoken like an announcer) We’re interrupting whatever you’re listening to for a VERY, VERY important message. Ask yourself. Are you infected? With INDECISIONITIS? THE IMPENDING DOOM OF TOO MANY TEAS TO CHOOSE FROM. THE UNBEARABLE WALL OF OPTIONS WHEN ALL YOU WANTED WAS SOMETHING TO DRINK?! Symptoms include: long drawn out stares in front of coolers, dopey expressions, occasional drooling, hair ripping, and head banging in manic frustration. Don’t let indecisionitis get the best of you. This message was brought to you by Snapple. (Sound Effect: Original Snapple mnemonic device) Text on screen: Emergency broadcast message, alert issued by the best stuff, indecisionitis sweeping the nation Music: Emergency Alert sound effects Action: Jasmine is looking into the cooler, frustrated by all the options Music: Emergency Alert sound effects Action: Natalie looks into the cooler confused by all the options Music: Emergeny Alert sound effects Text on screen: “Indecisionitis... Music: Emergency Alert sound effects Text on Screen: “This condition effects 10 out of every 10 people” FX: Rolling text Music: Emergency Alert sound effects Text on Screen: This message was brought to you by Snapple Music: Original Snapple mnemonic device LINK TO COMMERCIALS According to eMarketer, 75% of the target uses Spotify and 80% uses Pandora. So we run this :30 spot on these websites to further emphasize our creative theme. :15 YOU’RE INFECTED PSA ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM INDECISIONITIS? 12
  14. 14. During phase 1, various digital executions further push the creative in both paid and organic forms. We use a YouTube takeover to introduce our campaign theme and bring users to watch our :15 pre-roll. We also buy the keyword “indecisionitis” on Google Adwords to leverage consumers searching this new word, then direct them to Our overall digital strategy recognizes that, while not an e-commerce site, is full of interesting content that goes a long way toward driving brand relevance. We use a combination of banner ads, YouTube pre-rolls, and a takeover, as well as paid search to drive users to to avail themselves of phase-related content. Of course, we layer in social as well, but more on that later. We leverage the cost-effectiveness of programmatic buying for our banner ads. We filter our ads to reach our target of 18-49 year olds. We also filter in regards to temperature; when the weather gets warmer, our ads are displayed more frequently. SNAPPLE.COM PHASE 1 LANDING PAGE REINFORCING THE PROBLEM 13
  15. 15. PLANTING THE SEEDS ONLINE... ORGANICALLY Because 31% of our target is active on Tumblr,4 we pay for Snapple’s blog to trend to amass followers. We post our apology letter to take advantage of its high virality, as well as other seeds planted on sites like Craigslist. To gain social traction, we spread teasers around the internet. On Urban Dictionary, we play up the difficult decision of choosing a drink and introduce our term of “indecisionitis”. As one of the most popular fake news sources on the internet, we make fun of how ridiculous “indecisionitis” is, showing Snapple doesn’t take itself too seriously. 14
  16. 16. OWNING THE SOLUTION We continue our TV buy into the phase 2, showcasing new creative highlighting Snapple as the solution to the problem of indecision. We launch with a :30 anthem spot that positions Snapple as the only viable solution to the problem of too many choices. We introduce our campaign tagline and pay off each spot with a shot of the consumer “just grabbing the best stuff” and the pop of the cap. We keep the level of GRPs consistent with phase 1. Action: Mike looks into the cooler, with a confused expression Music: Elevator music Action: Shot of Mike facing cooler, with his hands on his head Music: Elevator music Action: Shot of Mike’s face, with an overwhelmed expression Music: Elevator music Action: Mike realizes when he sees something in the cooler Music: Cuts to upbeat music Action: Mike grabs a Snapple out of the cooler Music: Upbeat VO: Don’t let indecision get the best of you! Just grab the best stuff LOGO UP Music: Original Snapple mnemonic device VO: Grab a Snapple SNAPPLE I INTERNET RADIO SPOT I OPTION OVERLOAD :15 VO: (Spoken with a purpose) Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering from extreme indecision? No one’s perfect! We’ve got the facts, the flavor, the taste, and the same popping cap you know and love! When you’re dealing with option overload, just grab the best stuff, grab a Snapple! (Sound Effect: Original Snapple mnemonic device) :30 JUST GRAB THE BEST STUFF TV LINK TO COMMERCIALS Because 75% of our target uses Spotify and 80% use Pandora,5 we introduce this new :15 spot to continue to drive home that Snapple is the solution to the problem of indecisionitis. 15 PHASE 2 Establish Snapple as the solution Leverage brand equity/loyalty Eliminate confusion Introduce - Just Grab the Best Stuff
