Under the bed


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Under the bed

  1. 1. Under the bed By Jas McKell An Original Screenplay c/o Hampstead Fine Arts College NW3 4PG mail@hampsteadfineartscollege 02075860312
  2. 2. 1 EXT. ROAD JUNCTION. DAY 1 Tilly a 16 year old dark haired small girl is stood at a junction. She looks around at three street names leading in three different directions. She is not sure which one to take. intention: to get pity for the character TILLY by understanding that she is on her way to see her ex boyfriend, MAX whom she thinks is the dogs bollocks and wants to get back together with him/regrets breaking up with him IDEA: she gets lost trying to find his house. Weather grey and overcast. 2 EXT. HOUSE.DAY 2 TILLY texts MAX pause MAX a 19 year old tall slightly awkward character opens the door. MAX hey TILLY alright an awkward silence TILLY your looking good pause MAX do you wanna come in 3 INT. BEDROOM.DAY 3 Tilly is sat on the end of the Bed. Max standing leaning casually back on his wardrobe. MAX So you called me TILLY yeah Max takes his top off MAX It’s getting hot Tilly looks at Max, He smiles back at her (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. TILLY I heard Jas split up with you MAX No! TILLY she must be mad. You’re so.. Max walks over to Tilly he places his hands on the bed and leans in on her. Tilly looks confused. Max attempts to kiss her and she leans back to avoid him. TILLY what are you doing? Max stands back up and paces around for a bit. MAX She was so immature. (Pause) Aren’t you hot? TILLY I don’t think so. Max starts to text. Tilly looks at him forlorn. She notices Max’s smile as he is texting TILLY I guess It is a bit hot Max looks up from his phone. Tilly is now in a tight spot as makes waits for her to take her top off. Slowly Tilly starts to takes her jumper off but stops half way. TILLY Are you happy you’re not with anyone? MAX I’ve really missed you TILLY really! The jumper is half way off trapping Tilly’s arms. She removes it and smiles. Max smiles back. MAX i don’t know why i split up with you. The sound of the front door closing can be heard. TILLY Nor do I (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. Tilly gets up and walks toward max. She gets very close to him. There is a knock on the bedroom door. MAX Yeah? DAD (shouts) Max! Max starts to panic. He looks around. Firstly at the wardrobe. Next in the corner and finally the bed.He points to the bed MAX (whispers) go. go! Tilly is reluctant. she looks around at her bag and possessions strewn across the place. DAD open the door! Max gestures more wildly. He looks like a frightened little boy. what are you doing!? MAX The doors stuck Tilly reluctantly gets under the bed. Her feet poking out of the end and her possessions still strewn around the place. Max opens the door.Tilly observes everything from under the bed. DAD what’s wrong? why is the TV on Downstairs? Tilly can only see the feet of Max and His Dad. why is the fridge open? She sees the Dad’s feet disappear. The room goes silent. Tilly waits for a while. She is cramped and uncomfortable. Seeing that the coast is clear she gets out from under the bed. Tilly looks up from behind the bed and looks toward Max. She notices DAD, a middle aged intimidating character kind of ex army bloke, is still in the room. Tilly quickly ducks back behind the bed (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. DAD who’s that? Tilly gets up again. Max is speachless MAX ohh TILLY I was just charging my phone DAD Have i met you before? TILLY No. DAD Right I want you both downstairs. The DAD leaves the room. Tilly looks at MAX who is sheepishly looking down at the floor. TILLY I’m going to go. Maybe you should put your top on. Tilly leaves the room as Max puts his t shirt back on. 4 INT. BUS. DAY Tilly is sat at the back of the bus. The traffic is heavy but The Weather has brightened up. Tilly has her headphones on and looks out of the window. She can see a man in a car who is seething at anger with all the traffic. Tilly turns to face forward. The bus hits a big pothole making the bus bump up. Tilly smiles. fade out 4