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Sub text and inferred meaning slide share


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Media Coursework A2

Published in: Education
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Sub text and inferred meaning slide share

  1. 1. Treatment 3.5 Sub text and inferred meaning The girl with the blonde hair
  2. 2. Subtext: Subtext refers to the deeper meaning of the film, all horror films contain an inferred meaning, and the deeper meanings are usually current issues in society today.
  3. 3. Terrorist grooming The subtext for our film is based around terrorist grooming, and the brainwashing and grooming of non Islamic individuals being preyed on by terrorist groups to do evil. This subtext is inspired by recent events in society, and particularity the rise in grooming for terrorism.
  4. 4. Jihadi John
  5. 5. Jihadi John • Was an English man, and after broke up with his girlfriend and experienced depression, decided to join a jihadi group after being groomed online by terrorist groups • He went on to live with the jihads, brutally killing innocent people in the traditional jihad way, slitting there throats and beheading them.
  6. 6. Each characters and what they represent Lorna is a the groomed victim. Experiencing depression, (shown through self- harm), She ends her life- this is when she decides to go to the dark side- death is represented as the terrorist groups. When she comes back as a supernatural being, she is not herself anymore, but a deranged individual wanting to slaughter. The way Lorna kills her victims is in the same fashion that ‘jihadi john’ did, with focus to the neck area, and beheading. The age is also relevant, as Jihadi John was an ‘angelic schoolboy’ much like Lorna. Jihadi terrorist groups keep their hair long, this is represented through Lorna’s Long blonde hair when she comes back as a ghost. The mean girls are just the rest of society-confused and shocked Lorna’s mum represent the distraught family of people like jihadi john and other teens groomed to join this movement.