  17. 17. Action: Jasmine looks excited as she finally spots a Snapple VO: BUT, it can be avoided Action: Jasmine opens the cooler and reaches for a Snapple VO: Just grab the best stuff LOGO UP Music: Original Snapple mnemonic device VO: Grab a Snapple! Action: Jasmine looks into the cooler with a confused expression VO: What you are witnessing is an extreme case of indecisionitis Action: Natalie looks frustrated at all the options VO: Indecisionitis affects 10 out of every 10 people Action: Jayson looks into the cooler, with a confused expression VO: Including you :15 INDECISIONITIS RESOLVED STILL OWNIN’ IT This spot further emphasizes Snapple as the solution. Buying :15 spots allow us to maximize our TV spend. Phase 2 banner ads reflect the next stage of the creative as well, driving the target to the new landing page on SNAPPLE.COM PHASE 2 LANDING PAGE 16 LINK TO COMMERCIAL
  18. 18. GETTIN’ SNAPPLY WITH IT Action: Looks at Snapple fact on cap. VO: Today you learned that Tennessee was previously named Franklin after Benjamin Franklin. :15 REWIND We launch phase 3 TV with a :15 spot that focuses on playing up brand equity and serves as a reminder that Snapple is the right choice. We run 100 GRPs every other week, layering in radio when we’re dark on TV. All other phase 3 creative works hard to keep our theme and the brand top of mind during this time frame. This TV spot also lives on radio, which runs during morning drive time to make the brand top of mind during lunchtime decisions. We run on formats that, according to MRI+, index high with 18-49 year olds using each DMA’s top contemporary stations- like Z100 in NYC. Phase 3 landing page Action: Pibby takes a drink of Snapple. VO: How did you learn that? Because before you read the fact, you chose to sip. Action: Pibby is shown walking backwards to fridge. VO: And before you sipped, you popped the cap. Action: Pibby looks confused VO: And before you popped that cap, you avoided the decisions. Action: Finds Snapple in the fridge. VO: And grabbed the Best Stuff on Earth. LOGO UP Music: Original Snapple mnemonic device VO: Grab a Snapple! SNAPPLE.COM PHASE 3 LANDING PAGE 17 TV PHASE 3 Drive consumption Reminder advertising Stay Snapply
  19. 19. BORN IN NY, MADE FOR 30 OTHER DMAS During phase 3 we layer in regional tactics in 31 DMAs selected based on high CDI, high BDI, high levels of social engagement, and strong distribution of Snapple. This regional strategy protects Snapple’s strongest markets while providing an opportunity to steal market share in others. 1. New York City, NY 2. Boston, MA 3. Philadelphia, PA 4. Buffalo, NY 5. Baltimore, MD 6. Hartford, CT 7. Syracuse, NY 8. Albany, NY 9. Washington, D.C. 10. Pittsburgh, PA 11. Los Angeles, CA 12. Des Moines, IA 13. Detroit, MI 14. Chicago, IL 15. St. Paul, MN 16. Dallas, TX 17. Houston, TX 18. Atlanta, GA 19. Seattle, WA 20. Miami, FL 21. Oklahoma City, OK 22. Nashville, TN 23. Wichita, KS 24. Omaha, NE 25. Salt Lake City, UT 26. Milwaukee, WI 27. Denver, CO 28. Phoenix, AZ 29. New Orleans, LA 30. Charlotte, NC 31. Tampa, FL To pay homage to Snapple’s roots, we run wall mural ads in New York City. They run close to independent retail outlets, to add a timely brand touchpoint before purchase. To increase the likelihood of organic social, we integrate Snapple’s Snapchat identifier. According to MRI+, outdoor indexes on average at 111 with RTD iced tea consumers and is a great medium for reminder advertising. We layer in posters and bus shelters to support our radio ads. We run in locations close to retail outlets, thus being close to the moment of purchase decision. 10 6 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 2425 26 27 28 29 30 31 18
  20. 20. JUST GRAB THE SOCIAL STUFF Our social strategy amplifies our offline creative and grows brand relevance through engaging tactics while respecting each unique social community. Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat’s landmark tactics make a splash in a big way. Our content calendar, integrated with our overall campaign, drives home our message: just grab the best stuff. By bringing the brand and our message into real life situations, we position Snapple as culturally relevant- thus increasing the potential for organic shares and the likelihood consumers will buy more. Tumblr is where brands find their cult followers. Snapple has an opportunity to not only find their superfans, but to connect with the larger Tumblr community as well. The irrelevant, funny, and quirky Snapply persona resonates with Tumblr users who share similar traits. 62% of our target uses Twitter,5 so we use this platform to cure indecisionitis beyond the cooler by putting a twist on Snapple’s beloved “real facts”. Users share the tough decisions in their lives with @Snapple and sign their tweets with #SaveMeSnapple. The shockingly relevant (and not so relevant) advice the real facts provide will engage Twitter’s fun-loving community in a Snapply way. We use a promoted hashtag to increase reach. #SAVEMESNAPPLE SNAPPLE ON TUMBLR 19
  21. 21. ...AND DON’T LET IT GO AMAZON DASH BUTTON Snapple can join the growing roster of Amazon’s Dash buttons. When consumers are about to run out of Snapple, they simply click the button, which is linked to their accounts, and it fulfills their next order- making it easy for consumers to order more often. To further integrate Snapple’s voice into pop culture and our target’s daily activities, we extend our use of Spotify with customized Snapply playlists celebrating each month’s quirkiest holidays. SNAPPLY MONTHLY PLAYLISTS 20 72.5% of our target uses Facebook Messenger,6 the second most downloaded app in the world. We launch a tactic where users are able to send a Snapple to anyone in their network by tagging a friend with #CureIndecisionitis and arranging payment within Messenger. #CUREINDECISIONIS BY SENDING SNAPPLE
  22. 22. BEING IN THE MOMENT Because 25% of all Snapple sales come from convenience stores, we leverage opportunities to advertise in this domain. We run on average in 10 convenience stores per DMA, for a total of 310 stores. We partner with major chains like 7-Eleven, Circle K, and Speedway. But before consumers get to the store, they’ll see a nearby Snapple billboard. BILLBOARD RTDCOOLERS GAS PUMPS According to General Mills survey data, 38% of all convenience store food and beverage shoppers’ journeys begin at the gas pump, so we run quirky :15 spots on gas pump TVs in 21 Non-Heartland DMAs. The branded touchpoints continue on the path to the cash register, with advertising on ice chests outside and stickers on fresh food choices inside the store. All these executions work hard to raise top of mind brand awareness. We use decals on the fridges with our new Snapchat bottle image recognition technology, further driving purchase. DELI SANDWICHES 21
  23. 23. Renting advertising space in Walmart is easy by utilizing Walmart’s Smart Network, which reaches over 7.9 million shoppers every week.8 So, we run on endcaps with video display screens to show our :15 spots. Consumers see these spots in the grocery department, helping to eliminate doubt at the moment of purchase. 66% of grocery shoppers make their ultimate purchase decisions in-store.7 We design merchandise outposts on wheels so we can optimize department placement of this “media vehicle.” The frequency of this tactic increases top of mind brand awareness and drives consumption The interchangeable signs on the display allow us to reinforce our message by leveraging the many legs of our creative. BEING IN THE STORE 22 We run billboards like this right before our customers get to grocery stores, making Snapple more top of mind as they enter the store. 55% of Snapple’s business comes from grocery stores, but our strategy recognizes that it is difficult to own advertising real estate in these locations due to conflicting store management priorities and policies. We’ve come up with a plan that leverages the moment of decision and increases conversion while having the least impact on store operations- thus making it more likely for retail partners to implement our strategy. We translate our strategy into the top grocery chains across the country: Albertson’s, Kroger, Aldi, and Stop & Shop.
  24. 24. BEING AT THE END 23 TRY AGAIN WINNING CAP To further leverage brand equity, we introduce branded vending machines in our 31 DMAs. Customers have 30 seconds to choose the button they hope wins the free limited edition flavor, Eye of the Acai. But like Tom Petty said, even the losers get lucky sometimes, winning Snapple caps. We monitor social activity through #VendAndSnap. PLAY YOUR PART According to MSL Group, our target prefers easy ways to give back. So, we launch customizable, plantable 4-packs in the Non-Heartland DMAs. These 4-packs are designed to increase consumption, introduce limited time offerings, like the newly-created Eye of the Acai, and help beautify urban environments. Additionally, 82% of survey respondents said they were willing to try a new flavor. The 4-pack lets them do just that, while we monitor their engagement through #PlantAPack. In NYC, we partner with Do Something to launch our Drink Your Part event on Earth Day. We promote this event using interactive Taxi TV screen ads that drive consumers to the cause marketing page on DRINK YOUR PART
  25. 25. DID IT WORK? 24 David Ogilvy said, “Never stop testing and your advertising will never stop improving.” Today the ability to test and adapt the campaign message and platform is more essential than ever. So we set progress goals for each week of the campaign, which we monitor to make data-focused changes. We use several key performance indicators to evaluate the success of our campaign: We use Sprout S ocial, partnered with each social platform’s analytics tools, to monitor all digital presences and discover what keywords and creative are performing best between platforms as well as the earned media conversations happening around the campaign. Google Analytics will be our go-to analytics tool for understanding what sources, both paid and organic, are driving traffic to We use Qualtrics to administer surveys at the end of March and early July to track increases in brand relevance and top of mind awareness. This measures the impact of our offline media (TV, outdoor, newspaper and radio ads) in Heartland and Non-Heartland areas, specifically in our 31 DMAs. CTR CTR and Playlist follows 4-pack sales and #PlantAPack engagement CTR + time watching pre-roll Sales figures and conversation Sponsored hashtag reach Followers and engagement with posts #VendAndSnap engagement Engagement with geofilters MEDIUM COST IMPRESSIONS TV $5,935,620 YouTube Takeover $400,000 9,240,000 Phase 1 Newspaper $1,050,000 4,157,771 Sponsor Tumblr Blog $25,000 697,000 Display Banner 40,909,091 Search $5,000 20,000 Online Radio $40,000 4,500,000 Phase 2 TV $5,935,620 Display Banner $30,000 40,909,091 Search $5,000 20,000 Online Radio $40,000 4,500,000 Youtube Prerolls $48,000 320,000 Sponsored Twitter Hashtag $200,000 80,000,000 MEDIUM COST IMPRESSIONSMEDIUM COST IMPRESSIONS TV $5,935,620 YouTube Takeover $400,000 9,240,000 Newspaper $1,050,000 4,157,771 Sponsor Tumblr Blog $25,000 697,000 Display Banner 40,909,091 Search $5,000 20,000 Online Radio $40,000 4,500,000 TV Display Banner 40,909,091 Search $5,000 20,000 Online Radio $40,000 4,500,000 YouTube Prerolls $48,000 320,000 Sponsored Twitter Hashtag $200,000 80,000,000 Production Costs/Agency Fees $2,000,000 Contingency Posters (Billboards) $6,671,304 168,379,200 Bus Shelters $789,975 18,511,780 Gas Station Video $1,204,350 7,440,000 Radio $2,384,100 289,402,139 Wall Murals $417,691 5,222,139 Cause Marketing $300,000 - Taxi $17,500 5,751,000 $100,000 - Vending Machine $20,000 2,100,000 Total Phase 3 Display Banner $1,800,000 122,727,272 Search $40,000 60,000 Online Radio $320,000 35,000,000 YouTube Prerolls $72,000 480,000 In-store $3,050,000 730,988,160 Snapchat $250,000 - 299,149,857 299,149,857 TV $11,871,240 598,299,715 2,758,934,073$47,391,680 $2,608,320 $225,000 $7,884,900 $225,000 Messenger Partnership Online Radio $320,000 26,000,000
  26. 26. 25 WE THINK SO. You asked us to grow brand relevance We did this and more with a universal message that recognizes the target’s love of iced tea and fruit juice drinks, leverages their preference for Snapple, and by employing engaging creative and social tactics that change the conversation about the category. You asked us to drive trial We did this and more with a 3 phase media strategy dedicated to positioning Snapple as the only viable option a crowded category, converting high awareness to top of mind brand preference by leveraging Snapple’s strong brand equity. You asked us to grow purchase frequency We did this and more by taking consumers from confusion to consideration and finally consumption, and with a regional strategy that’s running when people are most thirsty. You asked us to grow Snapple TM Volume in the US We did this and more with a holistic integrated campaign that delivers on this ultimate objective and results in a $140 million return on investment. +
  27. 27. SOURCES AdAge AdWeek Amazon 7 Business Insider Business Insight Contently Digital Music News The Economist 5 EMarketer Facebook Forbes General Mills The Hartman Group Lamar Marketing Performance Group 3 MRI+ National Library of Medicine (US) NSAC Case Study The New York Times Penna Powers Pepsi Co. 4 1 Simmons Oneview Social Media Today Statista Statistic Brain 2 Stradegy Tea Association 6 VentureBeat 8 Walmart Smart Network Wired Zagat